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For those who want to be
heard !
We custom design antenna systems to increase gain and make your mobile antenna system directional. Featured Tip:
Check your SWR .
2 element is a great local.
3 element is a skipper
Full Magnet mount systems available !
Have a shell no problemo !
Cars can have system's too !
10 and 11 meter models !
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More Pictures
3 element system
most vehicles

This is the system Fireball has been using .

This system is
fully mobile.
(you can drive it down the road)

ONLY two small holes to drill, easy to install.

You may be able to up- grade your exsisting system for less.

Dont forget shipping. &  tax ,  thanks..
The man with the master plan !
FIREBALL 091 San Diego
I used to go on a hill and bring an A99
now I dont need it. We have had reports of 
7 s units increase with this truck. Over the omni alone. And big !!!!  AUDIO  !!!!  to boot !!!