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Welcome to our page devoted to appreciation of a remarkable Canadian Actor. We have added links to a few other places where you can find further information about his work, both as an actor and as a celebrity. There is a distinct lack of personal information out there so we can only presume that GG guards his privacy and we will respect that by focussing on his work at this site.

The Greene Files

There will be no shortage of opportunities to enjoy Graham Greene's work in the near future. Current projects include a film called "Green Mile" with Tom Hanks and James Cromwell. This is an adaptation of Steven Kings novel, (appropriately titled!). GG just finished working with Stuart Margolin [Rockford Files]in a film called "Bad Prospect". Look for GG in an episode of "Psi Factor" and a project called "The Herd" as well as a Visa commercial and a new film called "Bad Money". GG has to be one of the busiest actors around! Lucky us!!!

Bio Brief

Twenty years ago, Graham Greene was a sound engineer. At the suggestion of a friend, he made a career move and took up acting. We are all very glad that he did! In addition to stage appearances, he has co-starred in several major motion pictures. We won't recount his numerous film and television appearances as they are efficiently and effectively listed in the following link: Graham Greene's Filmography

Although he has portrayed many different ethnic characters, he is most known for his Native American roles. In this regard, GG seems to be a reluctant role model. In an interview with Aboriginal Voices Magazine, he discusses this aspect of his career. Certainly we (The Fans) have talked about this part of GG's work on several occassions and our consensus is that he is a fine actor in every role - especially as Mr. Crabby Tree!!!

Reed's Mr. Crabby Tree Page

Most recently, GG can be found as a regular guest on the New Red Green Show. This classic look at rural Canadian culture is produced by S & S Productions in Toronto. GG plays Edgar Montrose, an expert called in to take care of those difficult home repairs. Montrose, hard of hearing and missing some digits, believes a few well placed sticks of dynamite will fix just about anything (including a wedding band stuck in the kitchen drain).

The New Red Green Show

Links to other Graham Greene references:

Nightmares Favourite Actors

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Another Filmography

Audubon Society Trip to the North

According to one of the Fans, GG is somewhat of a Trekkie, so we have included these two links:

Lars Ivarsson Homepage

The World of Star Trek

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