This is the original home of both Interceptor_84 and Speedmerchant_ca. They are the one and same person, a Pharmacy student in Canada who owns a 1984 Honda VF500F Interceptor. This collection of pages should just be 1 or 2 but they were made at different times in different places so they remain seperate. I will try to assimilate them, but as you may now it has been months since I even updated either of them. Speaking of which, this page is being updated as I type, as are the Interceptor pages. I am a more mature person now, and I think my writing may show that. Don't get me wrong, I still do all kinds of stupid stuff on my bike, but I am where I want to be in life so I don't have to be so arrogant anymore :) Anyway, I have my own apartment with unlimited internet access so these pages should be updated regularly... that is of course if I have anything to add, so why don't you send me something interesting to post or ponder!
The Interceptor Pages
original (but least updated)
second (the one I put effort into)
My Speed Merchant manifesto