This morning I dreambt & woke at 6 & dreambt again.
When I finally got up I got up like I normally would (i guess). I was going to sit on the edge of the bed for a minute.
...but it was only for a second.
I felt something warm & then it stung. I instinctively jumped up  in mid-air.
I had burnt my foreskin.
I was really distressed.
I was very worried. I looked for marks.
I hoped the damned thing wasn't welded shut.


When I was a little kid, while camping, 
I zipped my foreskin over my zipper

The kind of thing that terrifies a kid.
I went running screaming through the campsite with my forekin in my zipper.

My Dad took one look, said "hmm" and quickly unzipped my foreskin without a scar.
My Dad once freed my elbow from a bannister using butter.

Not long ago I got my knees stuck in the patio railing.
I tried to act non chalant until I was sure there was no one looking, then yanked them out with a force that hurt.
I once cut my penis on a lover's i.u.d. When we found out the blood was mine, she insisted that I go to the doctor. I wanted to finish having sex. At the bus stop, in the chilly Autumn wind, I suddenly feared for my future.
(to be continued???)


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