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Another Day, Another Page

What's New? - So I get this email telling me that this space was deactivated due to inactivity. It pissed me off. It shouldn't, but it did. This place was, after all, pretty inactive. I have been an absentee landlord here, between the Blogger blogs, the LJ, the MySpace, etc. Anyway, I figured this was mine, so I kept it. Most things of interest here, and then some, have been moved to either my account, my blog, or Flickr. I kept some the old photo galleries I assembled, but other than that, this place is, for now, a place holder for my Geocities/Yahoo!/whatever space.

The only thing that's going to be updated for awhile on here is my photostream: Actually, now that I'm using Picasa, Flickr may end up phased out. But there may be the occassional new photo anyway.

What Was This In Aid Of?

If this is your first visit, then welcome! Now, get out.

I've had this space reserved since 1996, filled with various and sundry things. For awhile, I decided to use it as a clearinghouse/dumping ground for various links I've accumulated. That way, they were all in one place and the weblog looked cleaner than it otherwise would. Now, I've got for that.

Basically, this website was and always will be for my personal convenience! I don't advertise that I have this space and it generally won't pop up on most search engines, so you probably got here through my blog. If you didn't, and you're reading this -- how did you find this place, anyway? What, you knew my Yahoo! ID and took a stab in the Geocities-dark? Well, aren't you a clever little cuss?

Quick Bio

I'm a Filipino, born, raised and currently living in Ohio. Woe to anyone who has the nerve to tell me to "go back where you came from." I was born on the third of July in the year nineteen hundred and seventy-three.

Caveat Emptor

Being for my sole convenience and given that the content is oftentimes hastily assembled, these pages are likely to contain dead links, misspellings, and grossly inaccurate or imaginary information.

Last updated: May 2007