Showing off the performance!

The idea is to generate a Porsche performance comparison list. It's highly interesting and informative to see information about other people's Porsche's. Why else do we write to the Renn List or make are own Porsche web site's. It's because we want to share information about our cars. Well, here's a place to share your Porsche's performance! It's divided into two categories, Horsepower and Torque. The cars are ranked from highest to lowest in each respective category.
If you have dynode your car (preferably on an interia dyno), please filled click here to find out how to get your "performance" posted.


The Most Powerful 944 Turbo's in the World

Horsepower "King"
  Torque "King"
1. 415.3, Grahman Gillies 1. 434.2, Graham Gillies
2. 338.1, Tony Garcia 2. 338.1, Tony Garcia
3. 321, Tim Richards 3. 319.9, Tim Richards
4. 310, Steve Lau 4. 317, Scott Story
5. 283.8 Scott Story 5. 305, Steve Lau
6. 265, John Pohl 6. 273, John Pohl
7.   7.  

note: some of the dyon charts are SAE corrected and some aren't.

Ever wonder what a Porsche 928S4 dyno's at the rear wheel's... 1988 928 S4 (5.0 32valve, V8)



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