After I moved my family to Vancouver I found it pretty hard to find a job.

My first regular job was as a janitor & I relished it as best I could.

I worked for rich people who were allright. I liked them & they gave me gifts, clothes & other things.
So for the first time in my life I learned to dress well.

Nobody in my neighbourhood knew what I did for a living so I walked around with dignity.


I would change my paycheque into c-notes & wear second hand rich people clothes.
At work I had very little to do so I'd pick bottles from the recycling bin & take them in during work hours.

I saw alot of other well dressed bottle pickers.
I hated both bottle picking & being a janitor. When my family fell apart, both became necessary.

For my self esteem I wouldn't go out unless I had tailor made cigarettes & could afford the best coffee, often instead of food.

I nursed alot of fantasies about rich women wanting me but couldn't really act on them because of my position & my poverty. There was no depth to the masquerade.
When I accidentally got invited to show at a gallery in a ritzy neighbourhood I was overjoyed & bragged to all my rich patrons.
Maybe a litle too much. One day I was fired.

All of a sudden nobody liked me & people who were regularally friendly were scared of me.

rides a bike be continued?...
Well, I don't know.

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