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Last updated 2007/08/19

After two years, it is time for another change. The youngest Frankes do not remember analog devices, much less a world in which power was furnished by animals. So Lew is beginning on another re-vamping of this site, and where it will lead, no one knows.

But to begin with, due credit must be given to the several descendants who have digitized the basic data. And of course, copies on CD/DVD are available from the authors, as well as Irene Bulgerin, Luther Lindner, and others including yours truly. Also of course, individual files can be emailed as attachments to any internet connection.

Some of these collections include:

In addition, there are many genealogy sites on the internet now -- is only the first that comes to mind. The less obscure branches of the family tree are well represented on these sites -- and even some of the most obscure branches. In particular, medieval and earlier ancestors are part of ordinary european history, for which Wikipedia is again the most obvious source.

Obviously, there is no point in duplicating the work of others. So for this revision of the site I intend to remove most of the less visited files, instead devoting the space to data which I know is not duplicated elsewhere. Of course, this means a focus primarily on the Lindner family. For our nuclear family, 20th century happenings were preserved in the annual letters we used to send out at Christmastime. However, in the 21st century (and Lew's retirement), Lew has taken to wandering, and the documentation has become a series of travel-logs. So here are both 20th and 21st century links:

-- Lew