Kittty Lai, born on october 19, 1966. She grew up in a family of six, together with her elder brother, elder sister and a younger sister. In her family togetherness holds a very important place. She said, "I believe that each member of the family must be caring, loving, supportive, and cooperative. This support will make a strong and happy family situation." Kitty's talente's and interest's in acting probably began when she was very young (around 9yrs). She managed to get into TVB training class for actors (same time as Sheren Tsang Sui Man, Maggie Sui Mei Kei...) after she graduated from her secondary school. In 1985 she signed a contract with TVB. Kitty Lai with her unique character and great ability was chosen by the HKTVB (HongKong Television Broadcast.Ltd) comapany as a dominant actress in most of the popular TV series. Her great acting ability was soon appreciated by lots of people around the world. (Yup! Kitty is good at acting and pretty talented as well. She truly knows how to bring her character alive, that is so awesome!)
She said "I, thank to HKTVB for given me lots of opportunity to work and be successful in the field. Also, thanks all my friends that have worked with me and all my fans around the world. I truly appreciate all the love and support they have given me. It really meant a lot to me". Kitty has always been herself by keeping her beliefs and principles. Her great personality was adored by thousands of fans around the world. And thus wins Tony's heart. Their love began in 1986, when they worked together on "Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre". (I bet, you all know this series has became one of the most popular series in 1986. Kitty has remained her innocent and adorable self; a truly intellegent "Ming Mui" princess we love and admire about... ) Yup! "She is the memorable princess in Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre." Kitty dated with Tony Leung for two years. All of their friends and fans was pretty supportive. They truly love to see Tony-Kitty live happy together, unfortunately, this relationship didn't work out. Most of their friends and fans was disappointed. However, Tony said in one of his interviews "Even though their love has ended pretty shortly but, he'll always remember and treasure all of the memories forever." Their broken love has became one of '98 touch news in Hong Kong Entertaiment. Then, after the break up with Tony Leung, she dated a very famous Hong Kong producer. Unfortunately, this relationship didn't work out either. After these broken relationships, Kitty's heart has been bleeding few times as well. She has had luck with fame and fortune , but not with love. From these tragic and painful experiences I believe, Kitty will not have enough energy, confidence or trust to go on for love. She is now alone, happy and pretty busy with her acting career in Malaysia. As a loyal fan of Kitty, I truly hope that she will always be successful in her career and one day she will find a true love. Then live happily ever after.
Kitty was well-known with her "Ming Mui" character in "Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre" by most of people that love Hong Kong TV series. She was always included in Louis Cha's sword fighting series and has always been giving leading roles in shows. She stayed with TVB for 7yrs until 1992, when she was invited to further her career in Taiwan. In 1995, Kitty entered the Taiwan Broadcasting Company with the immediate hit TV series " The Snow On The Great White Mountain with Taiwanese actors". Besides, filming many taiwanese movies and series, she was invited to act in Singapore in a telemovie by the Singapore Broadcasting Company. Right now (1998) she is currently in Malaysia to work on a new TV series by the Malaysia Broadcasting Company. After finish the shooting for this new series, she decided to take a break from acting untill she find the TV series that inspired her.
In the heart of Kitty's fan, She has remained a truly intellegent beauty, innocent and adorable actress.
She was not only a popular actress in Hong Kong but, also in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Southeast Asia Entertainment Market.