Archive news- May 2000
According to reports, Alexia’s new single called “Ti amo Ti amo” may be released in Italy on the 26th May. The song is in English and is in the style of “Uh la la la” and “Happy” and is definitely not “Te amo” from her latest album “Happy”, which was a fan favourite for release. The song is already being played on Italian radio, but DWA have yet to mention anything on their website.

Meanwhile, rumours are flying around that Alexia’s new album will actually be a greatest hits CD. The album should contain all of Alexia’s greatest hits along with some new tracks and the rumoured release date is June 6th.

Alexia has recently done a duet with famous Italian singer Gianni Morandi. The song, which is on her latest album is called “Non t dimentichero” which in English is “I will not forget”. In the song, Alexia sings in English and Italian. Gianni Morandi first appeared to the world in the 60’s and is one of Italy’s most popular male singers. Because of this song, Alexia has become more popular in Italy and has been doing lots of live appearances in Italy.

“Virtual reality” was definitely not released in Italy at all. Only the E.Y.E version was released over there.
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