Now available:
Ulli's NSU CD-ROM V 1.16

The new version of my NSU CD-ROM contains the following NSU documents:

ModelVersionKind of DocumentEditionLanguages
-All ModelsBrochure02/55D
-All ModelsSpecial Tools05/56D
-All ModelsSpecial Tools08/54D
Fox98Spare Parts List02/54D
KonsulII SportConversion Manual and Spare Parts List05/53D
KonsulI & IIInstruction Book05/52D
KonsulI & IISpare Parts List09/51D
Lambretta125, 150Repair Manual03/55D
Lambretta125, 150Spare Parts List05/55D
LuxSuperCustomers' Guarantee and Service Card00/55D
LuxStandardInstruction Book09/53D
LuxStandard, SuperRepair Manual09/55D
LuxStandard, SuperSpare Parts List03/55D
MaxAll ModelsBook00/98D
MaxAll ModelsBosch Magdyno Series LB/ZJ Manual12/54D
MaxStandardCustomers' Guarantee and Service Card00/53D
MaxSportmax RS251Instruction Book00/55D
MaxSuperInstruction Book05/61E
MaxSpezialInstruction Book (Appendix)00/55FR
MaxStandard, SpezialRepair Manual12/55E
MaxStandard, SpezialRepair Manual10/54D
MaxStandard, Spezial, SuperService Information Bulletin10/54D
MaxStandard, SpezialSpare Parts List09/55D, E, FR, I, NL, SP, P
Max301OSBSpare Parts List01/57D
MaxStandard, Spezial, SuperSpare Parts List02/62D
MaxStandard, Spezial, SuperSpare Parts Lists Supplements04/55D
Maxi175OSBRepair Manual10/57D
Maxi175OSBSpare Parts List04/57D
Maxi175OSBSpecial Tools03/57D
OSL601Instruction Book00/00D
OSL351, 501Instruction Book12/37D
OSL251Instruction Book03/52D
OSL601 I/II/WHSpare Parts List07/39D
OSL351, 501, 351 WHSpare Parts List05/40D
OSL351, 501Spare Parts List11/38D
OSL201, 251, 351OTSpare Parts List04/37D
OSL251Spare Parts List06/50D
PrimaV, III, IIIK, DBrochure00/00E
PrimaDCustomers' Service Card09/56E
PrimaDInstruction Book07/56E
PrimaV, IIIRepair Manual12/58D, E, FR, NL, DK, SV, SP, P
PrimaDSpare Parts List07/56D, E, FR, NL
PrimaVSpare Parts List01/58E
PrimaVSpecial Tools02/58D
Quick98Spare Parts List08/53D
Quickly-Customers' Guarantee and Service Card00/55D
QuicklyLInstruction Book00/55D
Quickly2-SpeedMaintenance Manual02/55E
QuicklyS, LMaintenance Manual05/57E
QuicklyS, LRepair Manual04/57D
QuicklyNRepair Manual03/55D
QuicklyN, S, L, Cavallino, TSpare Parts List10/59D
QuicklyN, S, L (3-Speed)Spare Parts List11/57D
RollerAll ModelsService Information Bulletin08/54D
Superfox125OSBRepair Manual05/56D
Superfox125OSBService Information Bulletin00/56E, FR
Superfox125OSBSpare Parts List04/56D
TS501Instruction Book04/30D
TS201TInstruction Book00/29D
TS201T/TSPrice List00/30D
TS501 / 601Spare Parts List12/35D
TS501Spare Parts List07/30D
TS201T/TSSpare Parts List05/30D
Z175Z, 201ZSpare Parts List11/30D
Z/ZD175Z, 175ZD,201Z, 201ZD, 251ZInstruction Book00/33D

Furthermore there's my NSU Parts Database NTD on my NSU CD-ROM.

Adobe's (r) Acrobat Reader (tm) software is included in several versions and languages, too.

I charge Euro 10.00 or US-$ 10.00 inside Germany and Europe, for the rest of the world it's Euro 15.00 or US-$ 15.00 for handling, postage and packing only. Please send the money cash beforehand to my address:

Ulli Hölscher
Kirchweg 1
D-37619 Kirchbrak

Delivery may take some weeks depending on demand and postal service!

My NSU CD-ROM can be copied and distributed freely, so one example is enough for several NSU friends if it's copied to your harddisk or another CD-ROM (about 200 MB at the current version).

There's a little favour I'd like you to do for me: Please send me your NSUs' frame and engine numbers for my NSU numbers collection.

Last update: 01.01.02