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Hello Lotek Friends, Freaks and Fans!!!  Long time no see!   We've been trying to publish this lotek mag issue # 3 since "Rebolusyon Album" came out to the public, but due to hectic schedule and lotek members coming and going, we don't know where the hell to start, and to top it all, we lost the password to this site and it took us a while begging geocities to give it back to us!   But all is well now.    We're here again!!!

Anyway, since we've been gone for a long time, I guess we have so much to tell you.    YOU BET THERE's a lot!!!   News!  News!  News!   News!   

*Important (Lotek Friends & Fans) - Re-send me all your e-mails, so I can compile it, and I will e-mail you  if there are any upcoming news, events, or whatever on this site.   Also to keep in-touch with the lotek family.   So far I have about 68 e-mails, I want more so we can start putting sponsors on this page.   E-mail me at abonto@yahoo.com or abonto@usa.net.   Also don't forget to sign the guest book, this is how we know you guys are still alive. 

Site is 100% complete (08/24/00)  
News:  Site is 100% Complete


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Lotek Rebolusyon!  Release July 1999 - A compilation album by, Bumble Bee, Letters of Apologies, Lampas Landay and Luv Bot. 

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The infamous Lotek Christmas Party held every  year at my house.  TONS of Fun, Giveaways, & Games like "Pera O'bayong.  Can't wait for this year 2000.

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In the Navy!!! The States!!! The Life, they picked. 

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Bong's Recent ONE MAN show exhibit!   With Donita Rose!!!  Shoooot!!!

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Watch out Guam! Ace is Back!

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What really happened to Lotek Entertainment. 

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Lampas Landay Song Girl-lay MTV was aired on Channel 60, TV Manila cdlanday1.gif (6354 bytes) Remembering Guam w/ Lotek - A Lotek photo album compilation.   Some Pics 08/31/00

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