Descendants of John McGuire



Generation No. 1


1. John1 McGuire was born Bef. 1681 in Ireland1, and died Bef. 1759 in Kentucky or Virginia1.


Notes for John McGuire:

John McGuire, is thought to have been a "king" or chieftain from Ulster in Northern Ireland......hiding in Dublin. His ancestors fled their homes during the "Flight of the Earls" or the "Flight of the Wild Geese" with the O'Neils, O'Donnels and O'Connels after wrongfully being charged with treason by the English crown. The Maguires originally came from Fermanagh, Ulster, Northern Ireland. Family Motto: "justitia et fortitudo invincible sunt" Justice and fortitude are invincible Maguire.

Maguire, with its variants MacGuire, McGwire etc, comes from the Irish Mag Uidhir, meaning 'son of the brown(-haired) one'. The surname is now extremely common throughout Ireland, with particular concentrations in

Cavan, Monaghan and Fermanagh; in Fermanagh it is the single most numerous name in the county. The reason is not far to seek. From the time of their first firm establishment, in Lisnaskea around the start of the thirteenth century, all the associations of the family have been with Fermanagh. By the start of the fourteenth century, the chief of the family, Donn Carrach Maguire, was ruler of the entire county, and for the following three hundred year there were no fewer than fifteen Maguire chieftains of the territory. By the year 1600, Co Fermanagh quite simply belonged to the family. As for so many other Gaelic families, the seventeenth century was catastrophic for the Maguires. First, a junior branch, based around the area of the modern town of Enniskillen, were dispossessed and their lands parcelled out in the Plantation of Ulster.

Then, as a result of their participation in the rebellions of the Cromwellian and Williamite periods, virtually all the remainder of their possessions were taken. Unlike the bulk of the native Irish aristocracy, the descent of theMaguires has remained intact. The current bearer of the title ' Maguire of Fermanagh' is Terence Maguire, officially recognised by the Chief Herald of Ireland in 1991 as the senior male descendant of the last inaugurated Maguire chief.


Children of John McGuire are:

2 i. Archibald2 McGuire, died 1779 in Ft. Boonesborough, Fayette, Kentucky. Believed to have been killed by Indians.

3 ii. Margaret McGuire. She married Married a Horn.

4 iii. William McGuire, born Bet. 1725 - 1732 in Ireland; died Abt. 1809 in Madison Co., Kentucky.


Notes for William McGuire:

Immigrated: Abt. 1750, Ireland to America


5 iv. John McGuire, born Bet. 1732 - 1735 in Ireland; died Bet. 1745 - 1825. He married Nancy Burnes.

+ 6 v. James Felix McGuire, born 1734 in Dublin, Ireland; died August 19, 1782 in Blue Lick Springs, Nicholas Co., Kentucky.



Generation No. 2


6. James Felix2 McGuire (John1) was born 1734 in Dublin, Ireland1, and died August 19, 1782 in Blue Lick Springs, Nicholas Co., Kentucky1. He married Elizabeth Black Bef. 1756 in Virginia1, daughter of Samuel Black and Catherine Shaw.


Notes for James Felix McGuire:

He came to this country and settled in Greenbriar County, Virginia. He married Elizabeth Margaret Black and moved to Kentucky, first to Fayette County where he established McGuire Station. In the 1770s, he settled near Ft. Boonesborough where he became friends with Daniel Boone. His son, Archibald D. McGuire, was born during a siege at Ft. Boonesborough.

Lt. James McGuire left his wife and children at the fort when he went to fight in what was the last battle of the Revolutionary war fought in Kentucky. It was also the day he died along with Daniel Boone's son, Israel....August 19, 1782. When last seen, he was waist deep in James River during a battle. His widow came to Boonesborough after the war and brought her children with her.

James may be related to Edward McGuire of Virginia. There seems to be a thin connection to that family. So far at this time we have been unable to find out more about James' life and family while in Ireland.

He is listed as an early resident of Ft. Boonseborough on the monument in front of the restored fort and on the monument outside Blue Lick State Park as one of those killed.

Immigrated: Bef. 1760, Ireland to America

Achievement: Revolutionary War Veteran

Buried: August 19, 1782, Blue Lick Spring, KY

Medical Information: Died in the Battle of Blue Lick.


Notes for Elizabeth Black:

Soon after 1782 Ft. Boonesborough was closed because of Indian troubles. Margaret waited at the fort for James to return. We assume she didn't believe he was dead because his body hadn't been identified. Their grown children left and moved to different locations. Elizabeth Margaret Black McGuire moved when the fort was closed to Howards Creek Sawmill, then to Fayette County, then to Clark County, Kentucky. She died in 1805 at the Proctor-Arch farm in Kentucky and was buried in her son, Archibald McGuire's farm graveyard.



Children of James McGuire and Elizabeth Black are:

+ 7 i. John3 McGuire, born April 22, 1756 in Dublin, Ireland; died April 10, 1837 in Bloominton, Morgan, Kentucky.

8 ii. Cornelius McGuire, born 17701; died Bef. 17821.


Notes for Cornelius McGuire:

Posted by Keith McGuire <> on Fri, 12 Jun 1998


Searching for connections to John MCGUIRE and his sons James and Samuel. All listed on the 1810 Floyd County Census. Also looking for any information on Cornealus and William McGUIRE who came from Tazewell Co., VA to Floyd County 1795 to 1810. Other ancestors : Ambrose COFFEE and Joel COOK.


Posted by Karen Salisbury <> on Sat, 13 Jun 1998, in response to MCGUIRE, COFFEE, COOK, posted by Keith McGuire on Fri, 12 Jun 1998


I have Cornelius McGuire, Rev b abt 1767 d abt 1810, FC m. Esther Stratton 29 Dec 1787 Montgomery Co., Va. Children:

John b 1788

Polly m. Ruell Priest

Solomon m. Susanna Garrett

Peggy m. Henry B. Mayo

Levina m. George Martin

William James m 1. Mary P. Stratton b. 1804, 9 children, m2 Amy McGuire 7 Mar 1854.


I have John McGuire b. abt 1765 VA came to county with his father-in-law Wm. Rob't Leslie and his son Wm first in 1789 but were driven off by Indians and returned 1790/91 and stayed in Emma. He was married to Nancy Leslie.


I don't have any info on Sam'l or James. Would love to share. K


9 iii. James Felix McGuire, Jr., born 1775 in Virginia1; died October 1868 in St. Helens, Owsley, (now Lee Co.) KY. He married Didimiah Mann.

10 iv. William McGuire, born 1776 in Virginia1; died 1848 in Jackson Co., MO. He married Elizabeth Abbott May 19, 1797 in Madison Co., Kentucky.

11 v. Margaret McGuire, born Abt. 1777; died Abt. 1807.

12 vi. Archibald D. McGuire, born May 20, 1779 in Ft. Boonesborough, Kentucky; died April 15, 1870 in Proctor, Owlsley Co., Kentucky. He married (1) Margaret Guyer October 02, 1801 in Proctor, Owsley Co., Kentucky. He married (2) Annie Sharp Bet. 1810 - 1836 in Kentucky. He married (3) Catherine Brandenburg December 27, 1835 in Estill Co, Kentucky.


Notes for Archibald D. McGuire:

Born May 20, 1779 during the seige of Boonsborough. Fought at the Battle of Tippicanoe. Captured by Indians and forced to run Gauntlet.



13 vii. Elizabeth Esther McGuire, born 1781 in Kentucky; died 1856 in Lawrence Co., Indiana. She married George Tincher April 12, 1803 in Madison Co., Kentucky.

14 viii. Frances Marion McGuire.


Notes for Frances Marion McGuire:

No actual records on this son, but it is possible he was one who went to TN. There was a warrant issued for a Frances Marion McGuire in 1792 for the killing of some Delaware Indians. If this were a son of Lt. McGuire it is possible it was a revenge killing. The warrant stated the "said Francis Marion McGuire has left the commonwealth."



15 ix. Unknown McGuire, died in KILLED BATTLE BLUELICK.



Generation No. 3


7. John3 McGuire (James Felix2, John1) was born April 22, 1756 in Dublin, Ireland, and died April 10, 1837 in Bloominton, Morgan, Kentucky1. He married Nancy Burns Holden.


Children of John McGuire and Nancy Holden are:

+ 16 i. James4 McGuire, born Bet. 1735 - 1775.

17 ii. William McGuire, born Bet. 1735 - 17751; died Bet. 1770 - 18541. He married Unkown Caskey Bet. 1770 - 18131.

18 iii. Eugenie McGuire, born Bet. 1735 - 17751; died WFT Est. 1747-18571.

+ 19 iv. Rebecca Jane McGuire, born 1756 in Virginia; died April 10, 1837 in Kentucky.

+ 20 v. Samuel Wallace McGuire, born April 04, 1791 in Bryan Station, Floyd Co., Kentucky; died September 20, 1872 in Sweet Springs, Pettit Co., Missouri.



Generation No. 4


16. James4 McGuire (John3, James Felix2, John1) was born Bet. 1735 - 17751. He married Unkown Cook Bet. 1770 -- 18131.


Children of James McGuire and Unkown Cook are:

21 i. Samual5 McGuire, born Bet. 1763 - 18141.

22 ii. Jesse McGuire, born Bet. 1763 - 18141.

23 iii. Elijah McGuire, born Bet. 1763 - 18141.

24 iv. Ambrose McGuire, born Bet. 1763 - 18141.

25 v. James McGuire, born Bet. 1763 - 1814 in Kentucky1.


19. Rebecca Jane4 McGuire (John3, James Felix2, John1) was born 1756 in Virginia1, and died April 10, 1837 in Kentucky1. She married Abraham Keeton January 17, 1794 in Clark Co., Kentucky1.


Children of Rebecca McGuire and Abraham Keeton are:

26 i. Nancy Assena5 Keeton, born Bet. 1784 - 1802 in Kentucky1; died Bet. 1819 - 18911. She married William Phillip Lykins, Jr. May 22, 1814 in Floyd County, Kentucky1.


Notes for Nancy Assena Keeton:

She died in childbirth as did the child.


Notes for William Phillip Lykins, Jr.:

Morgan Co. Ky. Marriage records as Source.


William Lykins in 1850 Census of Morgan Co. Ky. #1135

William Lykins age 55 Born Ky.

Hannah (Stout) age 55 " N.C.

Joseph " 17 " Ky.


William married first to Nancy Keeton dau. of Abraham and Rebecca McGuire Keeton. She died in child birth as did the child. He married second to Hannah Stout born 1794/96 in Tennessee (?) daughter of Jacob and Junlianne Stout. died in Magoffin co., Ky. Oct 12 1854. They were the parents of six children.


Buried in Lykins Cemetery ,Magoffin Co. Ky next to both wives.


1860 Census of Magoffin Co., Ky.

LYKINS, Wm. P., age 65, H220


27 ii. William Keeton, born Bet. 1784 - 1805 in Kentucky1; died Bet. 1824 - 18891. He married Lucy 0r Serey Childers March 16, 1818 in Floyd County, Kentucky1.

+ 28 iii. Robert Keeton, born Bet. 1784 - 1814 in Kentucky; died Bef. 1850.

+ 29 iv. Elizabeth Keeton, born Bet. 1784 - 1831 in Kentucky; died Bet. 1856 - 1917.

+ 30 v. Catherine Keeton, born Bet. 1785 - 1815 in Kentucky; died Bet. 1845 - 1903.

+ 31 vi. Thomas B Keeton, born 1804 in Kentucky; died Bet. 1850 - 1894 in Kentucky.

+ 32 vii. George Washington Keeton, born December 09, 1808 in Floyd Co., Kentucky; died January 26, 1883 in Magoffin Co., Kentucky.

+ 33 viii. Samuel Keeton, born 1812 in Kentucky; died Bet. 1837 - 1897.

+ 34 ix. Jane Keeton, born 1813 in Kentucky; died Bet. 1836 - 1901.

+ 35 x. Sarah (Aunt Sallie) Keeton, born 1819 in Floyd Co., Kenucky; died January 05, 1887 in Kentucky.


20. Samuel Wallace4 McGuire (John3, James Felix2, John1) was born April 04, 1791 in Bryan Station, Floyd Co., Kentucky, and died September 20, 1872 in Sweet Springs, Pettit Co., Missouri. He married Jeneth 'Jean' Ferguson2 October 05, 1815 in Bryan Station, Floyd Co., Kentucky, daughter of William Ferguson and Catherine Lemaster.


Notes for Jeneth 'Jean' Ferguson:

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Subj: Jeneth Ferguson & Samuel McGuire phyferg txt 8

Date: 98-07-06 23:52:14 EDT

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This is the 5th child of William Ferguson & Catherine LeMaster need more

information on this family


Jeneth Ferguson b 17 Aug 1797 Mt Sterling Mongtomery co Ky d 3 Jun 1865

Sweet Springs,Pettis co MO mar 5 Oct 1815 Bryan Station, Floyd co Ky.

+ Samuel Wallace McGuire b 4 Apr 1791 Bryan Station, Floyd co., Ky d

20 Sep 1872 Sweet Springs,Pettis co Mo.



1 (F) McGuire b 1810 KY d1810 KY

2 (F) McGuire b 1813 ky d 1813 Ky

3 Dulsema McGuire b 1815 Ky

4 Jilson McGuire b 1816 Matthew,Morgan co KY mar 2 Oct 1837 Morgan co KY

+ Sarah Keeton

5 William Ferguson McGuire b 3 Mar 1818 Floyd co Ky d 1891 Kansas

+ Louise Caroline Johnson

6 John McGuire b abt 1825 Montgomery co Ky d 1894 Sweet Springs,Pettis co


+ Elizabeth Phipps (Besty)

7 Samuel Wallace McGuire Jr.b 27 Oct 1826 Morgan co KY d 20 Sep 1914

Howard,Kansas mar 1 Jul 1852

+ Martha Ann Seyphers or Cyphers

8 Isaac Newton McGuire b 1829 Morgan co Ky

+Catherine Caskey

9 James Harvey McGuire b 1832 Morgan co Ky mar 10 Feb 1848 Morgan co


+ Mary Abbott 2nd ?

10 Washington Green McGuire b 1833 Morgan co KY D 25 Jun 1864 Mo

11 Jane McGuire b ? Ky

+? Adams

12 Polly McGuire b ? Ky

+ ? Trimble

13 Nancy McGuire b ? Ky



Children of Samuel McGuire and Jeneth Ferguson are:

36 i. McGuire53, born 1810 in Kentucky; died 1810 in Kentucky.

37 ii. McGuire3, born 1813 in Kentucky; died 1813 in Kentucky.

38 iii. Dulcina McGuire3, born 1815 in Kentucky.

+ 39 iv. Jilson P. McGuire, born 1816 in Matthew, Morgan Co., Kentucky.

40 v. William McGuire, born March 03, 1818 in Floyd Co., Kentucky3; died 1891 in Kansas. He married Louise Caroline Johnson.

41 vi. John McGuire, born Abt. 1825 in Montgomery Co., Kentucky3; died 1894 in Sweet Springs, Pettis Co., Missiouri4. He married Elizabeth 'Besty' Phipps.

42 vii. Samual Wallace McGuire, Jr., born October 27, 1826 in Morgan Co., Kentucky5; died September 20, 1914 in Howard, Kansas6. He married Martha Ann Seyphers or Cyphers July 01, 18526.

+ 43 viii. Isaac Newton McGuire, born 1829 in Morgan Co., Kentucky; died Bet. 1808 - 1914.

44 ix. James Harvey McGuire, born 1832 in Morgan Co., Kentucky78. He married Mary Abbott February 10, 1848 in 2nd? Morgan Co., Kentucky.

45 x. Washington Greenville McGuire, born 1833 in Morgan Co., Kentucky9; died June 25, 1864 in Missouri10.

46 xi. Jane McGuire, born in Kentucky11. She married ? Adams.

47 xii. Polly McGuire, born in Kentucky11. She married ? Trimble.

48 xiii. Nancy McGuire, born in Kentucky11.