The Isaac Watson Family

of Mecklenburg County

by Joel Watson


* John Watson b. _____ d. 1763 Lunenburg Co., Va. 
  m. Rebecca Jackson? 
  Will is in Lunenburg County, Va., Will Book 2, page 176. The probate is on    
  page 177. Made 6 Mar 1763, proved 11 Aug, 1763.                               
  Wife of John was named Rebecca according to will of James Watson. In          
    wick Co., Va. Order Book 2:127 a Rebecca Jackson, daughter of John            
    married a _____ Watson on 22 Feb. 1739.                                       
  * William Watson 
    Left his father's plantation in father's will.                                
  * John Watson 
    m. 9 Dec 1789 Brunswick Co., Va.  Lucretia Walton 
    Left his father's clothing in his father's will.                              
    * James Watson 
      Not yet 21 in 1794.                                                           
  * Burwell Watson 
  * _____ Watson 
    m. William Poole 
    William Poole was left all of his father-in-laws furniture and feather bed    
        according to John Watson's will.                                              
  * Isaac Watson 
    m. Brambley Bennett 
    Will in Mecklenburg Co., Va. Will Book 2;37, made 10/14/1782, pro.            
    * Martha Watson 
    * Tabitha Watson 
    * Fanny Watson 
    * Bennett Watson 
    * Rebecca Watson 
    * Mary Watson 
    * Isaac B. Watson b. ABT 1780 Virginia 
      m. _____ Sally b. ABT 1805 Virginia 
      A Carpenter. In 1850 Census he is living with his family in Granville         
      County, North Carolina. His middle name is most likely "Bennett," for his     
      mother, but this is only a guess.                                             
      * John R. Watson b. ABT 1825 
        m. 19 Apr 1854 Mecklenburg Co., Va. by James McAden  Martha A. Wright b. ABT 1830 
        A carpenter at time of marriage. In the 1860 Census he is simply John         
        Watson (Meck;98th Reg. South Hill P.O., p.48, dwelling 411, Fam.No., 388).    
        Marriage register of Mecklenburg, 1, page 1. According to the 1880-           
                Census, she was keeping house, but had a spinal affliction and was            
        * Mary E. Watson b. ABT 1857 
        * William J. Watson b. ABT 1857 
          m. Rebecca F. b. ABT 1858 
          Age 12 in 1870 Census, 22 in 1880 Census. In 1880 Census he lived in the      
          Buckhorn Area of Mecklenburg, next door to John R. Watson. He was a home      
          carpenter in 1880 Census.                                                     
          * James E. Watson b. May 1880 
        * Sally R. Watson b. ABT 1858 
        * Joshua J. Watson b. 1859 
          m. 16 Mar 1881 Mecklenburg Co., Va.  Annie E. Harris 
          He was 22 when married according to marriage bond in Mecklenburg,             
          Register 1, page 58. In Some records he is J. J. Watson, some Joshua F.       
          Watson. In the 1880 Census he is a wheelwright.                               
          She was 15 when married according to bond.                                    
          * Penny Watson 
            * Penny Watson, Jr. 
          * John Jones Watson 
            m. Carolyn Leroy Callis 
            * Daisey Watson 
            * Alan Omar Watson 
            * Wilton Watson 
              m. _____ Ethel 
            * Johnny Watson 
              * Hubert Watson 
                * a son Watson 
                * a son Watson 
            * Irene Watson 
              m. ????? Eastwood            
          * Benjamin Watson 
          * Ashley Watson 
            * Charles Watson 
            * a son Watson 
              * Robert Watson 
                m. _____ Edith 
        * John B. Watson b. ABT 1862 
          m. Cotie Harris 
          According to the 1880 Census, though at home with his parents and 18          
          years old, he was a farmer.                                                   
          Marriage Register of Mecklenburg Co., Va., 1, page 80.                        
        * Allmond Watson b. ABT 1866 
        * Aetinouth Watson b. ABT 1867 
          He was age 13 in 1880 Census.                                                 
      * William Watson b. ABT 1832 
      * Margaret Watson b. ABT 1830 
      * Isaac Watson b. ABT 1835 
      * Bennett Watson b. ABT 1836 
      * Irinunta Watson b. ABT 1839 
      * Emma Watson b. ABT 1842 
  * Henry Watson b. _____ d. ABT 1795 
  * James Watson b. _____ d. 1772 Mecklenburg Co., Va. 
    Name in his father's will is spelled Jamis. He was left 5 pounds by his       
    ther. James's will is in Mecklenburg Co., Va. Will Book 1:125. Apparently     
    did not marry. See also Will Book 3:383.                                      
  * Jacob Watson