Archive news- June 2000
Alexia's new album is confirmed to be a greatest hits album simply called "The Hits" and is due for release on June 6th in Italy and June 18th in The Netherlands. Theres a massive new spiel on Alexia on the artists page on but unless you speak Italian, you'll have problems understanding it. Meanwhile DWA remain silent. Ti amo Ti amo”, Alexia’s new single was released on May 26th.

Recently, you may have tried to visit the Alexia Fanpage (, Youri Gispen's site to notice that when the page loads it says- "error- forbidden- you cant get to this site la la la" Well I am extremely sad to say that this is no temporarry thing. SONY HAVE SHUT THE ALEXIA FANPAGE DOWN due to Youri putting MP3's of "Ti amo Ti amo" on his site for non Italian fans to hear, who are sturgguling to hear anything of Alexia's new song. Instead of asking him to remove the MP3's, Sony decided to block the Alexia Fanpage and change Youri's password on his server so he couldn't log in. Today, Youri told me to tell you this:

"If you want to add the removal news to your site i will be very pleased:

At the same day the official Alexia pages were lanched Sony removed the alexia fanpage at

Just tell everyone that I don't know if I will continue the Alexia Fanpage."

We are trying to get fan support to restore this page if possible, and stand against Sony to tell them that they are not going to shut down sites when they please. Seen as though Sony seem to be taking an interest in Alexia sites, then hopefully they will read this:

What the hell are you doing Sony? The people who have been doing these websites have been doing loads of FREE PROMOTION for Alexia for years. She values this support and she wouldn't like you removing sites that her loving fans have made, fans who have spent hours and hours keeping fans informed which is more than you seem to be doing (a la INCredible). Also we have had permission from DWA to use the Veronica Gaido photos of Alexia and put lyrics onto our sites, so don't think about wiping us of the face of the planet because of this.

And now after reading this, you might decide to take action against this site. Well do you know what? I have downloaded and saved EVERY page and file that is on this site, so if you think about deleting this page, i'll just put it back up on another server and will continue to do this until you pack in your pettyness.

Oh and Sony well done! Go and delete the page with a form that Alexia's managment requested to be filled in, how stupid can you get?!?!

Meanwhile an official Sony endorsed Alexia site Alexia Online has been launched. Apart from a nice design and layout, this site is just a re-hash of everything you can find at Sony Music UK/ Italy's sites whilst the pix from the dicography are all from DWA (they are using that crappy pic of Keep on movin') and all the interactive features are "Coming soon". The only special thing from this site are the streamed video clips.

From Sony Music:

newsflash Everybody is "Happy" at the Giffoni Film Festival.
Tuesday July 18, Alexia will participate to 30th Giffoni Film Festival, the most important youth film festival in the world. Alexia will meet the young audience together with famous film directors as Gabriele Salvatores, Nanni Moretti and Giuseppe Tornatore, and will perform 4 tracks from her new album "The Hits".

newsflash Alexia superstar of Italy's summer 2000!
Alexia's fans this summer will have many chances to see their favourite dance sensation: Alexia will be very busy promoting her new single "Ti amo ti amo": the most important TV shows in Italy have struggled to have her performing... tune your telly

Fan opinon of Ti amo Ti amo is very divided. At first, it seemed that Alexia's fans seemed to have it in for the song, but now more fans, including another top fan are giving their support for the song, and the results from the vote on this site, show fan opinion to be 49% in favour of the song and 51% against. One top Alexia fan branded it the "second worst Alexia song ever" and others say it is "unacceptable". Alexia claims it is a dream come true for her and a beautiful song, many fans have criticised the song. Soon after this, more fans expressed their opinions for the song, some saying it is very beautiful.