Hi! I'm Windy Starr.
I signed up, and therfore this page was begun on 09/17/97 at 00:53:10 EST. That time is very important because this page is about astrology. The time when this page was initiated operates just like the birth time for a human, an animal, or even a business. It sets the tone for the rest of that unique entity's life.  So an astrological chart can be set up for a webpage as well as for a person.

This site is just beginning, so check back often to see how it is developing.  I plan on adding topical astrological information as well as educational material.  This site will be devoted to the learning of astrology.  It is meant to help you on your journey to understanding yourself and your world more completely.

The Compatability Combos page contains informatioin on the interactions between different signs.  This has been the thing that I have received the most questions on over the years.

If you're curious, I've added a page  About Me.

Since GC has given us so much space, I've decided to include some of my artistic creations.  Have a look at the site's new  aquarium and check out my entry in the GC's Christmas create-a-page competition. I wasn't a winner, but I think you'll enjoy my entry.

The official Eckankar homepage Eckankar - the religion of the light and sound of God
DreamLoverInc, a site devoted to the study and analysis of our dreams
Matrix Software, which runs one of the best astrology sites on the web
Mystic Gateway, a great new age resource site in New Brunswick, New Jersey USA
Metuchen on the Net, the on-line community of Metuchen NJ, the town where I live.
Metuchen Mall, an on-line shopping site for my local community.
Home and Gifts.biz, my fovorite on-line gift shop.
The Metuchen Logo Shop, where I can buy logo items honoring my favorite town.
Guaifenesin.com, a site dedicated to a new treatment for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.
Guaifenesin.net,  sal-free.com, and guaisupport.com - sites also dedicated to the support of the new guaifenesin protocol.
Windy Starr - my astrology business site.

Check out the Yuhas Chiropractic site in Metuchen New Jersey, where I live.
Superbeing a site, or my friend Roger, dedicated to being the best we can be.
holistic4u, a new site right here in GC, devoted to healthy, positive ways of improving our lifestyle.
Another GC site being developed by my friend, astrologer Dan Herman.
Versecology,  another GC site which features the ecological poems of Frances Weinberg.
Check out the Wonderful World of Wondraks page made up by the designer of this site and dedicated to all of those who share her last name, what vanity, but a lot of fun.
Sites on the Net - home for a collection of diverse sites.

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