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        Welcome to my Fire and EMS pages.  These pages describe my experiences and impressions as a member of the Emergency Services system.  I hope to explain why this work has been so important to me, and I would like to provide a little "insider's" perspective for those of you who haven't participated in this exciting field.  Finally, this site will be a place for me to present some of my thoughts, comments and opinions regarding emergency services.  I welcome comments and responses to these pages.  I will try to respond to any questions or comments and I may consider creating a forum for public comments on some of these issues.

        Please take a few moments to check out the rest of the pages at this site.  I hope that they are entertaining and informative.  Any suggestions for improvements to this sight would be greatly appreciated.

**Disclaimer:  The author is solely responsible for the content of these pages.  Opinions and beliefs expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the positions or opinions of any of the organizations that the author has been or is currently affiliated with.**
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