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"There is no spoon!" -- The Matrix

"If you wouldn't have let him get so near ya, he wouldn't have died from your bacteria!" -- Stark Raving Mad

"If you never had the time, and forget to see cloud nine, there's a place where you can wait on cloud eight." -- Some song I heard on Baywatch

"Here can never be there, cause it will be there when you get here." -- Eddy

"That is not logical." -- Spock

"That was tasty." -- Eddy

"It makes more sense when it makes sense." -- Eddy

"Don't go there girlfriend *snap snap*" -- Dr. Evil

"I'm going to ignore that comment." -- Eddy

"Satan!" -- Albert

"A cantalop can't a lope with a cantalope." -- Calder

"Never stop questioning." -- Albert Einstein

"Peace, Love, and sex forever!" -- Ian

"Never say never." -- anonymous

"Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm schizophrenic, and so am I." -- seen on a T-Shirt

"It's a beautiful thing." -- Mitch Buchannon from Baywatch (he says that in practically every episode.)

"Michael, be careful." -- Devon Miles from Knight Rider (he says some form of that in every episode.)

"Imagination is more powerful than knowledge." -- Albert Einstein

"You can see yourself in your own reflection." -- Chris

"I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it." -- Seen on a T-Shirt

"Talk to the hand, 'cause the face don't want to hear it no more." -- anonymous

"We work all day in jobs we hate so we can buy things we don't need." -- anonymous

"I've been on a calender, but I've never been on time." -- Marilyn Monroe

"Life is a mystery, then you die." -- my teacher Bill Martell

"The end is near, don't let the elephant sit." -- Bill Martell

"I'm not even going to honor that with a response." -- Eddy

"Infinity plus one, that's my favorite number." -- Ian

"Grieblefriznick." -- Eddy

"Go away." -- Ian

"Don't be a retard twice, becuase you'd be a reretard." -- Bill Martell

"You and me baby were nothing but mammals so let's do it like they do on the discovery channel." -- some song I heard

"Don't use that word [screw] unless you're putting in flagpoles!" -- Bill Martell

"Peace, love and dope, now get hell outa here!" -- Terance Mann from Field of Dreams

"I'll never dance with her mother." -- Bill Martell

"What, you egg!" -- Murderer from Macbeth

"You can't go wrong with ham." -- Anemone Martell

"Notice all the computers, theotrical scribblings, and lab equipment, Norm... Yes. curiosity killed these cats." -- October 18, 1999 of the Farside

"You have one life, so live it." -- my friend Ashley

"If someone tells you your wood [crazy] you'd wonder about them, maybe their "pining" for you. Or want to "spruce" up your house." -- Bill Martell

"Be careful about going into restaurants named after fruit trees." -- Bill Martell

"Don't resist; let the flowers make you happy." -- Bill Martell

"zooooooooooom!" -- Robert Woods

"Keanu Reeves and his brother kayak reeves." -- Bill Martell


"This is what it sounds like, when doves are happy again." -- Jon Stewart

"I want cheesy poofs!!" -- Eric Cartman

The following quotes go together:

"Mr. Martell isn't putting out like he used to. - In more then one way." -- Calder

"Even ask Rose." -- Bill Martell (Rose is his wife.)

These following quotes go together:

"Why would you call someone you love "baby" something that cries... And why wuold you call someone honey, something sticky..." -- Bill Martell

"Why would you marry someone called Rose, Roses stink and they have sharp thornes that grow in the ground." -- Anonymous

These following quotes go together:

"Your jokes are corny." -- Jason

"There's a kernel of truth in that." -- Bill Martell

----end 'together' quotes----

"I've never understood why people consider their youth a time of freedom and joy. It's probably becuase they have forgotten their own." -- Margaret Atwood

"Just push a little longer. Just push." -- Bill Martell

"And your the man that can grant me that wish?" -- Moonlight Graham from Field of Dreams

"You guys are guests in my corn!" -- Ray Kinsella from Field of Dreams

"Who gives a rat's butt." -- Gary

"That bell is in the corn field." -- Bill Martell

"I'm driving my self crazy, looking for peas in a corn field." -- my friend Kristiina

(song to the tune of dashing through the snow) "Dashing through the net, on a lil ole 56K, waiting for hours for a page to load, then it can't be displayed." -- Mechanic Matt (chat name)

"I love how Microsoft is broken up by the Justice Department... and all the legal papers are kept on computers that run... WINDOWS." -- Fido_garcia (chat name)

"Nobody gives two pieces of monkey crap how to bling bling." -- th5k (chat room)

"There are no sticks!" -- Jadzia

"It must be upside-right." -- Some guy

"What the hamfat!" -- Stephan

"The most important job is not to be governor, or first lady in any case." -- George W. Bush

"I've put it in plant beds and transferred it. I've hoed it. I've suckered. I've sprayed it." -- Al Gore (on tobacco)

"Rarely is the question asked: 'is our children learning'?" -- George W. Bush

"I know how hard it is for you to put food on your family." -- George W. Bush

"It's clearly a budget. It's got a lot of numbers in it." -- George W. Bush

"I didn't realize I was in a Buddhist temple." -- Al Gore

"I understand small business growth. I was one." -- Al Gore

"He taught me how to clean out hog waste with a shovel and a hose." -- Al Gore

"The women who wrote that I had dyslexia, I never interviewed her." -- George W. Bush

"We all know the leopard can't change his stripes." -- Al Gore

"I can't name a song, I'm just a really big fan." -- Al Gore (to rocker Courtney Love.)

"We must all hear the universal call to like your neighbor just like you like to be liked yourself." -- George W. Bush

"We feel, and the Defense Department feels, that the problem is not going to be a problem." -- Al Gore

"Well I think if you say you're going to do something and don't do it, that's trustworthiness." -- George W. Bush

"I know I won't always be the most exciting politician..." -- Al Gore

"I will say to countries in the middle east, don't you dare hold us hostile." -- George W. Bush

"Don't be such a dip." -- Mr. Mouw

"Oh what wicked webs we weave, when first we practice to decieve!" -- Anonymous

"Spifferific!" -- Amy H.

"I used to be schizophrenic, but we're ok now." -- Seen on a T-Shirt

"Roadkill Cafe: From your grill to ours." -- Seen on a T-Shirt

"Sex is like air. It's only bad when you aren't getting any." -- Seen on a bumper sticker

"Get out of the way! I've got to pee!" -- Seen on a bumper sticker

"Straw is cheaper [then hay] - grass is free - buy a farm you get all three." -- Anonymous

"Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me I learn." -- Anonymous

"Life is now in session, are you here?" -- Anonymous

"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." -- Biblical Warning

"The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight but has no vision." -- Helen Keller

"The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking spots." -- Anonymous

"The moon could not go on shining if it paid any attention to the little dogs that bark at it." -- Anonymous

"I will prepare and someday my choice will come." -- Abraham Lincoln

"Even if your on the right track, you will be ran over if you just sit there." -- Will Rogers

"I always wanted to be a procastinator, but never got around to it." -- Anonymous

"One thing you can learn by watching the clock is that it passes the time by keeping its hands busy." -- York Trade Compositor

"If at first you don't succeed, destroy all the evidence that you have tried." -- Anonymous

"Don't be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps." -- Daivd Loyd George

"Success or failure is caused more by mental attitude then by mental capacity." -- Sir Walter Scott

"Fudgenuggets!" -- Jocelyn

"...cause if you didn't, you need to be stopped with a fish." -- Mr. Novotny

"Being slapped with a fish isn't a cultural custom either." -- Mr. Nations

"If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, then it's a chicken." -- Anonymous

"A closed door is a window of opportunity." -- Darin

"I don't give a fat rats rear-end." -- Mr. Mouw

"Nobody wins unless somebody loses." -- Anonymous

"Oh my god! That hurts like a mother!" -- Emily

"Son of a biscuit eater." -- Mr. Mouw

"Fudgehammer!" -- Mr. Mouw

"Son of a biscuit eating basketball playing gerbil...!!" -- Mr. Mouw

"I haven't had a birthday in like a year." -- Crystal