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Last Updated on 7th August, 99.

All About DIF IV & Its Promotions.


Source: Media Magazine dd 6/3/99
Translation's courtesy of KK - DIF Discussion Forum

DIF4 is almost reaching to the end of the series. The two cops portrayed by Louis Koo and Sunny Chan remain in audiences' minds recently (since it's still being broadcasted by TVB). Both Louis and Sunny have different personalities. Sunny has a friendly personality that many audiences accept. He has been noticed a lot. The only setback is that he looks very tired (and it shows in his eyes - black circles underneath).

On the other hand, Louis seems strong with his character. He shows a good chemistry with an on-screen partner, Jessica Hsuen. His look and appearance match his character in this series (which has attracted many girls watching the series).

The other good thing about DiF4 is that it brought about the roles of citing examples, Yau Sir/Korean, Dai Chi-wai/Sou Chi Wai that certainly added spice to the series...

DIF is a major TVB 'classic' - Actors in the 4th installment (though the cast is different from the previous three) have worked very hard to show its product. Producers and writers have worked long and hard to make this series attractive so as to attract many audiences with its intriguing storylines and therefore they should be recognized too.


TVB extended DIF IV to 50 episodes...
Translations courtesy of

DIF IV's cast and crew had a party on a boat. Louis Koo, Jessica Hsuan, Florence Kwok, Lee San San, Sunny Chan, Charmaine Sher, and Producer Poon were among those who attended the party. TVB extended DIF IV to 50 episodes. Originally, DIF IV was planned for 42 episodes. Later it went from 42 to 47 to 50 episodes. The added episodes will develop the characters played by Maggie Siu, Anne Heung and Roger Kwok more fully. Poon Sir also didn't eliminate the possibility of a DIF V!


Translations courtesy of KatieL
Source: Apple Daily / MingPao (dd 15th April,99)


DIF IV was filming a wedding episode yesterday at a upscale hotel. There were two versions filmed: one where Sunny marries San San, the other where Sunny chooses Charmaine. Since the outcome of Sunny, Charmaine, San San love triangle is still undetermined, the producer said he will take in consideration the viewers' input. Both Charmaine and San San were dressed as beautiful brides.


Translations courtesy of KatieL

Sunny said he has the upmost confidence in DIF4, and although it was done well before, he believes that it's been done even better with the fourth installment. Even Andy Lau and Aaron Kwok were recruited for the show, he thought the show would be fantastic, but with the limited budget they had it's the best piece of work they can produce. Yesterday, the cast of DIF IV were promoting their new series at the Star Ferry's harbour. Louis, Jessica, San San, Sunny, Charmaine are among those who attended the promotion activity. The cast conducted a "street poll" to ask the people would they be watching DIF IV. People were asked to signed a form saying they will watch and support DIF IV. It turned out that the cast collected more signatures than expected. They collected 200-plus signatures in support of DIF IV. During the promotion, Louis and Sunny were well received by a group of Phillipino ladies. The ladies surrounded Louis and Sunny showing their support and enthusiasm for these two good-looking actors. After this promotion, both Sunny and Jessica went to Siu Fong Fong's charity activity at a nearby location.


Sunny and Charmaine.
As the battle for ratings on television between ATV and TVB intensifies tonight with the debut of TVB's DETECTIVE INVESTIGATIONS FILES IV, both TVB and ATV were out doing promotions this weekend. Sunny Chan Kam-Hung, Charmaine Sheh Si-Man, Louis Koo Tin-Lok, Jessica Suen Huen, and Lee San-San were out promoting DIF IV. Meanwhile, Patrick Tam Yiu-Man, Michael To Dai-Yu, Annie Man Jung-Han, Miu Fei-Lam, Chung Mei-Yi, and Hon Kwun-Ting were out promoting JUNG WAN SEI HOI and FAT CAT II.

TVB spared no expense yesterday and promoted their new television serial DETECTIVE INVESTIGATION FILES IV through the land, sea, and air. DETECTIVE INVESTIGATION FILES IV will be replacing FEMININE MASCULINITY next week in the time slot against ATV's JUNG WAN SEI HOI (lit. ALL AROUND THE FOUR SEAS). The ratings for FEMININE MASCULINITY declined sharply once JUNG WAN SEI HOI went on air. TVB hopes that DETECTIVE INVESTIGATION FILES IV will fare much better. The serial stars: Sunny Chan Kam-Hung, Louis Koo Tin-Lok, Maggie Siu Mei-Kei, Charmaine Sheh Si-Man, and Jessica Suen Huen.
Sunny and Louis - a trip on a Helicopter!!


TVB shot two concluding scenarios for its new TV serial DETECTIVE INVESTIGATION FILES IV yesterday at a local hotel. Producers have not decided yet if Sunny Chan Kam-Hung's character will marry Lee San-San's character or Charmaine Sheh Si-Man's character so they shot two finales and will choose one later on.  DIF IV producer Poon Ka-Tak says that who Chan ends up with will depend on how the story flows and audience reaction.  Poon stresses that this is not the ending of DIF IV. Rather, DIF IV will end with a closing scene that may involve the characters of: Louis Koo Tin-Lok, Jessica Suen Huen, Anne Heung Hoi-Lan, or Kwok Jun-On.

San-San or Charmaine??

The ratings for TVB's DETECTIVE INVESTIGATION FILES IV are still tepid by TVB's standards. Last week, DIF IV got a 28 rating translating into 1.75 million viewers. This compares poorly with past installments of the DIF series. At one point, DIF III received a 36 rating or 2.26 million viewers. The producer for DIF IV, Poon Ka-Tak, expressed satisfaction with the current ratings and suggests that it is still early days for the 40 episode DIF IV and that viewership will build up as the story gets momentum. On the other hand, ATV's FLAMING BROTHERS (JUNG WAN SEI HOI) is getting the best ratings that ATV has had in three years. In the episode in which the characters of Michael To Dai-Yu and Kathy Chow Hoi-Mei get married and then, as can only happen on TV, pass away, the serial received a 17 rating or 1.07 million viewers. Viewership for the serial has grown from a rating of 12 or 750,000 in its first week. [SANNEY- webmaster of HKDMB says: Geez, can Apple cheer any harder for ATV? 28 -17 is still a healthy victory for TVB.]


Admitting that "Flaming Brothers has a head start,
Sunny Chan predicts that things will turn around".


Souce: HongKong Commercial Daily/MingPao
Translations courtesy of Steven

...yesterday (3/26) both Sunny & Louis rode on a helicopter for promotion purposes. The reporter asked Sunny Chan whether the two-week head start of Flaming Bros. will affect DIF4. Sunny Chan replied that if they could've began airing two weeks ago, that'd be better (for them), but now they (FB) have a loyal base of viewers and word-of-mouth to their advantage. Sunny then said that he hopes DIF4 can attract even the non-viewing public to tune in to their show.


Souce: Apple Daily dd 27 March, 99
Summarized N Translated by : Steven

For DIF4, TVB has spare no expenses in promoting the show, and arranged the actors to arrive to the site of promotion in three different transportations: air, sea, and land. The actresses Lee San San, Charmaine Sheh, and Jessica Hsuan even wore newly purchased dresses for the event. (Charmaine's outfit was purchased by her mom) Some thinks that it is to combat ATV's recent aggressive promotion for their own show Flaming Brothers. The actors of DIF4 expressed their confidence in the show, believed that only good competition brings the need for improvement. Jessica said that she had worked with Michael Tao (and his co-star) and she hopes that everybody wins (note: I think that's the essence of what she said). The article then concludes that we'll wait & see the result of the competition soon enough.


Source: TVB Weekly issue 98
Translations courtesy of Swan Chan.

Sunny said that he bought HK$40 000 worth of wardrobes for this tv series, he felt that it was worth an investment in buying these new suits.

Sunny predicted that DIFIV's rating will go up to 30 points and smiled... then continued to say that people love to see Louis Koo and Jessica Suen, besides people would not hate him and Charmaine Sheh"

Meanwhile, Sunny had another movie last year called CHEAP KILLER, although Sunny portrayed a bad guy in this movie, but his performance was excellent (going crazy,addictive to, you MUST See it!


Comments of Viewers and their Impressions of DIFIV
as compared to the previous DIFs...


Collected and compiled from Yushy DIF Forum.

... I saw 4 episodes of DIF IV so far and I think it's pretty good, better than I expected. I don't really want to compare DIF IV with the other parts because I accept it as a new cop serie with a brand new cast. I think that everyone did a good job so far except that Lee San San is still acting the same way but with a slight improvement. Charmaine is not annoying compared to 'Time Off' and 'Flying Fox'. Louis, Sunny and Jessica are great especially Sunny who is trying to wash away his weak guy image. -Lucie-

Big U-turn for Sunny Chan compared to his Kah-Hung (softy) rep. He's perceptive and cautious. Displays a smart and powerful (but not aggressive) team leader. Louis is a bit like the way he was in the beginning of Burning Flames, cool, arrogant. But this time his arrogance is only superficial all because he is troubled by emotional problems since his fiance disappeared the day they planned to get married which was also the day after he proposed. Jessica is his shrink. Jessica's performance is great but still typical to her past performances. Lee San San and Charmaine still can't act, but are showing improvement compared to previous performances. But I get the feeling that Charmaine is improving much faster than Lee San San (compared to Snow). Anyway, their acting only could not make or break the series. The first case lasted 3 episodes. Not very long, because it moved quit quickly, creating less suspence but more hearttrobbing. I expect longer and more intricate cases to come later since this is only the "hook" of the series. (I think it was a pretty good hook) -Nghi-

In the show, Sunny portrays an intelligent, smart inspector and very much care about his girlfriend. Sunny performance is different from the past. The story is quite tricky , and some shots are similar to NYPD Blue. The format is still TVB detective stories format. -Sze Wan-

So far, I saw 4 episodes of DIF4 and I think the story, the cases and the cast is pretty good but with the exceptions of Charmaine Sher. I still don't see any improvements from her yet. It's still so fake. San San doesn't seem that bad now, better yet even better than Charmaine alot. Oh, didn't you know that it's not two but three Miss hk's. I can't judge Anne yet cause she only came out for a few scenes that were only memories from Louis. Well, I'm basically watching this series because of Jessica and Louis so it doesn't really bother me if a few people can't act! -Tin-

I am Li ... hail all the way from Malaysia and just saw 4 episodes of DIF4. Can't wait to have the whole sets of it. The drama so far has been really good. At a very least point it is living up to the expectations with great and outstanding casts... -Li-

Weell...I think DIFIV is a great series to wacth...i didn't part1-3 coz I don't like the casting...but I defenitely wacth this one..hehe.. As for Charmaine...after you saw episode 9-so on..she is showing some improvement I think...and in my opinion she improve faster than san2 (regarding san2 has more experience for acting in more offence plzz..)...and she makes a good couple with Sunny..ehehehe...:)P -pm-

.... I think that DIF4 is pretty good....except that some actors/actresses can't really act that well as the others.... -someone-

I think the new one is better than the old series! I think the new style is much better and also I never liked Michael all that much before! He wants more money and DIF is not going to die without him! -Blip!ssssss-

....What I've heard thus far, DIF4 is a great series to watch and Louis, Jessica, & Sunny are terrific in it!!! -steven-

So far, I have watched 6 episodes of the DIF4 series.I feel that DIF4 is better than DIF1,2&3. Why? Because DIF4 has a bigger cast and it is not so boring. DIF4 is more like the modern day detective series. There is suspense and the answers to the cases are not so predictable. Sunny Chan is cast differently compared to Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan. Nonetheless, 3 of them are compatible and good to look at on screen. I feel that screen presence is very important. Highly recommended for viewing. A little excitement after a monotonous day!!!!!! -LC-

DIF4 has been doing extremely poor in the ratings...not what TVB had hoped for...I mean, a 30 and a 29 rating is like so low for tv series... Plus I heard that the series is not as good as the previous 3... My friend rented the series and already stopped...She said, "Sai See Gan Tung Sai Chin" (Waste of Time and Money)... -passerby-

Hi....I really like Sunny's character in DIFIV..he's calm, intelligent, and a very caring boyfriend....well..actually, before I was a fan of Louis Koo...but now...I like both of them..and even in DIFIV I like Sunny more...ahahah...:)P -pm-

I like Sunny since I watched him in Once Upon A time in Shanghai. He is soooooo cool and smart heehee I'm both Sunny's fan and Louis's fan but I prefer Sunny!! -nina-

I'm just beginning to watch DIF4 'cause the first tape that contains episodes 1 & 2 just arrived in my local video store. I think it has a refreshing look compared to other TVB cop/detective shows I've seen (ex: Untraceable Evidence). I think Louis, Jessica, and Sunny all did a wonderful job in this series, and I also like Eileen Yeow's character (she's so cute with her ponytails :) Charmaine is doing a relatively good job considered that DIF4 is only her third series, and I can't comment on San San yet since she didn't get much screentime in the first two episodes. I like how the first case keeps you guessing on the identity of the suspect, but I hope that the later cases will stretch out longer, so they can keep the suspense going. Overall, a satisfactory debut for DIF4. Hope it gets better (and I think it will). -steven-

I agree with all of you. I have seen DIF1,2&3 and I found the series(eg.storyline,romance,cast) getting a bit too monotonous. The cast was too small. The romance between Michael and Kennix is even worse-not realistic. Always splitting up and Kennix always losing her memory. I find that the producer of DIF4 hasinjected new life into the new series. The cast is bigger thus not so boring. I find the cast of DIF4 quite a good cast. The main artistes like Sunny, Louis, Jessica, So Chi Wei and Apple( don't know her real name ) are good actors and actresses. Let's support DIF4 by writing to TVB and tell them of our support. If the rating is low in HK, Iguess the viewers there are hardcore what????? don't know what to call them. -LH-

I watched 6 episodes too. I find it more enjoyable than 1,2&3. Why? Because it just FEELS better. I love the set. It gives you an FBI-y/American-detective type feeling. (more than just the usual blue and white). Sunny, Louis and Jessica are all really good. And as you said the cases are quite unpredictable, but not stretchy or unbelievable. I like the layout of the cases. For example, the first time I watched, I did not notice Michael Tse walking into the ER in that first hospital scene, but he walked right in front of the camera.-Nghi-

I have also watched 6 episodes like you guys and I couldn't agree with you guys more. And yes, definitely better than DIF12&3. The cases are much more interesting and it gives you the feeling to wanna keep on watching, wanting more and more. Especially with the great performance of Jessica, Louis and Sunny! Right now, no more words can express how great I think this series is. Hope more people will feel the same and supported it! -tin-

Yess...In my opinion...DIF4 is very good....Like usual, Louis, Sunny and Jessica doing great in the series....especially for Sunny, I really like his character here...the storyline also good...interesting, not boring...and not too predictible....Overall...I think it's a worth-wacthing series....:)-pm-

Well, what have you guys to say? From those comments we can confidently say that DIFIV is definitely a run for your money, isn't it? Most of them had only good impressions of the show, esp of Sunny's character/role. Hopefully this will be a turning point in his career whereby he will be trusted with more leading roles in future. Sunny is definitely TVB's next generation Hero!!! Sunny ForEver!!!!


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