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A Comparison of two registries

In regards to the recent editorial discussing the Sex Offender Registry
(SR) and the Gun Registry (GR), may I offer the following illuminating

SR: Applies to convicted felons whom have all already committed serious
antisocial crimes.

GR: Realistically, applies only to law-abiding citizens whom have never
committed any crime.

SR: Will not include any currently known or jailed felons.  Only newly
convicted felons will be registered.  This, according to Justice
Minister Martin Cauchon, is to protect their right to privacy.

GR: Includes all current law-abiding firearms owners, despite former
Federal Privacy Commissioner George Radwanski's grave concerns about the
intrusiveness and security of the information contained in the database.

SR: Requires felons to update their information only annually,
regardless of the number of geographic moves during the year.  No
penalties for non-compliance have been established as yet, despite vague
promises on the part of the government.

GR: Requires harmless gun owners to update their information immediately
upon any move or face clearly mandated prison terms.

SR: It has been clearly shown that most sexual predators WILL reoffend
and that they will do so within a 2 km radius of their work or home.

GR: It has been clearly shown that the vast majority of gun owners will
NEVER committ an act of violence in their entire lifetimes.

SR: Has received widespread support by all provinces and territories.

GR: All but two of the provinces and territories have refused to become
involved in its administration.

SR: The public, when informed of the issues, strongly supports it.
Therefore, it has the support of honest folk and is hated by the

GR: The public, when given factual information rather than CGC and CFC
propaganda, recoils in horror from it.  Therefore, it is hated by honest
folk and has the support of criminals.

SR: Has the eager support of the rank-and-file of the police services.

GR: Is held in nearly universal disdain by the working community police

SR: Will utilize a pre-existing data storage system, i.e. CPIC, that is
time-tested and proven.

GR: Required the establishment of an entirely new data system that is
rife with ommissions, deletions, substitutions, and 'ghosts', amounting
to a documented 132% error rate (that is, the total number of errors
equals 132% of the total number of records).

SR: Will aid police in the solution of sexual crime and holds promise of
actual crime prevention as well.

GR: Has never aided the solution nor prevention of crime in any
jurisdiction in the world at any time in history that it has been tried,
and Canada is no exception.  In fact there is reliable evidence from the
criminological literature to show that reliance on a gun registry can
INCREASE the risk to police.

SR: Will not divert police officers from front line work.

GR: Despite prior government assurances to the contrary, it has taken
over 1200 police away from front line work and left them shuffling
papers in basement offices.

SR: Controls behaviour that has absolutely no redeeming value - sexual
predation.  Does not focus on the inanimate objects used by criminals to
carry out their behaviours.

GR: Attempts to control inanimate objects that are nearly always used
responsibly for recreation or employment and that result in a $6 Billion
recreational industry and are used to save human life 3500 times
annually in Canada.  Does not focus on the small minority of criminals
who display gun-abusive behaviour.

SR: Contains readily verified information.

GR: Contains mostly unverified information.  This is because the CFC's
gun verifier network has collapsed two years ago because of the
government's inability to adequately fund it.

SR: Will cost $2 million to establish.

GR: Has already cost over $1.3 Billion and is nowhere near complete.

After reading the above comparison, I think it becomes abundantly clear
just why the Gun registry must be scrapped.  It also shows how perverted
our governments priorities really are.

- --
M.J. Ackermann, MD (Mike)
Rural Family Physician, Sherbrooke, NS
President, St. Mary's Shooters Association
Box 3, RR 1, 4132 Sonora Rd.
Sherbrooke, NS
Canada B0J 3C0