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  The Cross Country Quest
Dear Editor: August 10, 2003

The Firearms Act of 1995 is much more about rights than it is about firearms.

Rights are completely secure legal powers belonging to people. They can not be
removed from an individual. Rights are the trump cards in law. No law may
legally infringe upon our human rights. In fact our laws which are vulnerable
to change emanate from our civil rights.

The primary duty of government be it federal and/or provincial is to ensure
that the rightsand freedoms of its citizenry is protected. Specifically civil
rights are in provincial jurisdiction under section 92(13) of the Canadian
Constitution of 1982 which states "Property and Civil Rights in the Province".

The Firearms Act of 1995 violates at least twelve rights and freedoms which are
guaranteed to all Canadians By voluntarily submitting to the licensing and
registration schemes of the Firearms Act, Canadian firearms owners are allowing
the government of Canada to remove these rights in order to comply with the
Firearms Act. Thus we have the quandary. If you comply with the law you must
give up your civil rights. YOU MUST GIVE UP YOUR CIVIL RIGHTS! If you wish to
keep your civil rights you must disobey the gun law.

The human rights you lose by following the government's guidelines to possess
and use firearms are: "property rights, privacy rights, right to liberty, right
to security of the person, right to procedural fairness, right against
unreasonable search and seizures, right to be presumed innocent, right against
arbitrary detention, right to counsel upon arrest or detention., right to
freedom of expression, right to BEAR ARMS (given to us from the English Bill of
Rights of 1689 through section 26 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms), and
equal rights, (Morton). The government's offer is very difficult to refuse and
a ten year jail term is conveniently used as "incentive" to comply. That is
big government intimidation tactics. The Chretien government has it wrong, it's
duty is to protect our rights and freedoms not remove them.

This conundrum led six Canadian citizens who own firearms, who have no firearms
licenses and who have not registered their firearms (in effect freemen) on a
quest. The group were members of CUFOA (Canadian Unregistered Firearms Owners
Association). They were Jim Turnbull, a rancher from Jarvie, Alberta, Jack
Wilson, a hard rock miner from Saskatoon, Dr. Ed Hudson, a veterinarian from
Saskatoon, Bruce Montague, a gunsmith from Dryden, Ontario, and Al Muir, a
restaurateur from Stellarton, Nova Scotia. I also was one of those mauraders. We
traveled from Victoria, BC beginning on June 30, 2003 to St. John's Newfoundland
continuously contravening the Firearms Act of 1995 in all ten provincial
capitals. We ended our "rampage" on July 29, 2003 at the nation's capital in
Ottawa. We were trying to be charged under the Firearms Act so we could destroy
it in the court system of Canada. However, our government refused to enforce
their $1billion dollar plus, bastard law. Therefore, we have been denied access
to the courts and our basic right to redress our legal grievances with this
federal government. But we did set a legal precedent across Canada which is:
if the federal government does not charge us with violation of their Firearms
Act they may not charge anyone else in Canada for the same offence by way of
equal justice under section (15) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Legally
they must charge us before they charge anyone else because we were the first
offenders. Better yet, if the govenment is not going to enforce their gun law
then they should scrap it.

"The liberals could save us a lot of money by sending an immediate reference to
the Supreme Court on the most obvious Charter challenges," according to Alliance
MP, Gary Breitkreuz, (Yorkton-Melville). "If the federal government fails to do
their duty, then each of the provinces and territories should take this
initiative," concluded Breitkreuz, the undisputed hero of Canadian gun owners.
Breitkreuz and his assistant Dennis Young have uncovered hundreds of
mistakes, errors and fabrications concerning the gun law through Access to
Information Act requests. All this information can be viewed on his web site
with references at ( Breitkreuz accurately released
the excessive cost figures long before the Auditor General began her audit of
the gun registry..

Premier Calvert, I challenge you to act at once. Send an immediate reference to
the Supreme Court for the people of Saskatchewan concerning how the Chretien gun
law violates our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Why do citizens have to risk
arrest and hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal expenses to get a court
ruling on this illegal Firearms Act? Why do you say that you can do no
more for the rights and freedoms of Saskatchewan citizens who own firearms?

We met many interesting people along the way. We met many firearms owners who
provided us with food lodging and some much needed financial aid as well. Some
drove partway and stood shoulder to shoulder with us at the legislatures. We
met many politicians of various political stripes from coast to coast who feel
as we do about this gun law. The most momentus part of the trip for me
was when a 12 year old young man named Shaun from Brandon, Manitoba stood with
us at the Manitoba Legislature and told the news media that he had a 22 rifle
and he was not going to register it. A real Canadian freedom fighter with a
strong backbone in my book. Another momentus occasion was seeing a complete
version of the Canadian Bill of Rights of 1960 hanging in a hotel lobby in
Newfoundland. I might add that this very powerful document is still in effect
for our use.

We met with the Solicitor General Wayne Easter at Hunter River, PEI. We asked
him to repeal the Firearms Act. He would not. We then asked him to charge us for
violating the Act. He would not. He said he was going to improve the Act. He can

We met with Peter MacKay, leader of the Progressive Conservatives in Stellarton,
Nova Scotia. He said that if his party formed a government the first thing it
would do would be to repeal the Firearms Act. He also told us that if any of our
group of six were charged in Nova Scotia, where he has a license to practice
law,.he would defend us for free.

We met Paul Martin in Halifax, Nova Scotia canvassing for liberal MLA Danny
Graham. We shook his hand and heard him say that he would meet with us at the
request of Jim Turnbull after a press conference. At the conclusion of the
press conference he cut and ran through a door way into a waiting minivan which
quickly departed from the scene. I think many wise politicians, organizations
and institutions who once supported this law will likewise be turning tail and
running when someone mentions discussing the Firearms Act with them. The cat is
out of the bag on this one.

We went to Mirimichi, New Brunswick where city police ordered us not to take
photographs of the Firearms Centre building for "security" reasons. All six of
us readily defied their orders and cited the story of the Canadian female
journalist who was recently killed in Iran for photographing a prison. We were
all willing to be arrested on this point as well as firearms violations but the
three city policemen quickly backed off on their demands. This was the most
confrontational part of the trip with police. The other police that we
encountered were very supportive of our demonstration and privately told us so.
One policeman told us the name of a local newspaper and its reporter. He also
suggested that the media be called at once for a more effective demonstration.

Canada is a wonderful country from coast to coast with excellent people but in
dire need of good honest government.

We have reasons for hope.
Yours in tyranny,
Dr. Joe Gingrich
White Fox, Sask. (Soviet Kanukistan formerly Canada)

Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 13:36:34 -0600 (CST)
From: Edward Hudson <>
Subject: After Action Report

After Action Report:
Sea-to-Sea Liberty Rally
27June to 02August 2003

Six members of CUFOA traversed the entire length of the Canadian part of
North America from sea-to-sea, from Victoria, British Columbia, to St
John’s Newfoundland, during July, to protect our most sacred Liberties,
the Rights guaranteed us by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms,
the Canadian Bill of Rights, the British North America Act, the English
Bill of Rights of 1688, British Common Law, and the Magna Carta, by
distributing legal notification to all ten provincial governments, to
the federal crown prosecutors in each of the ten provinces, and directly
to the federal government in Miramichi and Ottawa that we own, and will
continue to own, unregistered firearms without a firearms license.

This Mobile Rally had three objectives:

1) to initiate a Charter challenge of the violation of our Rights and
Freedoms to the Supreme Court by being arrested and charged under the
CCC and the Firearms Act,

2) to awaken the general Canadian public to the violations of these
Rights by obtaining as much news media coverage as possible, and,

3) to meet and establish a liaison with as many members of the Canadian
RFC as possible.


Court Challenge:
We failed in our repeated bids to be taken to court. Twelve times we
publicly presented our signed, legal, notarized affidavits that we had
purposefully contravened the Firearms Act, and twelve times the federal
government chose to look the other way.

In Prince Edward Island, we visited Solicitor General Wayne Easter’s
constituency riding in Hunter River and met personally with our
Honourable Minister. While sitting directly across Mr Easter’s desk, we
asked to be arrested for our illegal actions. Mr Easter declined our
suggestion to “take us to court”.

We believe this is a direct reflection that the federal government knows
full well that they have “crafted” an unconstitutional law.

News Media Coverage:
While we were not the “Media Darlings” that we were in Ottawa on New
Year’s Day, we certainly got plenty of local TV, radio, and news print coverage.

And we learned some additional valuable lessons on how to conduct
ourselves in the spotlight. I don’t think any honest appraisal could
call us “angry old men”.
We delivered a very clear message that our heritage and culture, our
basic personal freedoms, our rights, our Liberty, are being destroyed.

Probably the news media “high water mark” for us was George Jonas’
National Post article on Wednesday 23July2003, “The issue isn't gun
control but state control”. Mr Jonas’ article, which was strongly
encouraged by Professor Pierre Lemieux, is the definitive article about
the nefarious plans of the federal government.

Personal Liaisons:
We met RFC leaders and supporters from all across Canada. We met men and
women who have been fighting the Firearms Act since before it was tabled
as Bill C-68, and we met neophytes like some of us who are just now
learning the terrible toll that the Firearms Act is going to wreak on
Canada in loss of Liberty if we do not repeal both firearms registration
and licensing.

We met, shared food and beverage, and discussed ideas with people who
are now true comrades-in-arms. This accomplishment alone would have been
worth the monetary expense and cost in time and energy. We have friends
upon whom we know we can rely.

The Time Invested:

We were on-the-road for thirty-seven days. Our butts became flat from
fatigue. Our families went on summer holidays without us. And our bodies
became soft as jelly from traveling over 17,000 kilometers. I am just
now slowly beginning to get back into shape for duck season which opens
in only eleven days.

The Financial Cost:

All bills are not yet in, but we spent around $10.000.xx, the major
portion covered by individual membership renewals, individual donations,
plus a couple of extremely generous donations by individuals and
organizations. We were also very fortunate to have had billeting and
meals graciously supplied in several locations.

Worth the Effort ?? Would We Do it Again ?


I hope we do not have to return to Ottawa, but we will if necessary.

The Firearms Act in its entirety, both registration and licensing, MUST
be removed from the legal statues of Canada. Working together, with your
help, involvement, support, and encouragement, we will not rest until we
have accomplished that goal.

Thank your from Jim Turnbull, Jack Wilson, Joe Gingrich, Bruce Montague,
Al Muir, and myself,


Ed Hudson
Secretary, Canadian Unregistered Firearms Owners Association

Join us in Edmonton next week, Wednesday to Saturday, 27 - 30 August to
greet the Canadian Police Association as they have their AGM at the
Fairmont Hotel.