Lois De Fee

Queen of the Glamazons

Lois De Fee a 6'4'' with a figure to mach her height it was perfect. Lois started as a bouncer in Dizzy Club in New York's 52nd street. Walter Winchell spotted her at the 1939 Worlds Fair in New York and she was on her way to burlesque fame. Later he billed her as "The Eiffel Eyeful."

Harry Richman, one of the great names in show business history, told her "when a girl wants to make it in show business, and she's not sure of her talent, then publicity will help."

So publicity she got it was front-page news she married a midget. The marriage lasted only a few days, but how long dose it take to take a picture? Jokes started because of it.

"How did a midget make love ot Lois DeFee?"

"Someone put him up to it."

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