Alfred Toliver

Alfred Toliver was born October 05, 1812 in Tennessee, and died December 06, 1897 in Bell Co., Texas. He married Lavina Jeffreys, daughter of John Jeffreys and Deannah. She was born September 01, 1818 in White Co., Tennessee or Cataco Co., Alabama, and died December 1912 in Bell Co., Texas.

Notes for Alfred Toliver:
I have found several land records listed with Alfred's name, the first one dated August 1, 1853 in Lawrence County Alabama of 40.23 acres, the second was for 80.16 acres dated March 1, 1858. The third one was also dated march 1, 1858 for 40.31 acres.. The next one was dated December 1, 1859 for 40.31 acres and the last one was dated September 1, 1860. All property was in Lawrence County.

More About Alfred Toliver:
Burial: Copperas Cove Texas

Notes for Lavina Jeffreys:
The 1900 census for Bell County Texas lists Lavina Tolliver as a widow living in household number 98 with her daughter Hannah Turner, also a widow. Lavina could not read or write. She was living next to her son Alfred Toliver. The census lists her place of birth as either Alabama or Tennessee

More About Lavina Jeffreys:
Burial: Copperas Cove Texas

Children of Alfred Toliver and Lavina Jeffreys are:

1. Theldra Jane Deloce Toliver, born 1835 in Lawrence Co., Alabama. She married James Lewis Wright December 24, 1855 in Lawrence Co., Alabama; born 1834 in Alabama; died September 1879 in Coryell Co., Texas.

2. William Toliver, born 1837 in Lawrence Co., Alabama. He married Rebecca Carson September 10, 1851 in Lawrence Co., Alabama.

3. Francis Elizabeth Toliver, born 1840 in Lawrence Co., Alabama; died Aft. 1900 in Bell Co., Texas. She married Andrew Jackson Turner June 30, 1861 in Lawrence Co, Alabama; born 1840 in Georgia; died Bef. 1900 in Bell Co., Texas.

Notes for Francis Elizabeth Toliver:
Listed as Elizabeth in the 1880 census. She and her husband were living next door to her brother Alfred. On June 8, 1900 she was listed as a widow in the census with her son James in Bell County Texas. She can not read and write.

4. Jesse E. Toliver, born 1843 in Lawrence Co., Alabama. He married Elizabeth V. Turner May 19, 1861 in Lawrence Co, Alabama.

5. Thomas Toliver, born 1845 in Lawrence Co., Alabama.

6. Theopholis Toliver, born 1847 in Lawrence Co., Alabama.

7. Hannah Toliver, born July 1848 in Lawrence Co., Alabama. She married O. C. Turner October 05, 1865 in Lawrence Co, Alabama; died Bef. 1880 in Texas.

Notes for Hannah Toliver:
Hannah became a widow early in her marriage. She only had two children. In 1880 she was living with her parents along with her two children in Bell County Texas. In 1900 she was still living with her mother. She could not read or write.

8. Vina Toliver, born 1852 in Lawrence Co., Alabama. Is she the one listed in the 1880 mortality schedule?

9. Alfred Toliver, born 1854 in Lawrence Co., Alabama. He married Tamitia Paroli Kerley March 07, 1877 in Bell Co., Texas; born 1862 in Alabama.

Notes for Alfred Toliver:
Alfred Toliver Jr. was living next door to his parents in Bell County Texas in dwelling number 97 in the 1880 census. He listed his occupation as farmer. In 1900 he was still listed in dwelling 97 in a farm that he owned free of Mortgage His mother was still living next door to him. He could read and write. His sons Thomas, William, Lee and Ira were farm laborers

10. Abner J. Toliver, born March 18, 1858 in Lawrence Co., Alabama; died September 27, 1919. He married Eliza Jane Middicks 1879 in Bell Co., Texas; born September 13, 1859 in Missouri; died November 27, 1926.

Notes for Abner J. Toliver:
In the 1900 census Abner was listed as a farmer in Bell County Texas. He was renting his home.

1840 Census Lawrence County Alabama
Alfred Toliver
1 male under 5
1 male 20-30
1 female under 5
1 female 5-10
1 female 20-30

1850 census Lawrence County Alabama
October 3, 1850
dwelling 804
family 804
Ocupation: Laborer
Alfred Toliver 37 AL
Lavina Toliver 36 TN
Threldy Toliver 14 AL
William Toliver 12 AL
Jesse Toliver (m) 7 AL
Elizabeth Toliver 10 AL
Thomas Toliver 5 AL
Theopolus Toliver 3 AL
Hannah Toliver 1 AL

1860 census Lawrence County Alabama
August 14, 1860
dwelling 554
Occupation: Farmer
Value of Real Estate: $800.00
Value of personal property: $500.00
Alfred Toliver 47 TN
Vina Toliver 46 AL
William Toliver 23 AL
Elizabeth Toliver 20 AL
Jesse (m) Toliver 17 AL
Thomas Toliver 15 AL
Theopolis Toliver 12 AL
Hannah Toliver 10 AL
Vina Toliver 8 AL
Alfred Toliver 6 AL
Abner Toliver 3 AL
Deannah Jeffreys 87 NC

1870 census Gatesville, Coryell County Texas
September 15, 1870
dwelling 74
family 74
Occupation: Farmer
value of real estate: $40.00
value of personal property: $1000.00
Alfred Toliver 58 TN
Vina Toliver 57 TN
Vina Toliver 17 AL
Alfred Toliver 14 AL
Abner Toliver 12 AL

1880 census Bell County Texas
June 8, 1880
dwelling 96
Occupation: Farmer and Minister
Alfred Toliver 66 TN NC NC
Melvina Toliver 65 TN NC NC
Hannah Turner 30 AL AL AL
George Turner 10 AR GA AL
Owen Turner 8 TX GA AL

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