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(featuring current fave pics)

5/23: this week's feature is a selection of some
recent favorite finds on the net. for next week, i'm
planning a major overhaul of these pages, with plenty
of original scans! enjoy and thanks again for visiting!

attention archives requests: i'm a bit behind on sending
them out, but i will get to it. thanks for your patience!



fashion magazine scans - exclusive!
page one | page two
page three | page four
page five | page six - added 5/16
page seven - added 5/23

archives: available on request
(average zip file size: 200kb)
archive one | archive two
archive three | archive four
archive five | archive six

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tech note: all pics are either original scans or
else cropped or otherwise enhanced versions of pics
i've found on the net. i've been experimenting with
with different pic resolutions, and have had good
results with 300 dpi scans as of late. in any case,
they are generally the best quality i can currently
make available.

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