Abraham Factor was a grocer or a rabbi. Neither, as we know it today. He was one of those old country deeply religious orthodox who never worked. He may have scratched out a few rubles teaching very little children. Otherwise, the kehilla, the Jewish community gave the family charity, and Leah his wife scratched out some income. In St. Louis, all he ever did was go to shul (the synagogue) to pray, while his children supported him.

The Factor family was a microcosm of the Jewish migration, Abraham Factor was born in Poland around 1850 and married (in an unknown year) Cecelia Tandowsky (whose age is unknown). They had four children before Cecilia died of cholera in 1874. Daniel, an older son, was born about 1867, and their youngest was Max who was born about 1872. The only records of this family were in Daniel and Max's memories as grown men, and they had no further memory of the other two siblings; probably they died shortly after birth.

[second family] After the death of his first wife-Daniel, the older son of the first marriage remembered he was about eight years old-- Abraham married Leah Dobretzky, poor and illiterate, who was raised by a father and stepmother and who had grown up in Warta, a town in the province of Kalish, in Czarist Poland.

Abraham and Leah had nine children, of whom two died at or shortly after birth and one, Bienam, their fifth child, died of scarlet fever at about one year of age. All their children who grew to adulthood-in order of their births, Bernard, Nathan, Gussie, Frank, Dena, and Yankel - migrated from Poland.

No-one remembered when Bernard, the oldest from the second marriage migrated, probably because he alone emigrated to England, changed his name to Bernard Faudell and seems to have had no little or no further contact with the family. One by one the children had escaped, and by now in 1906, there remained Abraham and Leah, and their two youngest, Dena [sic] age 16 and Yankel age 14.

NOTE [hwd]: So the count of 7 is +1. I suggest Chona, the +1, who is not remembered by Max & David, possibly died young in the USA. Her passenger listing definitely says he destination is BROTHER MAX FACTOR. (Nathan Kantrowitz)

1910: Peddler - Gents Ware
1920: None

1910: 5802 Theodosia Ave, Saint Louis, Missouri
1920: Independence City, St. Louis, Missouri

Philadelphia Passenger Lists, 1800-1945 /
Name: Abram J Factor
Arrival Date: 22 Mar 1906
Age: 56 Years
Estimated birth year: abt 1850
Gender: Male
Ethnic Background: Hebrew
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
Ship Name: Haverford
Port of Arrival: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Friend's Name: Nathan Factor
Last Residence: Poland
Microfilm Roll Number: T840_51

1906-03-22 SHIP-IMMIGRATION SS Haverford from Liverpool to Philadelphia 3/22/1906
Line 25: Abram [sic] J. Factor / Age-56 / Male / Married / Occupation-Grocer / Nationality-Russian / Race-Hebrew / Last residence-Poland / Final dest-St. Louis / Ticket to dest-Yes / Paid by-Children [sic-probably Nathan] / Cash-$15 / Destination-Son Nathan Factor, 1513 [sic] Biddle St., St. Louis, ?4-1/2 years-St L-Tailor? - [also notated] ?Has 4 children in St L?
Line 26: Leah Factor / Age-54 / Female / Wife / [all other information ditto]
Line 27: Dina Factor / Age-16 / Female / Occupation-Hat Maker / [all other information ditto except Destination-Brother . . . ditto]
Line 28: Jacob Factor / Age-11 / Male / Child / [all other information ditto except Destination-Brother . . . ditto]

Emigration: SS Haverford, from Liverpool, to Philadeplhia 07 MAR 1906
Immigration: Philadelphia, then to St Louis 22 MAR 1906

1910 United States Federal Census Ward 27, ED.421 (25 April)
Name: Abraham Factor
Home in 1910: St Louis Ward 27, St Louis (Independent City), Missouri
- 5802 Theodosia Ave, St Louis, MO
Year of Immigration: 1906
Household Members: Name Age
Abraham Factor, Head, 58, M2, 30, Rus-Rus-Rus, 1906, Al, Peddler, Gents ware ? (so abt. 1852)
Leah Factor, Wife, 50, M1, 30, 6, 6, Rus-Rus-Rus, 1906 [so abt. 1860]
Nathan Factor, Son, 26, S, Rus-Rus-Rus, 1901, Na, Cloth cutter, Factory (so abt. 1884)
Jacob Factor, Son, 18, S, Rus-Rus-Rus, 1906, Al, Salesman, Gents Fmny ? (1892) (John)
Louis Factor, GRAND-Son, 20, S, Rus-Rus-Rus, 1906, Al, Barber, Journeyman (so abt. 1890)

- Louis is almost certainly son of DANIEL & FRIEDA. That Louis was born abt 1890 and came to USA in 1906 with cousin CHONA. This is further proof of what is written on this passenger line, Destination UNCLE Max Factor. hd.

1920 United States Federal Census (January 13)
Address- 2837 ? Dayton Street, St Louis, MO
Name: Abraham Factor
Home in 1920: St Louis Ward 19, St Louis (Independent City), Missouri
Age: 78 years Estimated birth year: abt 1842
Birthplace: Russia
Relation to Head of House: Head
Spouse's name: Lya
Father's Birth Place: Russia
Mother's Birth Place: Russia
Home owned: Rent
Year of Immigration: 1906
Able to read: Yes Able to Write: Yes
Household Members: Name Age
Abraham Factor, Head 78 [sic], M, 1906, Al, Rus/Pol-Rus/Pol-Rus/Pol, None
Lya [sic-Leah] Factor, Wife, 66, M, 1906 ?, Al, Rus/Pol-Rus/Pol-Rus/Pol

January 13, 1920 St Louis, Missouri Census

St. Louis Map - Factor Homes