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National Association for the Young Deaf, Malta

Welcome to the Maltese National Association for the Young Deaf's Home Page. This Web Page is still under construction (who's ever heard of a page which is ready?) but we hope that you will find your stay enjoyable!

This page has been created with these aims in mind:

This Web page is YOURS! If you have something to contribute to this page please do so! We are always willing to listen. Just e-mail any information to Ivan L. Carabott and he will place it on the page.
Note: We reserve the right to refuse any submissions that are not deemed suitable.

About our Organization

You can contact us by email -

or using snail mail, we can be contacted at

Dar Joe Vassallo 45 Lascaris Wharf Valletta CMR 01 Malta (Europe)
Tel./Fax/TDD (356) 245823

Let us know who you are - please sign our Guestbook

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