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This is a site dedicated to the 105/115 series Alfa Romeo Giulia GT and GTV Coupes . Its main aim is to provide a method of sharing information about maintaining, repairing, and modifying these great cars.

If you have any information that you think might help other owners, please email me at: I'd also appreciate any links or ftp sources for images of your cars to build up the Gallery, and specifications for your car to add to the Register.

Once upon a time I said "I'm slowly working at improving the presentation and content, so please come back regularly to see what has changed" - hmm, so I lie a little, not much has changed for a very long time.... but I haven't forgotten, really. Soon... (Nov 2002).

What's here:

The Electronic GTV Register

Find other owners around the world, what cars they have, and what state their cars are in. And send me the information about your car! Last updated QUITE some time ago.... please, anybody any good at setting up forms so people can automatically enter their data???

So What's a 105/115 Coupe?

105/115, GT, GTV, GT Jr, GTA, GTC, Bertone, Giugiaro.... What cars do I mean?

Buyer's Guide

What to look out for, where to find the rust....

Contents of the FAQ file

Hyperlinked information from the Alfa Digest and Italian Cars Digest

The Picture Gallery

A collection of images from around the world

Links to other sites

Links to other Alfa Romeo WWW sites around the world

Who am I?

Some information about Mark Battley from Down Under in New Zealand

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Happy motoring.....