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Billy Corgans Gear Click here to check out info on Billy's equipment, a list loaded with pictures, including guitars, amps/pre-amps, effects/effects processors, and more.

James Iha's Gear Click here to visit the only page on the internet that has a full list of James Iha's gear. Pictures also included.

Jimmy's Page A page dedicated to Jimmy Chamberlin. Includes scanned Pictures of Jimmy's Equipment, both past and present.

D'arcy's GearClick here to see D'arcy's gear. Including pictures of her equipment from the Gish, Siamese Dream, and now Mellon Collie Era.

PRICING GUIDE Click here to check out a Pricing Guide to Billy's and Jame's gear. Includes prices to their guitars, amps, effects, etc.

Spiro P's page Feeling lonely? Spiro P's part of the page is sure to arouse you. It's infested with scanned originals of Billy's Pic, his autograph, and stories about meeting him and jimmy in person.

Spiro P's equipment dying to see my strat at it's finest view. Click here to get an orgasm and view my kick ass gear, with pictures of course

Terry's bass equipment. Click here and check out Terry's bass equipment. Pictures also included.

MUSICAL LINKS This is a page for all drummers, guitarists, bassists, or any sort of musicians. Click here to see a list of links to musical equipment manufacturers.BUT STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

Want to adjust your Bass? to see how to adjust your bass to your likings click here (i.e. adjust action, trust rod, neck tilt, pickups etc.

Recording a Demo?? Click here to get some useful tips on how to make the best out of your 4-track. Tips on how to make a decent sounding demo with your 4-track

MIDI, TAB Software Click here to download MIDI sequencers, commercial software, MIDI file players, patch editors, librarians, MIDI utilities, guitar & bass software etc.

Bass Scale Book Proffessional bass guitar scale book with every scale imaginable! BUT UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

Record Labels! Are you trying to get your band signed? Click here to visit the web pages of hundreds of record labels.

Bass Tabs Check out a growing list of bass tabs.


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