Heino on TV

In Germany Heino is not only considered a great singer. He is a great show host, too. A couple of years ago he hosted a TV-show called "Hallo Heino" on Sat.1, a German satellite-channel. To give you an impression of his "screen charisma", we bring you some video-stills from one of the shows. In the near future we hope to be able to bring you some Quicktime-sequences as well.

The "Hallo Heino"-show consists of songs and nothing but songs. No precious time is wasted on talking! The studio audience is a large enthusiastic crowd, all clapping their hands in time with Heino's lieder and rocking from side to side on the long wooden benches. If it wasn't for the background, a real Heimat set piece, we could have been in a Bierstube or at the yearly Oktoberfest in Munich.

May we present: Hannelore - Heino's wife. Here they join together in a beautiful duet. And an ideal couple they are, indeed. They often perform together with the audience's wholehearted approval.

Here we can see exactly how appreciated their effort is: By the end of the song they are presented with flowers from fans hurrying up. See how proud and erect Heino looks! His appearance leaves you with the impression of uprightness, fearlessness, integrity and independence - what a man!

Notice how Heino is sporting up to three different coats during just one show: a red and a green blazer jacket and our favourite, the buttoned up green hunting coat. Always impeccably dressed - that's Heino!

Heino finishes off ostentatiously. Backed up by this marvellous (ruddy) male voice choir he practically roars his parting shot: Hallo Heino und auf wiedersehen!

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