AsiA Stamp Price List (Hong Kong) -- 1993-1996
last updated: 28 / Jul / 97
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All the below stamps are Mint Never Hinged(MNH) , extremely good
with the orginal gum.Satisfaction guaranteed. Good stamp with
your choice.
1997 (US$100=HK$768)
Scott No. Name Per 1 (HK$)
hk9701 low def. s/s 38
hk9702 high def. s/s 85
hk9703 97'Exhibition No.4 s/s 19
hk9704 classic no. 7,8,9 s/s 65
hk9705 97'Exhibition No.5 s/s 19
hk9706 Year of OX 18
hk9707 Year of OX s/s 23
hk9708 HK mig. Birds 16
hk9709 Hong Kong Modern Landmarks 15
hk9710 Hong Kong Modern Landmarks s/s 7.5
hk9711 Classic 10 s/s 7.5
hk9712 Special Adminstrative Region 20
hk9713 Special Adminstrative Region s/s 6

1996 (US$100=HK$768)
Scott No. Name Per 1 (HK$)
hk9601 Year of Rat 60
hk9602 Year of Rat s/s 90
hk9603 97'Exhibition No.1 s/s 360
hk9604 Olympic games 25
hk9605 Olympic games No.1 s/s 60
hk9606 97'Exhibition No.2 s/s 70
hk9607 Archaeological finds 30
hk9608 Olympic games No.2 s/s 35
hk9609 hk mountains 50
hk9610 97'Exhibition No.3 s/s 60
hk9611 Def. No.11(lee lai shun)s/s 35
hk9612 hk building 20
hk9613 hk community service s/s 21

1995 (US$100=HK$768)
Scott No. Name Per 1 (HK$)
hk9501 Year of Pig 50
hk9502 Year of Pig s/s 65
hk9503 hk international sport 40
hk9504 hk rural heritage 40
hk9505 hk regiment (volunteers) 40
hk9506 def. no.11(singapore) s/s 45
hk9507 classic no.6 s/s 70
hk9508 hk movie stars 88

1994 (US$100=HK$768)
Scott No. Name Per 1 (HK$)
hk9401 Year of Dog 50
hk9402 Year of Dog s/s 75
hk9403 def. no.8(Inter. exhibition) s/s 65
hk9404 150th anniv of hk police 70
hk9405 traditional chinese festival 40
hk9406 def. no.7(conference) s/s 65
hk9407 15th commonwealth games 40
hk9408 Dr. James Legge 10
hk9409 Corals 40
hk9410 Corals s/s 60

1993 (US$100=HK$768)
Scott No. Name Per 1 (HK$)
hk9301 Year of Cock 50
hk9302 Year of Cock s/s 70
hk9303 Chi. String Musical Instrument 60
hk9304 40th anniv. of H.M. QE.II 70
hk9305 Classic no.2 s/s 70
hk9306 def. no.6(HK exhibition 94) s/s 55
hk9307 Science & Technology of HK 50
hk9308 def. no.7(Bangkok exh.) s/s 50
hk9309 hk goldfish 55
hk9310 hk goldfish s/s 75

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