Welcome to my little crack
in the Netherworld!

Charlotte, NC
My website's changing!!!
I have most of a rebuild just about ready to load...
Pieces will be coming into place
very soon. Some are already there!!

Visit the new Garage area!!
Even though it's NOT done yet...

My progression of cars:

  • 1978 Volvo 244DL (aka The Tank) passed on to lil bro when got Paseo, later sold
  • 1992 Toyota Paseo, bought 1994, traded for stealth
  • 1993 Dodge Stealth R/T (woo-hoo!) bought 3/16/96
  • 1985 Mazda GLC (winter car) bought 10/96, totalled by friend 3/97
  • 1989 Toyota Celica ST (winter car) bought 9/97, sold 5/98

    Ranks about a '10' on the "fun" scale...

    Check out my new wheels!!!
  • The 222 HP Stereo...
    The Virtual Tour! Loads of pictures and all the details of building it...

    Dodge Stealth and Mitsubishi 3000GT Gatherings
    Info! Pictures! Stories! Memories! Loads of fun!
    Links to past and upcoming events. Check here often for updates...

    Reverse to the Previous Site Reverse to the Previous Site Reverse 5 Sites Forward 5 Sites Forward to Next Site Forward to Next Site Email This Sites Owner Email This Sites Owner Visit Random Ring Site List All Sites Go to the 3000GT/Stealth Webring Page

    Stealth and 3000GT Models and Miniatures
    A catalog of all known (at least found so far) models, miniatures, literature, and other collectibles...

    Here's what happened when I dropped that digital camera one time... It clicked a picture of me... Close your eyes and it looks fabulous...! Here's another picture of me with my baby from the East Coast Gathering III

    A site dedicated to Stealths and 3000GTs that ended their lives, but saved those more valuable ones inside...

    Here's a pic of a 3000GT with a nose-ring, uh... nose wing. Interesting.

    In case your interested in a "professional brief" of who I am....
    Here's my resume!

    Questions? Comments? Let me know! Send me an email...
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    Last updated September 22, 1999
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