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Welcome to My Little Page...
Cars I have... I mean, wish I had...
Lamborghini Countach
Custom frame and interior, and any choice of engine for 10s of thousands of dollars less, and it is a heck of a lot cheaper to maintain.
F355 Berlinetta
Replica by
Other Replicas
V-8 380hp engine, a 6-speed manual gated shifter, 0-60 in 4.6secs, top speed of over 180mph, and in a great looking car that only weighs a little over 2000lbs and handles superbly... now THAT'S a car!
Gallery Bugatti
Check out my 4-door F355 Berlinetta...
Quadruple turbo-charged V-12... very, very, FAST... what more do I have to say.
Acura NSX
V-6 VTEC normally aspirated engine with close to 300hp, excellent handling capabilities, very fast, and the one thing that makes it stand out from the rest of the "supercars" is it's EXCELLENT reliability.  This car will go over 100k miles easily with no problems.
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Gallery (small)
McLaren F1
V12 producing 600+ hp makes this car go faster from 0-120mph than most cars can go 0-60mph.
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The twin-turbo model (not shown) can go 0-60mph in LESS than 4sec, brake from 60mph in less than 100ft, and can handle/drivel better than almost any car on this page.  I used to like this car the best, but I think my tastes have changed to the F355 Ferrari (looks,gated-shifter, looks).
F355 Spider
RADO Integral Platinum
Picture taken in front of my house...    not.
Curved, scratchproof saphire cystal, high-tech ceramics, looks good, just an awesome watch.
(Same as the Gallery at top)
Retail  $1690.00
More RADO watches...
Bryan's Rice-Boy Page
If you have modified your car in any way, click link to see if you are a Rice-Boy.
Robert Pia's Legend Page
Some awesome Acura Legend pics and related stuff.
Coates International, Ltd.
Neat engine design...  spherical rotary valve combustion.
Engine Oil Filter Study
Many brands of oil filters are examined by taking them apart.
Kit Cars/Replicas for Sale
You can find Ferrari and Lamborghini replicas, and other replicas here.
Exotic Euro Automobiles
Has pics of replicas, wrecked Ferraris, and other stuff.
official website