This is a starter page until I have time to make a better page. We believe, Augustus Hess had two sons Nicholas Hess and John Hess, these are the two brothers who came to America (see Notes below) together. Nicholas Hess Is the father of Michael Hess.
Descendants of Michael Hess

Michael Hess, 1752-1838 Married to: Margaret Showers, Unknown

Their Children:

Cornelia Hess, Rachel Hess, John Hess, George William Hess, Jacob Hess

Children of:Cornelia Hess, Unknown

Children of:Rachel Hess, Unknown

Children of: John Hess, 1785-1872 Married to: Jane Miller, 1785-1872

Michael Hess,1810-1886 Married to: Mary Christman

Peter M. Hess,1812-1896 Married to: Almira Allerton

Andrew Hess,1813-1902 Married to: Cathrine Shufell

Jacob Hess,1815-1818

John Jr. Hess,1817-1869 Married to: Myra Moore

Cathrine Hess,1819-1852

Eliza Hess,1821-Unknown Married to: Uriah Valentine

William C. Hess, 1824-1863 Married to: Margaret Myers

Children of:George William Hess, 1794-1830 Married to: Marie Lant, Unknown

Children of:Jacob Hess, 1798-1862 Married to: Christina Marie Teal, Unknown

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We have a copy of the Hess Family Bible, most information came from the bible starting with Nicholas and John Hess arriving in U.S.A. in 1710 Palentines from Germany . In Columbia Co. NY book "At the end of the Century" vol 1 - page 27 says Nicholas Hess one of 60 families remained on land grant in Columbia Co. in 1724. Nicholas Hess has a son, Michael Born in 1752, and mention in "American Ancestry" vol 1-2 page 54. "Columbia Coubty, New York Record" - residents of Clarerack before the revolution- the Hess Family. 1st U.S. Census of 1790 shows that Michael Hess of Clarerack had one son under 16 years of age John born 1785-married Jane Miller. John named his first son Michael for his father, one son Jacob for his brother and one William for his brother George William. *Service of Michael in War of Revolution- Private in Albany Co. Militia under col. Robt Von Rensellaer in the New Yor Troops. Ref. "N.Y. in the Rev. " by Jas A Roberts, page 100. was in battle of Stone Arabia (from pension papers). was allowed a pension #S13353.

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