Trapper John and Stanley Riverside II, MD,s

would you believe a very silly page?

Welcome to my very silly page about the tv show Trapper John M.D.
I have access to a new computer! Now if I can just figure out how to get the information from the old computer to the new one without retyping everything, we're in luck! It won't happen quickly, but I'm working on it. (And if I end up having to retype everything, I will... *sigh*)
What's already here: Here you will find a silly episode guide, silly credits, and silly fan fiction, focussing on Stanley Riverside II, M.D. as well as all the rest of the gang at San Fransisco Memorial Hospital.

I'm also tossing in a little bit of my wandering info on Suikoden 2. Access to usable computer,now slightly upgraded... Rustiness with HTML seriously in the way!

This page will be under random construction. Have you ever found a fan page that wasn't?

episode guide
credits -- a work in progress!
Who's Who -- a guide to the characters
meandering commentary
Fan fiction Oh frabjous day! Stories! Play!
New! The Traditional list of what I've updated lately.

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medical jargon from a more recent show
another Trapper John Page Hooray! We are not alone!
had to dump the tvlisting from Chameleon, as he apparently didn't want it linked to. Sigh. It was a great source.

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Trapper John M.D. is probably copyrighted to Twentieth Century Fox -- or maybe to Richard Hooker. I can't copyright any of the stuff that belongs to them, and I wouldn't want to try, but I think it would be a: sensible and b: nice if you cite me as your source if you use anything from this website. I don't think I've gone beyond fair use in the TV guide stuff yet, but I'm going to try to find out before I add much more.Testing testing...cheat sheet

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