Section of Corrections and Additions
page 6  combined issue Corrections and additions
RICHARD FINNELL  (son of Weeden S. & Mary Ann Burton
b.   1830, Boone Co, KY
d.   11 Apr 1906, Walton, KY
m.   to Anna Johnston (b.        d. 25 Feb 1906 Walton, KY)
Farmer in Boone County KY
ROBERT KIRTLEY FINNELL; b.31 Oct 1877, Walton, Ky; d.7
Mar 1947, Long Beach, CA bur. Hughes Chapel, Union, KY; m. 27 Dec
1905 to Rose Allen (b.31 Aug 1886, Burning Springs, KY; d. 28 Jul 1985)
     ALICE VIRGINIA FINNELL; b.4 Mar 1907, Walton,
     KY; d.19 May 1995, Grants Pass, OR; bur. Pioneer Masonic
     Cemetery;  m. 13 Sep 1924 at Cincinnati, OH to Robert Hugh
     Lockbaum (b.28 Aug 1907; d.30 Jun 1998) CHILDREN:
          Ramona Jeanne Lockbaum; b.7 Aug 1925; m. 21 Mar 1946 to
          Nathan Andrew Gray
          Robert Finnell Lockbaum; b.22 Jul 1927; m. 27 Dec 1948 to
          Frances Lee Farrar
     STELLA VIVIAN FINNELL; b.30 Apr 1915, Lodlow,
     KY; m.3 Jul 1935 to Harry Lawrence
     1915, Ludlow, KY; d.26 Nov 1975, Long Beach, CA; m. 19135 to
     Albert Clifford Deronde
     ROBERT KIRTLEY FINNELL; b.25 Feb 1921, Walton,
     Ky; m. to Mildred Louise Manning (b.4 Nov 1921) CHILDREN:
          BETSEY JANE FINNELL; b.17 Dec 1947
          BRADFORD RILEY FINNELL; b.13 Mar 1952
b.10 May 1865, Boone Co, KY; d.31 Oct 1899;bur.Walton or Dry Ridge, KY
m. to Leila J. Ritchie (d. 1899) CHILDREN:
     GRACE MAY FINNELL; b.4 May 1885, Beaver Lick,
     Boone Co, KY; d.18 Aug 1946, Bur Spring Grove Cemetery,
     Cincinnati, OH; m. to William Clemens Longinger (b.29 Apr 1881;
     d.26 Mar 1964)  CHILDREN:
          James Lonjinger; b.7 Aug 1911; m. to Doris Bird; Major WWII
          Robert Lonjinger; b.28 Feb 1918; m. to Pauline Proffit; B17
          Bomber WWII
     HENRY EARL FINNELL; b.16 May 1889, Walton, KY;
     d.__; m/1 to Margaret May Buckshorn (b.30 Jun 1891, Kelat, KY;
     d.26 Oct 1959, FT Lauderdale, FL ); m/2 9 Jun 1964 to Barbara Mary
     Allen Fletcher) A retired carpenter and switchman for Southern RR.
          HARRY EARL FINNELL, JR; b.20 Jan 1914
          WILLIAM ROBERT FINNELL; b.10 Jul 1920;
          d.5 Jan 1973, bur Walton Cemetery, Boone Co, KY Veteran
          WWII & Korea
     ARTHUR CLAUDE FINNELL; b.3 Mar 1891, Walton,
     KY; d.17 Dec 1943, Streater,IL, bur Minock Cemetery, Minock, IL;
     m. 21 Aug 1914 in Pontiac, IL to Alta Selma Cunningham (b.9 Jun
     1895) CHILDREN:
          LEROY FRANKLYN FINNELL; b.15 Nov 1916,
          Minock, IL; m. to Billie Lou Harris
          LOIS MARLYN FINNELL; b.3 Aug 1918; m. to
          Emerson Lyndel Jannsen
          GRACE EVELYN FINNELL; b.2 Aug 1921; d.
          WAYNE ALLEN FINNELL; b.22 Mat 1927,
          Minock, IL; m. to Aline E. Gerdes
     BASIL DUKE FINNELL; b.9 Apr 1893. served US
     Marines 1917/19; d.22 Jul 1972, Los Angeles, CA; bur Walton
     Cemetery Boone Co, KY
     FRANK FINNELL;  d. early  bur Williamstown or
     Walton KY
OSCAR FINNELL;  b.24 Jan 1870; no issue
RICHARD FINNELL; b.20 May 1873 d. of TB c 1896/97   was
a telegrapher
BRUCE FINNELL; b.25 Feb 1882; d.15 Nov 1901 of TB  was a


See page 6 combined issue Corrections and Additions
JAMES BENJAMIN FINNELL (Son of Vardemin and Nancy (Sleet) Finnell
b.6 Jul 1842, Verona, Boone Co, KY; d.19 Apr 1922, Germantown, KY; m.
7 Jun 1864 to Mary Francis Roberts (b.5 Nov 1848)  A lawyer. Attended
Georgetown College
EVA RUTH FINNELL; b. --; d.bef 1965; m. to Keville Charles
Fisher (b. Paris, KY)
     Emily Frances Fisher; b.16 Jan 1903, Germantown, KY; m. to Jesse J.
     James Benjamin Fisher; b.2 Apr 1905; Georgetown, KY; nm
JAMES BUTLER FINNELL; b.9 Jan 1869; d.1940; nm
ROBERT MARSHALL FINNELL; b.17 May 1867; d.7 Oct
1931, Scott Co, KY; Bessie Long (b.1869; d.9 Jun 1931) CHILDREN:
     LOIS FINNEL; b.23 Jul 1892; m. to Fayette Ardery
     MARY NELL FINNELL; b.__; d.m. to ___ Young
     FRANCES FINNELL; b.__; m. to Luke Abbett
  ELISE FINNELL; m. to Charles Cox


Page 6-7 Combined Issue   Additional new material
JOHN ANDERSON FINNELL (son of Anderson R. Finnell)
b.17 May 1854, Greene Co, IN; d.20 Sep 1932, Antioch, Wabasha Co, IL;
m.1 to Letislia Fanel; m/2 to Susan Ellen Bidwell King (b.7 Jan 1854; d.24
Mar 1934, Antioch, IL) A School Teacher and Minister
SEMAR FINNELL; b.11 May 1875
RUFUS ALVIN FINNELL; b.10 Nov 1876, Posey Co, IN; d.4
May 1956; m.1 to Gertrude Hogrel; m/2 to Fleda Kimball
GRACE FINNELL; b.27 Sep 1877; d.2 Mar 1917; m. to ___
EVA ELSIE FINNELL; b.4 Feb 1879, Posey Co, IN; 29 May
1927, Evansville, IN; m.  to Oscar Clark
LURA ETHEL FINNELL; b.4 Sep 1883, Grayville, IL; d.29
May 1839, Marion, IL, bur Maplewood Cemetery; m. to Edgar Leonard
Voight (b.19 May 1877, West Salem, IL; d.1 Jul 1945, Marion, IL).
     Gennell Voight; b.30 Sep 1918, Frankfort, IL; m. to Howard Hampton
     Norine Voight; b.28 May 1901; m. Lloyd Winfred Good
     Earline Voigt; m. to __. Platter
     Mildred Voight; m. to Ralph C. Carey
     Gertrude Voight; m. to Commedore Munsell
     Wilma Dale Voight; b.3 Feb 1914, Mt Vernon, IL; m. to Paul
     Mareata Voight; b.21 Mar 1916, Mt Vernon, IL; m/1 18 Feb 1936 to
     Herbert Franklin Pickett; m/2 7 Feb 1953 to Ralph McNew
     Eldred Eugene Voight
     John Keith Voight; b.25 Apr 1924, Ashland, KY; m. to Nila June
     Claudine Voight; b.23 Dec 1911; d.20 Sep 1913
     Olin L. Voight
NOBLE ANDERSON FINNELL; b.3 Jan 1892, Grayville, IL;
m/1  15 Jan 1929 to Ida May Hoffman (d. 1926); m/2 to Mildred Ellinger
JOHN LEON FINNELL; b.15 May 1985, Grayville, IL; m. 7
Jan 1917 in Chicago to Frances Drapela. CHILDREN:
     RICHARD GUY FINNELL; b.6 Nov 1917, Chicago, Il;
     m. 20 Feb 1940 to Florabel Payne
BESSIE CLARK FINNELL;  b.10 Jan 1887, Grayville, IL; m.
1904 to Milon Milville ROE
MAUDE ELLEN FINNELL; b.1 Jul 1889; d.28 Jul 1960; bur
May Chapel Laurenceville, IL; m. 1907 to Hade Jerome Moody (b.14 Nov
1887, Grayville, IL; d.11 May 1958) CHILDREN:
     Edna Moody; m. to James Simmons, Jr
     Lilia Moody; b.5 Aug 1908; m. to Samuel Hobbs
     Virgie Moody; m. to Ralph Lingenfelter
     Glenn Wilson Moody
     Claude E. Moody
     Ruby Doris Moody
CLAUDE MANFORD FINNELL; b.1 Jul 1889, Grayville, IL;
d.8 Jul 1965; bur. Evergreen Park Cemetery, Chicago; m. 1917 to Geneva
Idella Smith (b.6 Aug 1893; d.8 May 1963) A WWI Army Chaplin and Boy
Scout Executive. CHILDREN:
     EDITH ELLEN FINNELL; m. to Edward Waytula
LELIA MAY FINNELL b.21 Aug 1885, Grayville,IL; d.7 Sep
1961; m. 1903 at Altamont; IL to Benjamin Franklin Schuh (b.2 Mar 1883;
d.1961. CHILDREN:
     Elba Schuh
     Philip Schuh; d. Oct 1959; age 47y
     Leo Frankin Schuh; b.12 Jan 1921, Keensburg, IL; m. to Esther Jane
     Melvin Benjamin Schuh; b.12 Apr 1918, Mt Carmel, IL; m. to
     Marcelle K. Dinsimore (b.3 Dec 1916)
     Carol Wayne Schuh
LILLIAN FINNELL; b. 28 Jan 1880; m. to ____ Compton
VERA EARLINE FINNELL; b.4 Aug 1898, Cowling, IL; m. 27
Jan 1916 to Joseph Welsh


also page 9 Addition
to Herrington, Washington state in 1885


Page 9 Combined Issue corrections and additions
JAMESON HAWKINS FINNELL, son of Robert & Frances Quinn
Finnell; b.28 Nov 1809, KY; d.3 Dec 1886; bur Old Salem Church Cemetery,
Walton, Boone Co, KY; m. 19 Oct 1837, Boone Co, KY to Elizabeth Rebecca
Roberts (b.20 Jan 1815; d.1894, bur Old Salem Church Cemetery, Walton
Boone Co, KY; Dau of William & Mary P. Rickettes Roberts)
     MARY R. FINNELL; b.1838, Boone Co, KY; d,.1906,
     bur old Salem Church Cemetery Boone Co, KY; m. 12 Jan 1859,
     Boone Co, KY to William M. Rogers
     ROBERT DUDLEY FINNELL; b.1840, Boone Co, KY;
     d. 1902 Boone Co, KY; bur Mt Zion Cemetery, Union, KY; m. 1865
     in Boone Co, To Attilia Griffith (b.1849; d.1923, Boone Co, KY; bur
     Mt Zion Cemetery, Union, KY) CHILDREN: (see also page 14 Issue #
          JOHN G. FINNELL; b.1868, Boone Co, KY;
          d.1944, Boone Co, KY
          EMMA LAURA FINNELL; b.24 Oct 1871,
          Boone Co, KY; d.11 May 1944, Bur Hopeful Cemetery,
          Florence, KY; m. 16 Dec 1896 to Moses Franklyn Rouse (b.5
          Jun 1873; d.30 Mar 1951) CHILDREN:
               Franklin Moses Rouse; b.26 Feb 1898
               Albert Henry Rouse; b.12 Apr 1901
               Charles Benjamin Rouse; b.10 Feb 1903
               Attilla Rouse; b.20 Feb 1910, Florence, KY; m. to
               William Harold Wesler (b.13 Oct 1908, Ludlow, KY)
               Mary Blanche ROUSE; b.6 Feb 1912; m. to ___ Kneipp
               Joseph Clinton Rouse; b.21 Jun 1918
          CHARLES H. FINNELL; b.1876, Boone Co, KY;
          d.19551; m. 1903 to Mary Carpenter
          MARY FINNELL; b.1879, Boone Co, KY
     JULIAN F. FINNELL; b.1842, KY; d.1914, bur Old
     Salem Church Cemetery, Boone Co, KY; m. 4 Apr 1860, Boone Co,
     KY to Thomas J. Peaks
     WILLIAM L. FINNELL; b.30 Mar 1845, Boone Co,
     KY; d.10 Nov 1845, Bur Salem Cemetery, Boone Co, KY
     JAMES THOMAS FINNELL; b.1 Jul 1847, Boone Co,
     KY; d.1 Aug 1862, bur Old Salem Church Cemetery, Boone Co, KY;
     m. to Lizzie L. ______
     ELIZABETH L. [Lizzie] FINNELL; b.10 Feb 1848,
     Boone Co, KY; d.20 Apr 1870, bur Old Salem Church Cemetery; m.
     20 May 1869 Boone Co, Ky to William E. Glore
     ELIZABETH FINNELL; b. Jan 1850, Boone Co, KY
     MARTHA A. FINNELL; b.20 Mar 1852, Boone Co,
     KY; d.9 Apr 1855, bur Salem Church Cemetery, Boone Co, KY
     SUSAN E. FINNELL; b. Aug 1854; d.1923, Bur old
     Salem Church Cemetery, Walton Boone Co, KY; m. 28 Nov 1876,
     Boone Co, KY to John T. O'Neal
     DANIEL BOONE FINNELL; b. Mar 1859, Boone Co,
     SALLIE RICKETTS FINNELL; b.24 Sep 1862,Walton,
     Boone Co, KY; d. Jun 1944, bur Old Salem Church Cemetery,
     Walton, Boone Co, KY; m. to Andrew Rowlette Hance

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page 24  Issue #6 ADDITIONS
     Sarah Eastland; b.17 Aug 1892, Boyle Co, KY; m. to Wallace F.
     Roger Swain (b.8 Nov 1892, San Francisco, CA
     Lydia Eastland; b.10 Apr 1884, Salvisa, KS; m. to John Dudley Green
     (b.20 Apr 1881, Brownsville, TN
     Marie Toresa Eastland; b.15 Jan 1886; d.24 Mar 1888
     Robert Walton Eastland; b.6 Dec 1887
     John MacD. Eastland; b.7 Apr 1890

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page 28/29 Combined Issue
WILLIAM C. FINNELL; b.14 Sep 1884, Roanoke, MO;
bur.Roanoke Cemetery, Roanoke, MO; m/1 to Waynona Robertson; m/2 to
Ethel Mae Sears (b.9 Mar 1890, Prairie Hill, MO; d.28 Jun 1962;
bur.Roanoke Cemetery; she m/1 to Frank Fetterhoff)
     Roanoke, MO; m. to Betty Jane Wollard. CHILDREN:
          SUSAN JANE FINNELL; b.6 Nov 1954
          WILLIAM C. FINNELL II; b.18 Jul 1964
     KATIE FLORENCE FINNELL; b.5 Jun 1912; m. to Jeff
     Ray Green.CHILDREN:
          James Lee Green
          Donna Kay Green
     DOROTHY SUE FINNELL; b.26 Nov 1925
     CAROL MARIE FINNELL; b.16 Jun 1930
     HAROLD LEE FINNELL; b.16 Jun 1930; m. to
     Elizabeth French. CHILDREN:

                 /////////// \\\\\\\\\\

page 9  Combined Issue  ADDITIONS
LAURA BELL FINNEL; b.5 Jun 1873, Mt Leonard, MO; d. 24 Dec
1948, Kansas City, MO; m. to Charles Henry NOLTE (b.1871, Mayview,
MO; d.6 Sep 1913, Mayview, MO)
     Mary Bell Nolte; b.17 Aug 1897, Mayview, MO; m. to George Wesley
     Sullivan (b.10 Jun 1889, Hillsdale, KS).
     Julius Lawrence Nolte, b. 5 Nov 1895
     Carl Edward Nolte, b. 1 Sep 1900

                 \\\\\\\\\\  //////////

page 14 Combined Issue  ADDITIONS
BESSIE IDELLA FINNELL; b. Burr Oak, KS   Divorced
     Percival W. William; b.12 Nov 1919; m. to __ Shupp
     Fern E. William; b.30 Jan 1921; m. to ___ Elkins
     Kenneth W. William; b.1 Feb 1923; m. to ___ Shupp
     Lou Ella Riddle; b.12 Apr 1930; m. to ___ Palmer
     Walter L. Riddle; b.25 Nov 1936

CLARA BELL FINNELL; m. to Earl Ross (b.27 Jul 1894, Rice
Lake, WI; d.16 Aug 1963, Unity, Saskatchewan, Canada) CHILDREN:
     Donald Earl Ross
     Gerald John Ross
     George Newton Ross
     James Earnest Ross

                 ^^^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^

page 50 combined issue  ADDITIONS
CATHERINE E. FINNELL;  Lived in Sheperdstown, Jefferson
Co, VA
     William Brown
     Register Brown
     Wade Brown
     Hampton Brown
     Mosquear Brown
     Maude Brown
     Vincent Settle Brown

     _____ Hooper [son]
     Lovie Hooper [dau]

LUCY BELLE FINNELL    moved to Denver, CO and then
later to CA
     Hervey Bowles
     Volney Bowles
     Ryland Bowles

     KEYSER FINNELL; b.27 Jun 1887; d.1 Mar 1959; m. 6
     Apr 1921 to Lillie Naomi Jones. They lived near Rileyville, VA. their
     only daughter:
               MARY ANNE FINNELL; b.27 Jul 1924;
m. 1950 to ___ Stephens. CHILDREN:
                    Romayne Stephens; b.5 Apr 1951; m.27 Aug
                    1976 to Robert Frazer
                    James Alan Stephens; b.29 Jul 1953

NETTIE FINNELL; b.21 Nov 1860, Clarke Co, VA; m.3 Aug
1880 to James W. Clarke. Martinsburg, WV.  CHILDREN:
     Eliza Clarke
     Tom Clarke
     Odessa Clarke,  m. to ___ Hammell
     Nannie Clarke, d. young
     Jessie Clarke
     Frank Clarke
     Lucy Clarke
     Emma Clarke
     Byron Clarke
     Daisy Clarke

HATTIE FINNELL; b.21 Nov 1860, Clarke Co, VA; m. 21
Nov 1883 to Henry C. Trail (b.1858, son of Nathaniel & Lucretia Trail) Lived
in Denver, CO;
     Harry Trail
     Nattie Trail
     Laura Trail

                    ********  ******

page 5 Combined Issue  Addition
LUCINDA C. FINNELL  In the 1850 Census listed with two
     John Brown, b. 1847
     Sarah E. Brown, b.1848

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page 15 Issue #5
MORTIMER BEVEN FINNELL; b.27 Jun 1877, Toole, UT; d.9
May 1949; m. 19 Jun 1897 to Caroline Shields (b.7 Jan 1897, Lake View,
UT, dau of Robert Cunningham and Jane Anderson Shields)
     ELVA FINNELL; b.8 Feb 1898, Toole, UT; m/1 to
     Artie McEvers; m/2 to Carol Oscar Johnson
     MARY ANN FINNELL; b.29 Jan 1900, Oakley, ID; m.
     18 Sep 1918 to Odell McMurray.
     OLIVE ELIZA FINNELL; b.24 Jan 1902, Oakley, ID;
     m. to Oscar Eldon Meacham
     HAROLD RAY FINNELL; b.8 Aug 1905; d.16 Aug
     MARGARET FINNELL; b.21 Dec 1908; m. 22 Jun
     1993; m. Thomas H. Pery
(SEE ALSO: The Finnell Family  FINNELL -
SALMON; compiled by Charles Ray Salmon (nd)

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page 50 combined issue  Additions
JOHN L. FINNELL; b.15 Jan 1831, VA; d.1905 in Lima, OH;
m. c1865 to Elizabeth M. Phelps in Parkersburg, WV (b.1846; dau of Robert
& Minerva ___ Phelps) He was a train Conductor on the Baltimore & Ohio
Rail Road. In the 1880's John and his family moved to Muncie, IN to join his
brother in law, John H. Miller, who had established  and built the first
artifical gas lighting plant and piped the town for gas. Later moved on to Van
Wert, OH where John Miller had also established another artifical gas plant.
ANNABELL FINNELL; b.1866, Parkersburg, WV; m. to
William Wyatt; lived in Lima OH.
JOHN ROBERT FINNELL; b.8 Sep 1868, Parkersburg, WV;
d.1942; m/1  June 1895 to Mable Saint Jackson (Dau of Elmas Wheaton and
Clara Amedia Saint Jackson, b.1875; d.1900); m/2 to Louise Reidmiller
Fisher. Worked most of his life in the newspeper and publishing industry.
     ELMAS WHEATON FINNELL; b.2 May 1900, Lima,
     OH; m. 22 May 1928 in Los Angeles, CA to Bertha Emma Knecht
     (b.17 Feb 1902, Hartford City, IN) CHILDREN:
          BILLIE JEAN FINNELL; b.4 Feb 1931, Los
          Angeles, CA; m. to Charles Ray Salmon. CHILDREN:
               Jon Wheaton Salmon; b.1952
               Steven Clay Salmon, b.1954
               Christopher Craig Salmon; b.1955
     ROBERT CARL FINNELL; b.10 Nov 1913, Cleveland,
     OH; d.15 Jan 1978, Big Bear, CA; m. 19 May 1946 to Patricia
     Germaine O'Neill in Los Angeles, CA (b.17 Sep 1925; dau of Thomas
     Henry & Doris Opal Evand O'Neill)
     CHILDREN: (all born Los Angeles)
          SALLY JANE FINNELL; b.13 Apr 1947; m. 25
          Jun 1966 to David Robert Hoppe
          JOHN THOMAS FINNELL; b. 9 May 1948
          ROBERT PATRICK FINNELL; b.25 Jan 1954
          EDWARD LEE FINNELL; b.1 Feb 1956
          GARY WHEATON FINNELL; b.16 Feb 1958
SEE ALSO: The Finnell Family  FINNELL -
SALMON, compiled by Charles Ray Salmon; [nd]

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page 22 Combined Issue  additions
Julianne Bean, daughter of William & Elizabeth Bean (b.9 Aug 1820,
Rappahannock Co, VA; d.20 Nov 1860, Clay City, IL
m. 12 May 1836 Julianne Bean

page 50 Combined Issue  Additions
ELIZA VIRGINIA FINNELL; b.19 May 1840, VA; m. 23 Oct
1956 to John H. Miller (b.1828, PA) CHILDREN:
     Commodor R. Miller; b.1857
     Ida L. Miller; b.1859
     Arizona Miller; b.1862
     Nevada Miller; b.1864
     Charles Miller; 1869
     Bessie Miller, b.1877

LUCY ANN FINNELL; b.5 Apr 1842; m. 20 May 1863 to John
A. Phelps (b.1843, son of Robert K. and Minerva ___ Phelps) CHILDREN:
     C. Phelps; b.29 June 1864
     Gay M. Phelps; b.31 Dec 1865; d.16 Jul 1866
     T. Phelps; b.16 Jul 1867

MARTHA ROBERTA FINNELL; b.30 Nov 1846, VA; m. 15
Sep 1875 at Marietta, OH to Joseph H. PHELPS (b.1852, son of Robert K. &
Minerva ____ Phelps). CHILDREN:
     Clarence Phelps
     Jesse Phelps
SEE ALSO: The Finnell Family   FINNELL -
SALMON; compiled by Charles Ray Salmon, [nd]

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page 9 combined issue John King Finnell and Mary Ann Smock CHILDREN:
LAURA BELL FINNELL; b.5 Jun 1873, Mt Leonard, MO; d.25
Dec 1948; m. to Charles Henry Nolte (b.6 Apr 1871, Mayview, MO; d.6 Sep
1913, Mayview, MO:
     Julius Lawrence Nolte; b.5 Nov 1895; m. 1920 to Mable E. Hausen
     Mary Bell Nolte; b.17 Aug 1897; m. 1915 to George Wesley Sullivan
     Carl Edward Nolte; b.1 Sep 1900; m. 1922 to Gertrude N. Zerbst
ROBERT A. FINNELL; b.9 Jun 1851; m. to Margaret A.
JOHN BENJAMIN FINNELL; b.31 Mar 1853; m. to Laura
ELIZABETH FINNELL b.1 Jun 1856; d. Feb 1933 Oak Grove,
MO [Lone Jack, MO]; m. 13 Sep 1877 at Mayview, MO to Perryander Scott
Cunningham (b.3 Mar 1853; d. Jun 1931, Lone Jack, MO)
     Elbert Rudolph Cunningham; b.15 Sep 1887, Oak Grove, MO; nm
     Annie Mary Cunningham; b.13 Sep 1878, Mayview, MO; m. to
     Edward Timothy Winchell
     John William Cunningham; b.27 Nov 1880, Mayview; MO
     Mabel Gertrude Cunningham; b.4 May 1883, Mayview, MO; m. to
     Carl Dorman
     Clarence Richard Cunningham; b.22 Jun 1885, Grain Valley, MO
     Warren Tucker Cunningham; b.17 Jul 1892, Mayview, MO
WILLIAM HENRY FINNELL b.17 Jun 1856, Saline Co, MO;
d.7 Jan 1915, bur Marshall, MO; m. to Annie Elizabeth Moore (b.31 Dec
1861, Saline Co, MO)  A Farmer  CHILDREN:
  MAURINE ESTELLA FINNELL; b.4 Feb 1885; m. to Luther
  JOHN LESLIE FINNELL; b. 1889; m. to Mary Thornton King
  NELLIE JANE FINNELL; b. 1895; m. to Albert Rector
WALTER S. FINNELL; b.7 May 1862; m. to Lizzie Tiefel
JAMES E. FINNELL: b.7 Feb 1866
FRANK P. FINNELL; b.20 Oct 1867; m. to Mollie Mitchell

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page 2 and 3 Issue # 6  corrections  SUSANNAH FINNELL b.
c1797; d. ____unknown; m. to Francis Drinkard (b.1793; d. 20 Aug 1825)
page 2 Issue #6  additions for ELIZABETH FINNELL m. to
Asher Moxley. Elizabeth, husband Asher and son George Moxley are buried
in New Cambria Mo, Cemetery

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Some New Genealogy Shorts

KATE FINNELL; b.2 Apr 1866; d.6 Feb 1912, Roanoke, MO;
m. to John Wesley Robertson (b.2 Nov 1860; d.6 Feb 1947, Roanoke, MO)
John Wesley Robertson II; b.25 Jul 1899, Roanoke, MO; m. to Bertha
Elizabeth Geuder (b.18 Apr 1899, Eldred, McKean Co, PA) CHILDREN:
     James Allen Robertson; b.12 Apr 1926; d.28 Jul 1963
Wynona Robertson
Andrew Jackson Robertson
William Roscoe Robertson


WEDEN S. FINNELL; son of Robert & Frances Quinn Finnell;
b. 22 Aug 1806, Boone Co, KY; d. ___ believed buried beside wife Walton,
Boone Co, KY; m. 27 Mar 1828, Boone Co, KY to Mary Ann Burton (b.20
May 1812, KY; d.24 Aug 1847 bur Finnell- Burton Cemetery, Walton Boone
Co, KY; dau of Williamson and Susannah Marshall Burton)
     DORINDA M. FINNELL; b.1 Feb 1829; d.__; m. 15
     Jun 1847, Boone Co, KY to James P. F. F. Cloyd
     JULIANN B. FINNELL; b.31 Jul 1830, Walton, Boone
     Co, KY; d.__; m. 8 Apr 1847, Boone Co, KY to George W. Drinkard
     RICHARD M. FINNELL; b.1 Feb 1832, Walton Boone
     Co, KY; d. 11 Apr 1906, Bur Walton Cemetery, Walton, KY; m. 1861
     to Angeline [Ann] Johnson
     WILLIAMSON B. FINNELL, b.10 Oct 1833
     FRANCES FINNELL; b.27 Jul 1835l d.__; m. 26 Dec
     1855, Boone Co, KY to James Murphy
     SUSAN B. FINNELL; b.30 Jun 1837; d.__; m.1858
     Boone Co, KY to Americus Stephens
     ELIZA B. [Elizabeth] FINNELL; b.24 Feb 1839, Walton,
     Boone Co, KY; d.__; m. 28 Jan 1858 Boone Co, KY to Lafayette
     ABSALOM G. FINNELL; b.23 Jun 1844, Walton, KY
     (see page 17 Issue #5)
     MILTON M. FINNELL; b.2 Jul 1847, Walton, KY; d.
     23 Aug 1847, Bur Finnell-Burton Cemetery, Walton, Boone Co, KY.

                  >>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>

WALTER FINNELL, son of Zenis Finnell; b.19 Feb 1876; d.23
Nov 1949, Liberty, Clay Co, MO; m.9 Apr 1899 to Ida Belle PENNELL
(b.16 Aug 1882; d.9 Sep 1928, Liberty, MO)
     ETHEL FRANCES FINNELL; b.8 Feb 1900, Dalton,
     MO; d.6 Apr 1972, Plant City, FL; m. 17 Jul 1920 to Harry L. Keller
     (b.14 Apr 1899, Weatherford, OK)
     OPAL MAY FINNELL; b.8 Aug 1907, Dalton, MO;
     m.11 Apr 1925 to George Rothwell Eichinger (b.6 Jul 1906; d.24 Jan
     1968, Clay Co, MO)
     RUSSELL STEVENS FINNELL; b.18 Jul 1910,Dalton,
     Chariton Co, MO; m. to Caroline Badger Clark

                  VVVVVVVV VVVVVVVVVV

WILLIAM WESLEY FINNELL,son of Frank Clarence and
Katie Mary Willyard/Groom FINNELL; b.6 Aug 1905, Mt Carmel, IL; d.4
Apr 1964, burial Skyline Memorial Gardens; m/1 1 Jul 1931 to Anna Elnoria
Cade, [Div]; m/2 28 Mar 1961 to Alice Catherine Gilman Sykes. He was
raised by his mother after the parents seperated, taken to St Louis, MO about
1915 and the mother died some time prior to 1920.
RAYMOND WESLEY FINNELL; b.5 May 1932, Canadian,
TX; m.15 Mar 1952 to Barbara Lee [Kathleen Lew] Newton. CHILDREN:
     WANDA JEAN FINNELL; b.8 Dec 1952, Portland, OR
     JAMES WESLEY FINNELL; b.20 Oct 1954, Portland,
     STEVEN RAY FINNELL; b.27 Apr 1956, Portland, OR
     SUSAN MARIE FINNELL; b.4 Apr 1960, Portland, OR
Canadian, TX; m. 30 Jun 1962 to Kathleen Joy Riley
CLARENCE EDWARD FINNELL; b.13 Aug 1935, Canadian,
TX; m. 6 Aug 1954 to Roseann Martha Bergstrom
MARIE PHYLLISS FINNELL; b.24 May 1937, Canadian, TX;
m. 24 Dec 1960 to Richard Arlen Class
RICHARD DARRELL FINNELL; b.29 Jun 1939, Canadian,
TX; m. 7 Nov 1964 to Diana Lee Miller
PATRICIA ANN FINNELL; b.23 Feb 1942, Portland, OR; m.
12 Sep 1964 to Kenneth Kaiyala
BETTY LOU FINNELL; b.15 May 1944, Portland, OR; m. 26
Jun 1965 to David Edward Beer
(See also page 22 combined Issue. additional information supplied by Susie
Norris of Corvallis, OR, a descendant)

                 >>>>>>>>>>  >>>>>>>>>

JEMISON FINNELL m. to Ellen Houchins
GEORGE NOBLE FINNELL; b.12 Apr 1887, Lexington, MO;
d.6 Oct 1960, Seattle, WA. A policeman for 25 years, retired in 1942 in
Seattle, WA; m. 27 Jun 1925 to Frances E. ________
KATHLEEN HELEN FINNELL; b.7 Dec 1888; d.18 Dec 1952;
m. to Samuel L.Brown

                  /////////  \\\\\\\\\

JOHN WILLIAM FINNELL (son of Jemison Finnell); b.28 Feb
1865, Lancaster, MO; d.30 Dec 1933; bur Forest Hill Cemetery, Kansas City,
MO; m. 9 Sep 1891 to Ida Belle Cruger (b.18 Dec 1872,St Charles Co,  MO;
d.29 May 1951; bur Forest Hill Cemetery, Kansas City, MO)
     CLIFFORD ELGAN FINNELL; b.25 Jul 1896, Alma,
     MO; d.24 May 1964 ; m/1 1916 to Clara Belle Woosley; m/2 16 Jun
     1939 to Iva Mae Goforth Allen
     AUSTIN K. FINNELL; b.20 Feb 1904, Malta Bend, MO
     REID NELSON FINNELL; b.25 Jan 1907, Lawson, MO
     VELMA LUCILLE FINNELL; b.15 Jan 1919, Kansas
     Coty, MO; m/1 to Otto W. Stover; m/2 to Marvin W. Rock
     NORMAN CRUGAR FINNELL; b.29 Jun 1894,
     Marshall, MO; d.23 Aug 1938, Kansas City, MO; nm
     ROXIE ELLEN FINNELL; b.16 Mar 1901; d.9 Jan
     1914, Kansas City, MO
     ARTHUR LELAND FINNELL; b.17 Dec 1898, Corder,
     CO; d.19 Jul 1959, Wadsworth, KS; nm; In the Navy WWI
     ADDIE FRANCES FINNELL; b.26 Feb 1913, Kansas
     City, MO; nm; d. 4 Jun 1960, Kansas City, MI

                    >>>>>>>  >>>>>>>

MORGAN FINNELL (son of William Finnell & Jane Goodman);
b.22 Aug 1835, Roanoke, MO; d.4 Jun 1909, Clifton Hill, MO; m. 16 Dec
1875 to Marie Miller Rice.
     Roanoke, MO; m. 16 Nov 1905 to James William Manlon
     MATTIE FINNELL;b. 5 Aug 1879; d.30 Mar 1900; m.
     to Tea A. G. LEA
     ELIZABETH B. FINNELL; b.27 Mar 1881; d.14 Jan
     ELIZA EDAN FINNELL; b.16 Aug 1883; d.4 Feb 1904
     WILLIAM MORGAN FINNELL; b.8 Jul 1885, Roanoke,
     MO; d.4 Jun 1909, Clifton Hill. MO; m.17 Nov 1907 to Julia
     Patterson (b.11 Oct 1886; d.10 Oct 1954)
          HELEN FINNELL; b.26 Oct 1914, Roanoke,
          MO; m. to Durwood Robbins

                  \\\\\\\\\  /////////

JOHN CARSON FINNELL (son of William Finnell & Jane
Goodman); b. 4 Aug 1880, Roanoke, MO; d.28 May 1930, Roanoke, MO; m.
23 Dec 1903 to Beulah Mae Dunn (b.13 Nov 1884, Roanoke, MO)
     JOHN BERTRAN FINNELL; b.12 Apr 1923, Salisbury,
     MO; m. to Aletha Lewis Vogel. CHILDREN  (all born St Louis, MO)
          TIMOTHY DALE FINNELL; b.26 Apr 1951
          THOMAS GAIL FINNELL; b.26 Apr 1951
          JOHN WALTER FINNELL; b.22 Mar 1952
          JAMES ROY FINNELL; b.28 Feb 1961
EDNA MAE FINNELL; b.10 Aug 1909, Salisbury, MO; m. to
Roy Glenn Minks (b.9 Aug 1910) CHILD:
     Nelda Gray Minks; b.22 Feb 1938
ELIZABETH IRENE FINNELL; b.3 Dec 1914; m. to Ted
Steinmetz; m/2 to J. W. Evans

                  VVVVVVVVV  VVVVVVVV

WILLIAM FRANKLIN FINNELL (son of Howell Finnell &
Susan Drinkard); b.15 Oct 1863, Salisbury, MO; d.2 Dec 1927, bur Finnell
Cemetery; m. 12 Aug 1891 to Susan Elizabeth Hurt Tillerson (she m/1 to
Martin Tillerson; b.10 Mar 1858; d.30 Mar 1938, Bur Gross Cemetery,
Salisbury, MO)
MYRTLE MAE FINNELL; b.22 Jun 1897; m. 20 Aug 1922 to
     Marjorie E. Farris; b.11 Jun 1923; m. 14 Feb 1948 to Nathaniel Saint
     M. Joan Farris; b.16 May 1925; m. 7 Feb 1948 to Max C. Winslow
     Elvin Hubert Farris; b.21 Jun 1927; m. 25 Dec 1947 to Larena
ROSCOE JENNINGS FINNELL; b.9 May 1899, Salisbury, MO;
HUGH DAVIS FINNELL; b.25 Apr 1902, Salisbury, MO; m. to
Nina Jo Johnson (b.27 Jan 1904
     PAUL HORWOOD FINNELL; b.2 Jun 1932
Independence, MO
  JUNE FINNELL; b.3 Jul 1931, Davenport, IA
     JAMES WILLIAM FINNELL; b.29 Oct 1936, Kansas
     City, MO
     JACKIE ANN FINNELL; b.27 Apr 1934, Webb City,

                   +++++++++ ++++++++

ARTHUR DAVID FINNELL (son of Howell Finnell); b.16 May
1877, Salisbury, MO; d.3 Jun 1955, bur. Chapel Hill Cemetery, Littleton,
CO; m. to Sarah Jeanetta [Jennie] Davidson (b.5 Dec 1882)
CHILDREN: (all born in Salisbury, MO)
HERBERT ROY FINNELL; b.19 May 1906; m/1 to Marie
McGaugby (b.1909); m/2 11 Jun 1949 to Maude Turner. CHILDREN:
     JACK D. FINNELL; b.29 Jun 1929, Denver, CO; m. --
     DONALD FINNELL; b.12 Oct 1931, Denver, CO
JAY MARVIN FINNELL; b.26 Mar 1908, Salisbury, MO; m.
to Jessie L. Ratliff
     RONALD MERVIN FINNELL; b.20 Apr 1936, Denver,
     CO, m. to Nancy Jean Thomas
     ROBERT DAVID FINNELL; b.23 Dec 1938, Denver,
     Co; m. to Candi Melodi Felton
     JAY MICHAEL FINNELL; b.30 Sep 1942, Denver, CO;
     m. to Donna Marie Stout
REBECCA FLORENCE FINNELL; b.13 Sep 1910; m. to ____
JOSEPH EDWARD FINNELL; b.18 Jul 1913, Salisbury, MO;
d.4 Jul 1928
MARY GERTRUDE FINNELL; b.24 Nov 1917, Salisbury,
MO; m. to Leo Ray Jennings (b.19 Apr 1914)
FOREST DAVIDSON FINNELL; b.5 Jul 1920; divorced.
     DAVID LYNN FINNELL; b.21 Nov 1942, Denver, CO
     KAREN SUE FINNELL; b.25 Sep 1944, Denver, Co; m.
     to David Wright

                    #######   ######

AGNES FINNELL  (dau of William Finnell); b.1 May 1882,
Roanoke, MO ; m. to William Tomas MONTGOMERY (b.16 May 1872;
d.23 Mar 1934)
     Bonryhir Beatrice Montgomery; b.12 Aug 1898; m. to William Klaus
     John William Montgomery; b.15 Mar 1915; m. to Jessie Blair

                  ^^^^^^^^   ^^^^^^^^

ANNIE  MAE FINNELL  (dau of Jasper N. Finnell); b.28 Aug
1877, Charitan Co, MO; m. to Frank Broadus Spence (b.4 Apr 1875; d.28
Apr 1955)
     James Keyes Spence; b.10 Mar 1898; m. to Louise Allen

                   ********   *******

MISSOURI FINNELL; (dau of Jasper N. Finnell); b.15 Jan 1888,
Chariton Co, MO; d.1 Oct 1945, Asbury Church Cemetery; m. to Herman
Joseph Young (b.25 Aug 1882, Chariton  Co, MO)
CHILDREN: (all born in Charidon Co, MO)
     Lillie Bell Young; b.9 Sep 1907; m. to Henry Lawton Kistler (b.27
     Aug 1899)
     Anna Lou Young; b.3 Oct 1906; m. to ___ Wilks
     Jasper Albert Young; b.2 Apr 1911
     Herman Young; b.15 May 1914
     Maxine Elizabeth Young; b.14 Nov 1924; m. to ___ Borroughs

                    #######   #####

SUSIE REBECCA FINNELL (Dau of Jasper N. Finnell); b. 14
Jan 1882, Keytesville, MO; d.16 Dec 1942, bur Asbury Church Cemetery,
Keytesville; m. to James Edward Colson (b.9 Aug 1876, Cozall, MO; d.15
Sep 1962,Bur Asbury Cemetery)
     William Jasper Colson; b.20 Jan 1899; m. to Dora India Coy
     Susie Esther Colson; b.14 Mar 1904, Armordale, KS; m. to William
     McKinley Young (b.28 Nov 1899, Keytesville, MO)
     Edna Irene Colson; b.17 Mar 1911; m. to Roy Sasse

                 ^^^^^^^^^^   ^^^^^^^^^

CHILDREN of Milton L. & Elvira Agnes Fuqua FINNELL
ALLEN MAYO FINNELL; b.27 Jan 1883, Keytesville, MO;
d.16 Nov 1957, Olathe, KS; m. to Maude F. Israel (b.6 Apr 1887)
     DOROTHY AGNES FINNELL; b.29 Nov 1912, Olatha,
     KS; m. to ___ Brunk
     MARIE S. FINNELL; b.10 Aug 1914; m. to ___ Brown
     VERNON D. FINNELL; b.26 May 1919, Lewis, KS; m.
     to Mable Ann Northern
     HOMER MILTON FINNELL; b.21 Sep 1925
GUY FINNELL; b.6 Jul 1879
FRANK BURDGE FINNELL; b.9 Aug 1885; d.12 Dec 1957;
m. to Delia Isabel Holman (b.4 Aug 1888, MO; d.18 Jul 1930 Des Moines,
     1918, Kansas City,MO; m. to Benjamin Franklin Weese (b.3 Sep 1908
     Des Moines. IA)
ARCH FINNELL; b.7 Feb 1891, Keytesville, MO; nm
REBECCA FINNELL; b.29 Nov 1892; m. to ___ Woods

                  ********   *********

WILLIAM ROY FINNELLL(son of Jasper Finnell); b.22 Aug
1884, Keytesville, MO ; d.27 Apr 1962, Bur Asbury Church Cemetery,
Keytesville, MN; m. to Lilah Mae Vance (b.6 Sep 1893, Glascow, MO)
WILLIAM DON FINNELL; b.1911; d. age 2months
VIRGINIA CASSIE FINNELL; b.1913; m. 1931 to Raymond
HAZEL VANCE FINNELL; b.1915; m. 1936 to Albert Bennett
RUTH ELINOR FINNELL; b.1917; m. to Edward Hutchinson
ROY VANCE FINNELL; b.31 Jan 1922, Keytesville, MO; m.
to June King-Hill (b.6 Jun 1926, London, Eng) CHILDREN:
     FELICITY ANTHEA FINNELL; b.25 Dec 1944,
     Marlborough, Eng
     Kansas City, MO
     DAVID VANCE FINNELL; b.31 Mar 1952,
     Independence, MO
DORIS SUE FINNELL; b.1926; m. to Robert G. Silva
DOROTHY LOU FINNELL; b.1926; m. 1945 to Charles

                  ++++++++++  ++++++++

JOHN L. FINNELL; (son of Abner Finnell); b.7 Jan 1847, KY;
d.29 Jun 1929, bur. Asbury Cemetery, Keytesville, MO; m.4 Feb 1886 to
Margaret Hale CARSON (b.7 Nov 1863, Quency, IL; d.18 Aug 1850; bur
Asbury Cemetery, Keytesville, MO)
GRANT BUNDGE FINNELL; b.5 Dec 1886, Keytesville, MO;
m. to Dixie Mancellues Prather (b.28 Jan 1891; d.21 Jul 1966) CHILDREN:
     LUCILLE FINNELL; b.1 Jan 1915; m. to William
     Dudley Replogle (b.31 May 1910,Denver, CO)
     GRANT BURDGE FINNELL, JR; b.9 Jun 1912
     FRANCES FINNELL; b.5 Oct 1918; m. to ___ Pitcher
     HELEN FINNELL; b.8 Apr 1919; m. to ___ Skaggs
JOHN ETHELDRED [Dred] FINNELL; b.24 Nov 1901,
Keytesville, MO; m. to Lula Madge Fultz (b.23 Nov 1899, Leeton, MO)

                  >>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>

JOHN J. FINNELL (son of Jasper N. Finnell); b.14 Jul 1865,
Keytesville, MO; d.20 Dec 1934, bur. Bennett Cemetery, Keytesville, MO;
m. 12 Mar 1895 to Julia Powers (b.10 Feb 1875; d.1954, bur. Bennett
Cemetery, Keytesville, MO)
RECTOR DEMPSEY FINNELL; b.22 Jan 1896, Keytesville,
MO; d.3 Mar 1948, Victorial Twp, Massena, IA; m. to Dorothy Mabel
Peterson (b.17 Aug 1905) CHILDREN:
     CLYDE ALLEN FINNELL; b.7 Nov 1934, Cumberland,
     IA; m. to Judith Moran (b.9 Jan 1935, Wichita, KS) CHILD:
     MIKE FINNELL; b. 30 Nov 1958, Fort Collins, CO
ELMER EDWARD FINNELL; b.22 Oct 1903, Keytesville, MO;
m. 26 Aug 1943 to Oleta Milan

                   >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>

WILLIAM CORNELIUS FINNELL(son of John C. Finnell and
Eliz F. Vaughn); b.14 Sep 1884, Roanoke, MO; d.28 Jun 1962, Roanoke,
MO; m/1 5 May 1910 in Howard Co, MO to Wynona Robertson; m/2 18 Feb
1925 to Mrs Ethel Mae Sears Fetteshoff (b.9 Mar 1890, Prairie Hill, MO.
WILLIAM CORNELIUS FINNELL; b.27 Apr 1927, Raonoke,
MO; m. to Betty Jane Wollard (b.11 Dec 1924) CHILDREN:
     SUSAN JANE FINNELL; b.6 Nov 1954
     WILLIAM C. FINNELL III; b.18 Jul 196-
HAROLD LEE FINNELL; b.16 Jun 1930; m. to Karen
Elizabeth French. CHILDREN:
CAROL MARIE FINNELL; b.16 Jun 1930; d. in childhood

                 ++++++++++  ++++++++++

REUBEN TAYLOR FINNELL (son of John C. Finnell & Eliz F
Vaughn); b.1878, Roanoke, MO; d.11 Sep 1946, Annadale, MN; m/1 21 May
1942 in Howard Co, MO to Marilyn C. Wortman (b.27 Dec 1922)
MO; m. to Lester Glen Brooks (b.25 Sep 1939)

                   +*+*+*+*  +*+*+*+*

SARAH FRANCIS FINNELL (dau of Howell Finnell); b.15 Oct
1863, Salisbury, MO; d.28 Sep 1942; bur Finnell Cemetery, Chariton Co,
MO; m. to Robert Jasper Hurt (b.8 Feb 1851, Salisbury, MO; d.4 Jul 1911,
Bur Finnell Cemetery)
     Verner Irl [Earl] Hurt; b.1 Aug 1894, Salisbury, MO; m. 24 Dec 1925
     to Luella Pauline Baker (b.1 Jun 1900, Shelbyville, MO
     Robert Russell Hurt; b.16 Apr 1897; m. to Anita Mae _____
     Mattie B. Hurt; b.23 Apr 1899; d.19 Sep 1900
     William Leslie Hurt; b.19 Aug 1901; d.18 Oct 1904

                   ^+^+^+^+  ^+^+^+^+

AUBREAN GUY FINNELL (son of John Finnell); b.1876; d.24
Jan 1912, bur Roanoke, MO; m. 19 Oct 1898, Howard Co, MO to Octavia
Juanita Anderson
VIOLET MYRTLE FINNELL; b.5 Mar 1901, Roanoke, MO;
m. to Charles E. Wolf
OCTAVIA GUY FINNELL; b.and d. 10 Jan 1900
MANDIE LEE FINNELL; b.10 Nov 1903; d.24 Feb 1944; m.
Edgar Luther Pemberton
JOHN W. FINNELL; b. 13 Sep 1905; he has one son


LOUIS EDGAR FINNELL (son of John W. Finnelll & Eliz F.
Vaughn); b.19 Oct 1874, Chariton Co, MO; d. 15 Sep 1939, Bur. Roanoke,
MO; m/1 to Lila Spotts; m/2 17 Nov 1898 to Edith Maude Hemstreet in
Holliday, MO (b.14 Jul 1875; d.2 Mar 1951)
     LOREN FINNELL; d. by 1942
     LOUIS EDGAR FINNELL; d. by 1942
     DAVID SPOTTS FINNELL; b.9 Aug 1896; m. to Opl
     Mar _____
     FLORENCE ALLENE FINNELL; b.4 Oct 1899; m. to
     Ross McKinley Keyser
     SADIE PAYNE FINNELL; b.18 Mar 1980, Paris, MO;

                ///////////  \\\\\\\\\\

b. c1762, Orange Co, VA; d.1842, Silver Creek TWP, Randolph Co, MO;
bur. in the Hurt Cemetery near Mr Airy, MO m 25 Jul 1786 in Culpeper Co,
VA to Lucy FINNELL, his cousin (dau of Simon Finnell) by Wm Mason a
Baptist Minister.
     Charles served in the American Revolution as a private for three terms
     Aug - Oct 1778; Apr - Jun 1781 and Aug - Oct 1781. He was
     ordained a Baptist Minister as early as 1797. Preached for many years
     at the Freedom Baptist Church in Garrard Co, KY. In the 1820's was
     the Pastor at the Silver Creek Baptist Church in Randolph Co, MO.
MARY FINNELL; b.1787, Garrard Co, KY; d.aft 1850,
possibly buried in the Old Freedom Baptist Cemetery; m. 8 Oct 1807 in
Garrard Co, KY to John Logan
ELIZABETH [Betsy] FINNELL; b.c1789/90, Madison Co, KY;
d. aft 14 Jun 1860; m. 3 Mar 1809, to Joel King, Sr in Garrard Co, KY (he b.
c1789, Madison Co, KY; d. aft 1847 Chariton Co, MO)
JOHN C. FINNELL; b.2 Apr 1794, Madison Co, KY; d.7 Jan
1856; m. 1820 to Mary King (b.4 Jun 1792; d.4 Oct 1860 Macon Co, MO)
  ELIJAH FINNELL; b.18 May 1815; d.19 Feb 1890; m/1 to
     Isabella Marett (b.1810,KY); m/2 to Frances Green.
       MARY FINNELL; b.c1833
       WILLIAM FINNELL; b.1837
       AARON C. FINNELL; b. 1841
       JAMES M. FINNELL; b.1844
       JOHN OWEN FINNELL; b.1850
  MARTHA FINNELL; b.__; d.1904
  LOUIS [Lewis] FINNELL; b.6 Jan 1822; d.27 May 1911 Silver
     Creek Randolph Co, MO; Bur. Clifton Hill Cemetery; m/1 to Mildred
     Yancy (b.15 May 1833; d.12 Feb 1864); m/2  20 Apr 1871 to
     Elizabeth Humphries (b.17 Nov 1835; d.27 May 1932)
       KATE FINNELL; b.25 Aug 1858; d.10 Sep 1858
       JOHN FINNELL; b.18 Sep 1861; d.10 Sep 1862
          infant son; b.& d. 22 Jan 1865
  JAMES FINNELL; b.1828; d.12 Nov 1862
  MOSES FINNELL; b.15 Feb 1833; d.8 Dec 1864
WILLIAM FINNELL; b.c1795, Madison Co, KY; d.19 Sep
1870; m. 15 Sep 1827 in Chariton Co, MO to Jane F. Goodman Morgan
[widow] (b.c1810, TN; d.1855)
     MORGAN FINNELL; b.22 Aug 1835; d.4 Jun 1909, bur
     Clifton Hill Cemetery; m.16 Dec 1875 to Maria  Miller Rice at
     Huntsville, MO (b.16 Aug 1845, Schyler Co, MO; d.17 Aug 1935,
     Clifton Hill, MO)
     JAMES M. FINNELL; b.1831, MO ; md. 1897; m. 14
     Feb 1856 in Howard Co, MO to Julia Ann Woods
     JOHN CARSON FINNELL; b.18 Jan 1837; d.16 May
     1898, Roanoke, MO; m. 27 Dec 1873 to Lizzie Florence Vaughn (dau
     of Cornelius Vaughn; b.13 Aug 1853; d.15 Jun 1894, Roanoke, MO)
     MARTHA ANN FINNELL; b.1837; m. to Abraham
     WILLIAM FINNELL; b.1841; d.1927
     ELIZA FINNELL; b.1842; d.Jun 1934; m. to Dave
MORGAN FINNELL; b.c1790, Madison Co, KY; d. 1845; m. 8
Sep 1826 to Margaret [Peggy] Gross (b.1800/10; d.1870) Came to Randolph
Co, MO 1820/21
     LUCINDA FINNELL; b.10 Mar 1830; d.9 Feb 1873; m.
     to Anderson Lovell (b.1824; d.1891)
     NANCY ELIZABETH FINNELL; b.21 Dec 1831; d.22
     Aug 1921; m. to William James Tillerson
     WILLIAM FINNELL; b.6 Sep 1836; d.15 Sep 1917; m/1
     to Sarah Francis (b.1837; d.1874) m/2 to Sara Jane ___ (b.1841;
     d.1898). all bur. in Finnell Cemetery Chariton Co, MO.
     HOWELL FINNELL; b.8 Jan 1838; d.12 Jun 1915; bur
     Finnell Cemetery, Chariton Co, MO; m. to Mary Susan _____
     (b.1840; d.1911)
     MARTHA FINNELL; b.24 Apr 1840; d.21 Jul 1919; bur
     Finnell Cemetery Chariton Co, MO; m. to W. Joseph Tillotson (b.28
     Mar 1838; d.1 Jan 1930)
ABNER K. FINNELL; b.7 Nov 1800, Garrard Co, KY; d.31
Oct 1864; m. 22 Oct 1826 to Rebecca J. Parks (b.21 Jan 1811,Ky; d.      )
     LUCINDA FINNELL; b.4 Sep 1827; d.13 Jan 1913,
     Chariton Co, MO; m.4 Oct 1848 to Archibald Leonard
     JAMES FINNELL; b.4 Apr 1829; d.1834
     CHARLES H. FINNELL; b.27 Dec 1830; d.27 Feb
     1850, Chariton Co, MO; bur. Finnell II Cemetery
     PETERSON FINNELL; b.1 Jan 1833, Charitan Co, MO;
     d.7 Aug 1909, bur New Hope Cemetery; m. c1855 to Maude Forst.
     Served in the Civil War  Confederate
     MARTHA ANN FINNELL; b.16 Dec 1834; d.1834
     PHILLIP FINNELL b.6 Oct 1836; d.4 Jul 1839
     JASPER N. FINNELL; b.6 Nov 1838; d.1 Mar 1917; bur
     Asbury Methodist Cemetery, Charitan Co, MO; m/1 to Ann Wheeler
     (d.20 Feb 1871); m/2 to Lucinda Fuel (d.30 Nov 1878) m/3 to Eliza
     G. Coy (b.2 Apr 1859; d.5 Feb 1888); m/4 to Mary E. Coy (b.1855;
     SARAH CATHERINE [Cassie] FINNELL; b.15 Dec
     1840; d.4 Jan 1853, bur Finnell II Cemetery, Charitan Co, MO.
     ETHELDRED [Dred] FINNELL; b.10 Apr
     1843; d.5 May 1907, bur Keytesville City Cemetery; m. 1868 to
     Leonara Ewing (b.1846;d.1889)
     MARY E. FINNELL; b.9 Apr 1845; m. to Jarvis Jackson
     JOHN L. FINNELL; b.7 Jan 1847; d.1929; bur Asbury
     Methodist Church Cemetery, Charitan Co, MO; m. to Margaret H.
     CARSON (b.1863; d.1930)
     SUSAN T. FINNELL; b.22 May 1849; d.10 Mar 1941;
     m. 1871 to Bill Blankenship
     DIANTHA T. FINNELL; b.7 May 1855; d.1942; m. 19
     Oct 1876 to Grant B. Hurt
     MILTON LEFORDGE FINNELL; b.20 Apr 1855; d.18
     Apr 1946, Kansas City, MO; m. 7 Nov 1878 to Elvira Fuqua (b.27 Jan
     1883; d.31 Oct 1927, Kansas City, MO)
VIRGINIA FINNELL; b.c1802, Garrard Co, KY; d. ___ nm
MARTHA A. [Patsy] FINNELL; b.28 Jun 1804, Garrard Co,
KY; d.5 Aug 1890, Howard Co, MO; m. 28 Apr 1823 to Allen Mayo (b.14
Jul 1802, VA; d.16 Feb 1894, Randolph Co, MO.
CHILDREN: (all born in Randolph Co, MO)
     Morgan Mayo; b.18 Oct 1824; d. 29 Dec 1847
     William Mayo; b.10 May 1826; d. Feb 1914, Randolph Co, MO; m/1
     18 Sep 1851 to Sarah Jane Patten; m/2 21 Jan 1857 to Rebecca Carlisle
     Eliza Jane Mayo; b.27 Dec 1827; d.26 Apr 1898, Randolph Co, MO;
     m.24 May 1847 to George W. Dameron
     Nancy Mildred Mayo; b.1830; d.1851; m. to Henry B. Dameron
     Thomas Mayo; b.17 May 1832; d.11 Jan 1914, Randolph Co, MO;
     m/1  31 Mar 1857 to Sarah F. Mathis; m/2 1870 to Sidney Mathis;
     m/3 to Martha M. Burton
     Charles Franklin Mayo; b.13 Nov 1833; d.13 Apr 1912, Randolph Co,
     MO; m. 11 Oct 1857 to Margaret V. Jones
     Lucy Mayo; b.18 Oct 1835; d.7 Mar 1901, Randolph Co, MO; m.7
     Oct 1858 to Samuel McCulley
     Porter Mayo; b.18 Nov 1837; d.29 May 1935, Randolph Co, MO; m.
     12 Mar 1863 to Mattie C. Stark
     Mary Ann Mayo; b.8 Nov 1839; d.---; m. 1 Oct 1865 to Frank M.
     John Allen Mayo; b.4 Aug 1842; d.1933 Randolph Co, MO; m/1  19
     Dec 1865 to Emma Burch McDavitt; m/2 to Mattie Patton
     James Polk Mayo; b.11 Sep 1845; d.21 Aug 1929, Randolph Co, MO;
     m. 15 Apr 1879 to Susan Sophia Sutliff
NANCY FINNELL; b.1786; d.1870; m. 12 Dec 1801 in Boone
Co, KY to Reuben Connor (b.1777; d.__)
     Jackson Conner; b.1802; d.1863

                    X O X O X O X O X

b. 1773, Orange Co, VA; d. 21 Jun 1855, Randolph Co, MO; m. 20 Jun 1803
[bond] at Woodford Co, KY [married in Scott CO, KY] to Basit McDavitt, Sr
(b.29 Aug 1781, Montgomery Co, MD; d.21 Jan 1856, Randolph Co, MO)
     Basil McDavitt came from Montgomery Co, MD to Scott Co, KY in
1803 and settled in Woodford Co, KY. In 1820 with his family moved to
Missouri settling near Mt Airy, Randolph County. They were members of the
Silver Creek Baptist Church. Elizabeth came to KY with her parents in 1800
to settle in Scott Co, KY.
     Leo McDavitt; b.7 Jul 1804, Woodford Co, KY; d.16 Feb 1882,
     Macon Co, MO; m/1 to Araminta Kerby; m/2 to Parthenia Broyles
     John F. [Finnell] McDavitt; b.15 Dec 1805, Woodford Co, Ky; d.17
     Apr 1847, Bents Fort, CO; m.28 Jan 1830, Randolph Co, MO to
     Malinda R. Kerby
     Nancy McDavitt; b.15 Sep 1807, Woodford Co, KY; d.17 Jan 1847,
     Roanoke, MO; m. Sep 1820, Lexington, KY to William Harrison
     Jane McDavitt; b.20 Jun 1809, Woodford Co, KY; d.18 Feb 1847,
     Macon Co, MO; m. 1826 to William Sears
     Daniel B. [Burch] McDavitt; b.4 Oct 1810, Woodford Co, KY; d.7
     Nov 1879, Randolph Co, MO; m/1 to Emily Jane West; m/2 to
     Virginia America West
     William McDavitt; b.12 Sep 1812, Woodford Co, KY
     Sarah McDavitt; b.10 Mar 1814, Woodford Co, KY; d.18 Mar 1814,
     Woodford Co,KY
     Basil McDavitt, Jr; b.30 Jun 1815, Woodford Co, KY; d.28 Jun 1896,
     Cole Co, MO; m. c18231 to Caroline Coffee Ware
     Mildred McDavitt; b.1 Mar 1816, Woodford Co, KY; d.19 Dec 1899,
     Randolph Co, MO; m.26 Dec 1830, Randolph CO, MO to Randolph
     Thomas Humphrets
(this information from Victor E. Williams of Ethel, MO a descendant)

Witness to History

     This is an interesting letter written in 1856 by Reuben Ashford Finnell
from his home in Front Royal, Virginia having witenssed the events during the
preceeding years in Washington Territory. He is writing to his Congressman,
giving his views of the event that took place the year before. Interesting
reading and a glance in to the minds and persons of our  Finnell cousins.
Reuben Ashford Finnell the son of Reuben Ellis and Vienna Russell Finnell.
Reuben born in 1826 in Shenandoah Co, VA and died 1915 at Front Royal,
Warren Co, VA. In the early 1850's he sailed around South America to
Washington / Oregon Territory. He served in the Confederate Militia and later
was a County Judge in Warren Co, VA.

                       Front Royal  July 17th 1856
     Hon C. J. Faulkuer
     Dear Sir
          I was pleased to learn from our delegate from Washington
     Territory, Col J. P. Anderson that your were favorably disposed
     toward the people of Washington and Oregon Territories in the
     controversy which has been forced upon them by the very singular
     course which General Wool has seen fit to adapt. As I have resided
     over two  years in  a part of Washington Territory which has been the
     scene if Indian warfare, Col Anderson seemed to think if I would hold
     a conservation with you it might be of advantage to the cause which he
     is advocating, but I found from the time which I had allotted to my stay
     in Washington and the pressure of business which seemed to be resting
     upon your hands that it would be impossible to have the desired
     interview, I therefore determined on my arrival among my friends [at
     my old home](crossed out) here to embrace the first opportunity to
     write you a brief statement of affairs in Washington Territory as they
     came under my immediate observation
          I shall say but little of Gen. Wool and the tribe of scribblers
     under him, and what I have to say on that point is simply that General
     Wools opinion of the origin of the War was hastily [formed] (crossed
     out) and ineniviusly formed and that a most absent pride of opinion
     about the War. The profits of this trade however, they spend in certain
     rude games of chance and in horse a ring. These are the Indiana sir that
     have brought on the war in Washington and Oregon Territory. The
     whites are charged with taking the Indiana land with marching and
     plundering, but such things have come under my observation. Most of
     the tribes have disposed of large tracts of land by treaty But there in
     not a solitary white American settler to my knowledge in the entire
     territory claimed by the Klichitat and Yackima Indiana. I have never
     heard of one of the Indiana being killed by a white man previous to the
     war nor have they even to my knowledge been  wronged in any way by
     the white man. and I have had as good an opportunity as any other man
     of knowing what I state to be the fact. The peaceful thoroughfare of
     these Indiana in trading to the same country was by my house and the
     neighborhood where I lived was the great trading ground, here they met
     in [July and August] (crossed out) summer by hundred and whilst they
     carried on their trade and  savage commerce they could been upon the
     abundance of wild berries and Salmon which that vicinity afforded. In
     this way I became imedeatley accounted with the Indiana on the Land
     and on both sides of the  Cascade mountains.
          Now whilst I  have shown you that the Indians East of the
     mountains had received no possible determent from the whites, I wish
     to speak of the advantages which they desire through our means It has
     lead them into the decision of all the mis statements and mis
     representations which has followed and further I would say in view of
     the embarrassment which our delegates Gen, Lane and Co. Anderson
     are laboring under growing out of the misrepresentation to which  I
     have referred that it is a pity and great shame if an entire people
     must be crushed and disgraced for the like of bolstering
     up the reputation of one individual whose weakness and derelictions
     may not be set down so much to the disparagement of any reputation
     which he may have acquires in the service of his he my have acquired
     in the service of his country, but rather to the weakness and infirmity
     of age which may be fast pressing am age veteran to the grave.
          Now Sir knowing you from many years by character and being
     aware of the confidence reposed in you by your constituents who are
     also my relatives. School mates, old acquaintance and the dear friends
     of my youth, it is with confidence I make you a judge in this course
     between the people of Washington and Oregon Territories and General
     Wool, and place my self upon the stand as a Material witness. In regain
     to the oath I would say that I am not in the habit of swearing any other
     oaths than legal ones and that I feel it is my duly regard my simple say
     so, as sacred as an oath administrated in the most solemn form
          I have been nearly three years in Washington Territory, and
     resided up to the commencement of the warfare over 23 miles East of
     Ft Steilacoon on the road leading from that place to Ft Walla Walla.
     The tribe living in my Vicinity and which are now hostile were the
     Mirguallies, Pauyalups, White and Green rivers Indians. These were
     small bands numbering about 150 warriors. Their origin was a cross of
     the Klichitat and Paget Sound Indian, and they were governed by petty
     chiefs who acknowledged the superior authority of the chiefs and
     Kamiaken whom govern the more  powerful tribes East of the
     mountains. The Klichitats and Yachimas occupy the country on the
     Yackaima river and its tributaries on the East side of Cascade
     Mountains. These tribes hear the two names I have mentioned but are
     really one tribe speaking one language and acknowledging on great
     chief (has' tie) That chief is Kamiakin and to him  Sir, we must look
     for the causes of the war which is  now raging in Oregon
     and Washington.
          The Klichitats and Yackamas are the most murderous, most war
     like and influential Indian in the two territories. The great influence of
     this people is owing chiefly to three habits, they own great numbers of
     horses and have the carrying trade between the numerous tribes of the
     fishing Indian one Puget Sound and the populous tribes in Eastern
     Oregon, they buy horses of the Cazuse, Flathead and Snake and other
     Indian in the east and sell them on the land for blankets and money and
     also buy and sell their women with the tribes on the Land and have
     thus been able to extend their influence by scattering their blood among
     all the p---- tribes to the
     The first place our government in building the military roads from Ft
     Scitacoona to Ft Walla Walla offered for these Indian an easy outlet
     form the Yockica Co to the sound and wishes before they had to climb
     treatrus trails over frightful precipes and drive their hardened animals
     before then they have now a good wide road and I have heard them
     express their gratification by saying that once they had to walk up hills
     but now they could ride all the way across the  mountains. Again they
     had been greatly benefited in the increased price of their property
     After the Americans Settlers arrived in Puget Sound, their horses
     doubled in value and were in very great demand, They also opened
     with the whites a new  annual very advantages trade and buying of us
     many if the comforts of life which they had never enjoyed before they
     were also employed in many of kinds of work and were promptly paid.
     Luck were the character of complexion of the relations existing between
     the whites and Indian of Washington Territory previous to the
     commencement of the War.
          Now Sir I will speak of the Cause and Commencement of the
     war  The cause of this Oregon War is the same which has ever
     prompted the savage of this continent to oppose the progress of
     civilization. It is nothing but the jealousy of an inferior race against the
     growth and expansion of a superior one that is the sum and substance
     of the matter. Like all  savages they naturally have a horror of
     civilization and a natural love of their own manner of life the least.
     The Klichitat and Yackima Indian brought on this war I have explained
     to you the position they occupy among the tribes of Oregon and of their
     influence shows evident during the summer of 1855 that there was
     some secret movement going on among the Indian. Their conduct was
     singular The Klickilets as formerly had been their custom never come
     over in large bands for  racing and sporting purposes, but the principal
     travelling seems to be in the opposite direction. I noticed that the chiefs
     of the sound country were frequently travelling over the mountains,
     where their objects was evidently for consultation, I will also state that
     the Klickilet and Yachima Indian are connected by marriage with the
     Walla Walla and other tribes south of the Columbia river and have their
     influence in that direction, Subsequent events showed that their was a
     complete combination between the Klickilet Yackimas Wala Wallas,
     Casa Palons, Ispexere and the tribes I have mentioned before as hostile
     and lying between the sound and the mountains and the ball was opened
     in the Klicklat country in a manner which can only be contemplated by
     enlightened minds with the innermost horror. Gold had been discovered
     near Ft Colville and hundreds of Oregon and Washington pioneers were
     on their way, not with arms , but with pick and shovel to the mines.
     Their course lay through the Klickilates country. They went out in July
     and August, but about the  first of September some of the mines
     returned with constructor stating that their comfarming had been basally
     murdered waylaid dogged and shot in the back before they can suspect
     any danger and that they had miraculously  escaped to tell the tale. I
     had an acquaintance Jno P. Lackey that fall in that manner I heard the
     name of several others that fall in like manner and that many
     individuals all over Oregon and Washington name their friends who
     have fallen by the hands of the savage and ruthless assassins It is
     supposed that fifty or sixty American citizens fell in this manner, but
     from the  nature of the circumstances, no one  can ever sum up the
     terrible total, The numbers of victims can so easily be under the
     number named, whilst it may have been much more poraxaphluch
     Dear Sir, was the commencement of the Indian war in Oregon and
     Washington Territories the circumstances which attended the
     commission of these murders and the events which followed show
     conclusively that this was intended to be the commencement of a war of
     extermination upon the Americans, The chiefs were committed in the
     transaction and the Son of nhi was known to be one of the murders, but
     to make the thing more certain Mr Bolen, the Indian agent for the
     Yackima country went to see the chiefs, to see what was going on he
     had no fear for himself for these beings had always professes the
     warmest affection for him but what did they do but defy our
     government by basally assassinating its agent and their friend. Then the
     events which immedidety followed this was the expedition and defeat of
     Maj Haller, with which you are acquainted the regression was made by
     Maj Barns upon the governors of Oregon and Washington territories for
     volunteers The volunteer wee promptly enrolled and these who were
     mustered into the service at Ft Lielaeseen were ordered to proceed The
     command of Capt Maloney of the Regular army to make a junction
     with Maj Rans and the Oregon Volunteers in the Klichital country
     Having the recurrence of the event there had been no hostile
     demonstrations on the west side of the Cascade mountains in the
     vicinity of the Pugent sound settlement  The attention of the people of
     both territories was directed towards the Klickilate and Yackima
     extensively the troops from Lt Cilacoon numbering over two hundred
     had crossed the mountains and reached the head waters of Palches river
     a tributary of the Yackima when Capt Maloney received advice that
     Maj Rnes would not move forward  for a fortnight and that he had
     better fall back to the west side of he mountains
          I had joined the volunteers under Capt G Hays and was with
     Capt Maloney in the expedition We fall back and in three days were
     again in the settlement but imagine our surprise and horror to find here
     in our very homes the torch of war flaming in every direction The
     Indian had plotted well  The Klickitels were to rise the  cry The
     soldiers and volunteers were expected to cross the mountains to
     Chastise then, and whilst the settlements were left defenseless the
     Indian  in the settlement would rise and exterminate  But the
     providence of Jahova intervened in behalf of our infant settlement and
     indicted which was not foreseen we were recalled the  work of death
     and extermination had just commenced
                          3 sheet   July 17th 1856
     The settlement on White river had been attached  Mr King and his
     Family were murdered with the exception of   little boy who was kept
     as a slave Mr Bramcon, his wife and two children fell and poor Mr
     Jones who was lying sick in his bed was murdered there whilst his
     heroic lady fought to the last, I was told that she shot one with the rifle
     and killed two others with an ax, Their children were saved by the
     interposition of a friendly Indian. Col Moses and Jas Miles of the
     volunteers who had returned in advance of us with the express had been
     killed. Mr McAlister and Mrs Connel also had been killed but the day
     of revenge was at hand  we met them and fought the  battle of White
     river The second day after our arrival  in the settlement and Thurs they
     were shocked in a  design which all human probability would have
     been  successful if we had not arrived in the nick of time to check on
     this progress. The Settlement on the east side of  the Sound would have
     been blotted out The friendly  Indians on the Salt Water would have
     joined them  and Olympia with the settlement as far as the Columbus
     River would have been blotted out, and Washington  Territory would
     have been a chance spot upon the map. That such is not the case, we
     owe it as I have told you to the interposition of a Kind Providence.
          It was after the recurrence of these events that General Wool
     appeared upon the scene. The eyes of all Oregon and Washington were
     turned to the old veteran with hope and charming anticipation He was
     asked on his way to Oregon where he would make his head quarters his
     gallant reply went to the heart of every pioneer in that wild frontier
     country He said his head quarters were to be in "in the Saddle". How
     he fulfilled that promise the world had already learned I will not dwell
     much further upon this history it has been sketched by abler hands  I
     refer you particularly to a letter written by Governor Stevens to general
     Wool and I will say as for as my knowledge entails that letter is true in
     its statement of history and is sound in its conclusions
          My main object' honored sir. in addressing you is now
     accomplished I humbly hope which was simply to show that the people
     of Washington and Oregon Territory are not to blame for the existence
     of this war But before I closed I wish to make a few reflection upon the
     names in which the war has been conducted Thus the war is not
     concluded is the fact of General Wool If he had have accepted the
     volunteer cooperation the war by this time would have been concluded
     But until recently the troops under his command have remained inactive
     and he has done every thing in his power to embarrass the operations
     of the volunteers.
          From what I have told you the Klichitots and Yackimas you
     must judge that this can never be regarded as concluded until these two
     tribes are Completely whipped but what is the record  They number 50
     miners killed ________burned  and plundered Cascade City and for all
     this have never received the first stroke of Chastisement. The Oregon
     volunteers fought bravely in Whiteman Valley they gallantly chastised
     their allies the Walla Walla The Caruse and Snake Indian But the
     Klickitats have never yet up to the latest dates of which I have any
     account been defeated in an engagement That retreated from the
     cascades after they had destroyed and plundered the  town and they had
     a slight  brush with the Oregon Volunteers when they were returning
     from their Campaign on Snake river To show what they think of  the
     progress of the war thus far Col Wright proposed not long ago to make
     peace There answer was that they had the best of the fight thus far and
     did not wish for peace. It is even  so  and such are the tenants which
     General Wool receives through his officers in the field on account of
     his inactivity.
          Luck is the haughty attitude of the Indian but how does it seem
     on the other side. I can tell you from personal observation how the
     matter stands in Washington Territory, Cascade City in the Territory
     her story your have heard I spoke of the murders on White river, that
     was in Turen & King County, King County lies destitute this was one
     of the most promising counties in the territory every farm house and
     barn was swept from its lands. That part of Pierce County where I
     reside embracing the Puayalup river country also lies destitute, forming
     almost through out the territory has been suspended and the people are
     still huddled in the towns and forts, they have not raise their head this
     year whilst the six months  volunteers that were called last winter will
     extend during their term of service the provisions now in the County.
     Luck in the state of the farming interest, and the lumber  trade which
     has been heretofore the chief resource of the  country is also from the
     most been suspended Luck being the present prospects you with the
     power of war an enemy has and the horrid scribblings under General
     Wools command you a_ will imagine what are the gloomy foreboding
     of the poor emigrant in Washington and has been allowed to his present
     position by donations of land and promises of  protection form the
     general government. The volunteers of Washington and Oregon as well
     as these settlers who have furnished supplies are now asking of
     necessary through their representives Col Anderson and Gen Lane,
     their just dues in money. I am constant to pay for the
     people of  Washington at last that they will ask Congress this year
     for money and if it is not granted next year they will be constrained to ask
     for bread!
          Now Honored Sir you have my deposition I have spoke facts,
     what I have said I trust you will place to the  credit of the Pioneer of
     Oregon and Washington so again their enemies, As far as I am
     concerned the case is now with the council, hear then Gen Lane and
     Col  Anderson they have the confidence of the people they represent.
          And now Sir Hoping that you may even be the advocate of right
     and the offenses of wrong. I remain you friend and Obe. servant
                                                  R. A.
     Reuben Ashford Finnell
     (Editors NOTE:  This was transcribed from a xerox copy of the
     original letter sent to me several years ago by a descendant. The copy
     is now in Reuben Ashford Finnell's file. We are always looking for
     more material like this for future issues.)

               X O X O X  X O X O X


          Located the second private drive west of Mudlick Creek bridge
     between Beaver Road and Chambers Road, west of I-75 near Walton,
     Boone Co, KY. A iron fence surrounds the cemetery with a gate that
     reads "Senour 1905". Known as the Adam Senour place. The cemetery
     was transcribed in 1970.
     Senour, Patsey, wife of Adam Senour; d.16 Apr 1878; aged 71yrs 8mos
     FINNELL, Little Fannie, Sarah F.; dau of W. S. & M. J. FINNELL;
     d.11 Oct 1873; aged 9yrs 2mos 3dys
     FINNELL, M. J., wife of W. S. FINNELL; b.3 Sep 1837; d.17 Sep 1892
     FINNELL, W. S.; b.2 Nov 1833; d.14 Feb 1901
       ss   , Mary J., wife of W. S. FINNELL; b.8 Sep 1837; d.17 Sep 1892
       ss   , Della, dau of W. S. & M. J. FINNELL; b.31 Dec 1877; d.29 May 1896
     FINNELL,, J. O.; 1861 - 1905
     Senour, Brother, John R.; b.29 Jun 1849; d.1 Feb 1902
     Senour, Martha P., wife of Adam Senour; b.16 Aug 1807; d.16 Apr 1879
       ss  , Adam; b.2 Nov 1802; d.10 Jan 1883
     Howard, Julia F., wife of Walter Howard; b.27 Jan 1862; d.9 May 1887
     West, Mary A., wife of  J. W. West; b.18 Apr 1860; d.28 Feb 1887
     West, Harry L., son of J. W. & M. A. West; b.2 Sep 1885; d.17 May 1886
     Senour, Edward; b.17 Oct 1834; d.8 Jul 1903
      ss   , Sally A., wife of Ed Senour; b.16 Jun 1848; d.10 Apr 1878
     Senour, W. H. 1832 - 19--; his wife Emily Alice 1838- 1872
     FINNELL, Sarah F.; d.11 Oct 1873; aged 5yrs 2mos 2dys
       ss   , Anah; d.11 Jul 1882; age 20yrs 1mo 29dys Daughters of W. S.
       & M. J. FINNELL
     Northcutt, Infant son of E. & C. Northcutt; b. & d. Sep 1864
     Northcutt, son of E. & C. Northcutt; b.10 Jul 1851; d.18 Jul 1851


     FINNELL's Buried in GREEN HILL CEMETERY Berryville Clarke Co, VA
     FINNELL, Elias C.  1860 - 1929 [b.4 Nov 1860; d.21 Dec 1929]
        SS  , Ida Levi  1868- 1946 [b.4 Dec 1868; d.3 May 1946]
     FINNELL, Raymond B. ; d. 6 Apr 1917; aged 23 years, 7mos, 24days

              //////////  \\\\\\\\\\

     The Finney family cemetery is located in a dense forest near the
     Henry-Franklin county line, one half mile from Mount Bethel Church,
     Franklin County, VA. Originally published in the Virginia
     Genelogist, Vol 8;1963-64. contributed by Mrs Daphne E.
     Anderson, McNary, AZ

     Sacred to the Memory of JOHN FINNEY b.17 Sep 1774 d.18 Jan
     1844. Aged 69yrs 4mos
     Sacred to the Memory of ELIZABETH W., dau of JOHN & MARY
     FINNEY. b.24 Aug 1809 d.21 [24] Mar 1850. age 40yrs 7mos
     JOSHUA FINNEY,b.16 Jun 1814; d.29 Apr 1856 [son of John Finney]
     MOLLY G. FINNEY b.30 Dec 1856, d.3 Jul 1876 [Dau of Joshua
     GEORGE W. FINNEY b.12 Mar 1851; d.11 Feb 1879, age 28 [son of
     Joshua Finney]
     WILLIAM FINNEY  age 68      RUTH E. CLARK age 67
     [A single flat marble marker covers the graves of husband and wife]
     MOLLIE E. dau of WM & RUTH E. FINNEY. b.18 Jun 1863 d.14
     Sep 1877
     In Memory of WM E., son of WM & RUTH FINNEY b.8 Nov 1861;
     d.6 Jan 1862
     ANNIE S. FINNEY b.3 May 1866; d.8 Oct 1885 [Dau of William and
     Ruth Finney
     MARSHALL FINNEY b.22 Sep 1824; d.17 Apr 1864. 40yrs 4mos
     MARY A. JACKSON b.22 Sep 1834; d.4 Feb 1908; age 73yrs
     4mos,22dys [Mary A. East, daughter of John and Mary East of
     Franklin County, married first Marshall Finney; married second to

          /////////////   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Necrologies - Obituaries
     WEDEN FINNELL, son of the late Elder, James Finnell, and a native
     of this county, died at the home of his son Orrin, with whom he had
     lived in Kansas since 1892. The remains were brought to this county
     arriving last week on Monday, the interment being in the old Finnell
     [Senour] burying ground on the farm now owned by W. H. Senour
     near Walton. The deceased was about 75 years old and a brother of the
     late Vardiman Finnell of Verona. When the war began between the
     States Mr Finnell was in Missouri, and sympathized with the South,
     while his nearest neighbor was a Union man. Mr Finnell never
     suspected that he entertained other then the kindest feelings for him,
     until the day a squad of Federal soldiers called and arrested him at the
     insistance of his neighbor, who had represented to the Federals that he
     was a rebel that should be put out of the way. Being under arrest,
     Finnell was taken some distance from the house and ordered to advance
     and take his position on a stump from which he was to be shot.
     Reaching the stump from which he was to be shot, he leaped over it
     and ran under fire to a creek which skirted on either side by a dense
     undergrowth which in many places obscured the pools of water. In one
     of these pools, allowing only his nostrils to protrude, he survived.The
     soldiers made a diligent search up and down the creek firing their
     muskets into the larger holes for some time but without effect. The
     search was abandoned and he  joined the noted Quantrill band and
     remained there till the war's end.
     [from the Boone County Recorder 7 Feb 1901]

     CHARLIE FINNELL, son of Peterson and Amanda Forest Finnell was
     born 7 Feb 1873, south of Keytesville, and passed away at the
     Pleasantview Rest Home at Huntsville where he had been a patient
     three and a half years, 28 Jul 1958.
     He was one of fourteen children, and spent his entire life in Chariton
     County with the exception of the past severel years.
     A brother John Finnell of Topeka, KS, survive him and a number of
     neices and nephews.
     Funeral services were conducted by the Rev Oscar Rush, 2:30 o'Clock
     Wednesday afternoon July 30, at the Garnett Chapel, interment was in
     New Hope Cemetery, southeast of town
     [from The Cariton Courier 31 July 1958]

     DONNA COLEEN LANDIS age 57 of Walholding [Coshocton Co] OH
     d. Monday [12 Jun 1989] at the Coshocton County Memorial Hospital.
     born 27 Feb 1932 in Roscoe, Coshocton Co, OH to Harry C. &
     Gertrude E. Finnell Luce. m. Nov 1964 to Russell Landis. Surviving
     are Mother Gertrude Luce Taylor of Roscoe; two sons Calvin McCoy
     of Akron and Terry Landis at home; brother Frank Luce of Coshocton;
     three half sisters: Karen Egler, Sandra Randles both of Coshocton and
     Linda Carney of Toledo. Raised by stepfather Grover Taylor. Burial
     Roscoe Cemetery Coschocton Co. OH
     [paper not itentified possibly Coshocton paper for Tuesday 13 Jun 1989

     EDWIN F. FINNELL formerly of Coshocton; d. Sat at Memorial
     Hospital in Elyria, OH from injuries two weeks ago in a 12 foot fall
     off a roof. He was 31 years old. The Accident occured while painting a
     building in Elyria. born 27 Jan 1908 near Roscoe, the son of John W.
     and Alma Mirise Finnell. His Mother preceedes him in death. Six years
     ago Mr Finnell moved to Elyria from Roscoe. Surviving are: widow
     Nellie Finnell. Three children: Maxine, Marlene and Lois; Father &
     Stepmother: Mr & Mrs John Finnell of Coshocton. Two brothers: John
     Finnell, Jr and David Finnell both of Elyria. Two Sisters: Mrs Harvey
     House of Cleveland and Mrs George Sheldon of Elyria. A stepbrother
     Perry Blackson of Coshocton and a stepsister Mrs Mary Plotner of
     Niles. Burial in Roscoe Cemetery.
     [Coshocton Newspaper not identified, no date]

     MRS ALMA FINNELL, age 32 wife of John Finnell; the
     Massillion Hospital Tuesday pm. The body will be brought to
     Coshocton on No 3 this evening for Burial. Thanksgiving Day Mrs
     Finnell was taken to the Massillion Hospital for the insane following a
     nervous break down. She leaves husband and six children, the oldest
     8yers old, the youngest 3 months. Mary age 8; George age 6; Byron
     age 5; David age 4; Edward age 2 and Mildred 3moths. Survived also
     by her Father L. M. Mirise of Coshocton and Brothers and Sisters:
     Nina & Beulah Mirise of Seattle, WA; Mrs Uriah Foster rural
     Coshocton; Harry Mirise of Pittsburg. Funeral from Roscoe M.E.
     Church intermemt in Roscoe Cemetery
     [Coshocton Age newspaper, no date]

     MARTHA FINNELL, age 50 years; wife of James S. Finnell near
     Maxwell Friday evening 15 Jun 1906 of Paresis. Interment & Funeral
     at Maple Grove Church and Cemetery.
     [Hancock Democrat, Indiana, 21 Dec 1906]

     MRS ELIZA COY FINNELL, wife of Jasper N. Finnell. d.of
     Pneumonia six miles south of Keyesville on 5 Feb 1888, aged 29years
     7months and 3 days. She was born,reared and married in the same
     neighborhood. A member of the Missionary Baptist Church since 1878.
     married 3 Dec 1879 to Jasper N. Finnell. Six children born to this
     Union, the eldest seven years of age the youngest twin sisters only a
     few weeks old. She had requested that her widowed Mother, Mrs
     Brooks care for her children. Buried in Asbury Cemetery. She the Dau
     of Thomas Coy.
     [No newspaper or date available]

     GEORGE C. FINNELL, b.30 Jan 1877, Arlington, KS, son of Thomas
     & Joanna Caster Finnell; married to Mary A. Winslow. he d, Jan 1974
     at Centerville, IA. Had the following Children: Iris Finnell Reeves; Ila
     Finnell Middleton; Verl Jean Finnell Nobles; Violet Finnell Bubenyak.
     [Ottumua, IA Ottuma Currier for 22 Jan 1974]

     Miss Hattie Susan Tillotson, the daughter of Martha Finnell and Wm
     Joseph Tillotson, was born 5 Mar 1876 in Chariton County. She passed
     away Friday 12 Feb 1960 at the Chariton County Rest Home at the age
     of 83 years.
     Funeral Services were held at two o'clock Sunday afternoon at the
     Winkelmeyer Funeral Chapel, Salisbury the Rev W. K. Harper
     Burial was in the Finnell Cemetery
     Mrs Jasper Coy of Keytesville was a neice of Miss Tillotson
     [from Chariton Courier 18 Feb 1960]

     LEWIS FINNELL funeral 29 Sep 1939 at Roanoke, MO
     list of those attending the funeral:
     Miss Hattie Tillotson
     Mr & Mrs Elmer Finnell
     Mr & Mrs A. O. Tillotson
     Mrs Beulah Finnell
     Mrs Bertram Finnell
     Mrs Edna Dawson
     Mr & Mrs Sam Freeman

     CLEO JANE FINNELL  engagement to Bruce Floyd Bachus, son of
     the Benson Bachuses of Phoenix, has been told by her parents , the
     CLAY FINNELLS of Ralston, NE. They are graduates of the
     University of Nebraska where he is in Medical school.
     [From The Los Angeles Times week of 6 April 1969]

               /////////   \\\\\\\\

     GEORGE FINNELL to Margaret C. Powell 17 Mar 1843. She the dau
     of Rev Payton Powell
     JOHN FINNELL to Elizabeth Burch Thorn 18 Jan 1805 (John Finnell
     and Lewis Menefee signed the License)

     GARRETT FINNELL to Prissa Wall 3 Dec 1874  (she died suddenly
     on 19 Dec 1879)
     [from Talley's Northwestern Kentucky Papers by Willima M. Talley
     Ledger No. 230 page 33

     JOHN A. FINNELL  1877   no other record
     JOHN A. FINNELL* to Harriet Hodkiss 22 Feb 1869
     * the son of Charles W. Finnell & Delia Wright Finnell b. Coshocton
     Co, OH

     Estate of RHODA F. FINNELL  deceased d. 25 Jan 1909; filed 1 Feb
     List of Heirs:
     WALTER FINNELL son  Dalton, MO
     R. G. FINNELL       son  Dalton, MO
     Mattie T. Brown          dau  Kansas City, MO
     Mary D. Skinner          dau  New Franklin, MO

                 >>>>>>>>  >>>>>>>

     GEORGE T. FINNELL   file NO 630135
     Served in Co. E. 9th Regt KY Calvary Volunteers
     enlisted 12 Aug 1862 at Frankfort, KY mustered out  11 Sep 1863 at
     Eminence, KY
     reinlisted as 1st Lt 10 Nov 1863 discharged 18 Apr 1865 at Frankfort
     married 14 Nov 1866 to Mariah Ellen Blamford by Rev A.A. Hogue
     On 15 Jan 1898 made the statement of the Following children:
     WILLIAM RUPERT FINNELL, b.25 May 1868
     HOWARD THOMAS FINNELL, b.15 Oct 1872
     LILLIAN EMMA FINNELL, b.2 Nov 1874
     ALBERT MILLER FINNELL, b.1 Jan 1880
     KATIE LINN FINNELL, b.18 May 1883
     GEORGE FRENCH FINNELL, b.13 Apr 1886
     LEWIS EUGENE FINNELL, b.3 May 1891

                >>>>>>>   >>>>>>>>

     Marriages from The Western Citizen as published in Vol
     56 NGS Quarlerly
          FINNELL, John W. to Elizabeth Tureman in Carlisle [16 Feb

     Vital Records from The National Intelligencer (District of
     Columbia 1821
          FINNELL, Alexander and Mrs Catherine Mitchell, relict of
     John Mitchell; dau of Samuel Hanson, formally of Maryland now of
     Kentucky were married 1 March 1821 by Rev R. Finnell. All are of
     Clover Hill Shenandoah Co, VA
     [as published Vol 31 (June 1943) NGS QUARTERLY]



          Know all men by these presents, that we Ancell Green, as
               principal and Stephen Green and Joel W. Morris as his
               securities, are held and firmly bound unto the State of Missouri
               for the use of John J. Green, Rhoda Frances Green, over 14
               years of age & Lawson Green, under 14 years of age, minor
               heirs of William Green, decd., in the penal sum of Fifteen
               hundred dollars for payment of which will and truly to be made
               we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators,
               jointly and severally firmly by these present.

          Sealed and dated this 2nd day of February, A. D. 1858

          The condition of the above bond is that if Ancell Green, who
               was on the 2nd day of February, 1858 appointed by the County
               Court of Howard County, Missouri, Guardian & Curator for the
               above named minor Heirs, shall faithfully discharge all the
               duties of such Guardian & Curator according to law, or the
               order or decree of any court having jurisdiction, then the above
               bond to be void: Otherwise to remain in full force.
                        Ancell Green
                        Stephen Green
                        Joel W. Morris
          Filed  2 Feb 1858
          Will Record 5 page 43 Howard Co, MO
     NOTE: Marriage record at Fayette, Howard Co, MO records marriage
     of SUSANA FINNELL to William Green in 20 April 1821 by George
     Jackson, J.P.
     SUSANAH FINNELL, b. 1799, KY; d. 30 Jan 1873, Howard CO,
     MO; dau of Jonathan FINNELL


          Even the Smallest Clue

          Never overlook even the smallest clue when collecting material
     on the family history. The following is a birth announcement found in
     some of my Finnell Family papers.

     Addressed to Mrs T. J. FINNELL, she is Malinda Anne Wolfe, the
     wife of Thomas Jefferson FINNELL. Their daughter Mary Rebecca
     FINNELL who married 21 Jan 1904 to Jacob Charles Marshall and in
     1915 lived in Minneota, Lyon Co, MN. Their son born 26 Mar 1915
     was Joseph Albert Marshall. A small postcard that many of us would
     tend to overlook when searching for family data. Don't overlook
     anything. If in question take it or make a copy and review it later.


     Some Boone County Finnell Connections

          Absalom Graves FINNELL and Abraham Franks signed for
     marriage of Sarah FINNELL to Abraham Franks 18 Dec 1843, Boone
     Co, KY

          Vardamin FINNELL, Administrator to estate of Robert M.
     Burton 18 Jun 1842 Boone Co, KY Will Book D

          Estate of Moses Simpson: JAMES FINNELL who succeeded
     John Case as Guardian of Jaret Simpson, Dempsey Simpson and Levy
     Simpson, infant heirs of Moses Simpson 21 Aug 1843 Boone Co, KY
     Will Bood D

          Will of William Burton of Boone Co, wife: Susannah; eldest
     daughter: Mary Ann FINNELL. Boone Co, KY Will Book E

          Friend James FINNELL, executor to Will of Elizabeth Peek,
     written 23 Apr 1829; probated 4 Jan 1847 Boone Co, Ky Will Book E

          Estate of James FINNELL Division of Land Dower rights to
     Mrs Rachel FINNELL, 4 Sep 1850  Boone Co, KY Will Books E

          Benjamin FINNELL, wittness to Will of Mary A. Arnold of
     Boone Co, KY, dau of John Arnold written 20 Oct 1851, probated Nov
     Court 1851  Boone Co, KY Will Book E



          Deed Book Z p.287 30 Dec 1844  William & Emily FINNELL
     sold one acre containing a saw and grist mill for $1,050.00 to Wm
     Buster. begining at the half mile corner of the Range Line division 15
     & 16 on the North west corner of the SW1/4 of Sect 19 TWP51 thence
     South along the said TWP line 90 links to the 1/4 mile corner thence
     East to the Boonfennie Creek containing one acre also SE corner w 1/2
     of the NW 1/4 of Section 18 TWP 51 Range 15

          Deed Book X p.161 Sold 40 acres for $2,000.00 to Thompson
     Feeland containing a salt furnace worked by William FINNELL

          Deed Book U p.945 sold 4 Jan 1845 Larger tract of land to C.
     C. Hill and John Cunningham and reserved 7 acres for Wm Buster

          Deed Book 2 p.58 Emily FINNELL sold 120 acres 15 Mar
     1853 to Alfred W. Morrison [William possibly deceased by this date]

          Deed Book T p.219 William & wife Emily FINNELL sold on
     18 Jan 1842 for $1,200.00 to Wm Buster 5 acres in a square in the
     North end of the west half of the NW 1/4 of Sect 18 in TWP 51 Range
     15, in Howard County which 5 acres is to include the grist and Saw
     mill and site now owned and occupied by the said William Finnell.
     William and Emily Finnell kept a half interest

          Deed Book W p.383  William & Emily Jane FINNELL sold to
     Thomas J. Baugh for $200.00 10 acres NE 1/4 of NW 1/4 of Sect 12
     TWP 51 Range 16

          Deed Book K p.236  Martin FINNELL sold 41 1/2 acres
     besides William FINNELL to Wm Green 5 Sep 1829

          Deed Book Y p.97  Emily FINNELL sold for $1.00 from the
     Howard Co Treasurer and signed her Dower rights away on land given
     by her husband William FINNELL on 14 Dec 1844In TWP 50 Range
     15 recorded  Book W p 192-913

          Deed Book L  p.435  83.24 acres sold by Jonathan FINNELL &
     Rhoda, his wife sold to Martin FINNELL 25 Mar 1833  Land granted
     to Jonathan by U S Patent No 1280 on 1 Aug 1825. filed in 1822



          Cleveland Bradley Co, TN Deed Book C p.292  Deed between
     Ann Willis, widow of James FINNELL and R. A. FINNELL, and
     Lucy Janes, his wife; and Emeline George and Jessee George, her
     husband; and James FINNELL  heirs of James FINNELL deceased in
     the state of Missouri... to ... George FINNELL of Bates Co, MO 185
     acres in Ocoee Dist, Bradley Co, TN dated 6 Jan 1870.

          Deed Book C p.292  George H. FINNELL of Bates Co, MO to
     Abraham York 185 acres in Ocoee Dist, Bradley Co, TN 3 Feb 1870


     Bates County, MO Finnell deed

          Deed Book 126 p.333 George H. FINNELL and wife Rebecca
     sold 150 acres  10 May 1894.

          Deed Book 140 p.79  Rebecca FINNELL and George
     FINNELL of Indian Territory Northern Dist, Afton sold land 13 Jun


          From the book The Show Business No Body
     Knows; by Earl Wilson, 1971 page 404.
          "There was a fat, funny, middle-aged Stripper named Carrie
     Finnell who, on behalf of America offered a special nude art form to
     connoisseurs. She was  a "Tassel-tosser." She wore tassels on her
     breasts. By careful study she had learned over the years to make her
     breasts rotate either clockwise, counter-clockwise, or both.  Carrie
     Finnell appeared in some New York Cafe's and in a Broadway show."
          The New York Times for Saturday 16 Nov 1963.
     Carrie Finnell Morris, one of the  Country's widely known burlesque
     performers, died yesterday at her home near here. She was 70 years
     old. Mrs Morris who performed under her maiden name, was active
     until several weeks ago. Her last professional performace was at the
     Galaxie Club in New Port, KY. Her husband, Thomas J. Morris died
     two weeks ago.
          In the early days of Burlesque Miss Finnell was known as "the
     girl with the Million doller legs" stemming from her insuring them for
     $1 million with Lloyds of London.
          But, by the time Broadway theatregoers beheld her in Mike
     Todds musical Star and Garter in 1942, she had grown
     considerably stouter and had become accomplished in the muscle-control
     of her bosoms.
          She played night clubs throughout the country. On one occasion,
     Miss Finnell observed: "I've never had any objections to my act
     because its done for fun. I don't try to put any sex into it."

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