Hot Seat
with Jan Magnussen - Stewart.
F1 Racing, April 1997.

Q: What was the first car you owned?
A: A Fiat 128. I don't know how old it was, but it was built before I was born.

Q: What do your parents do?
A: They are both in the police. My mother is a teacher at the police academy, and my father was in charge of the motor bikes.

Q: How old were you when you left school?
A: I was 18 - a year older than anyone else, because it took me a couple of years to finish the last year!

Q: How did you get into motor racing?
A: I started racing karts after I'd done three years of motocross. It was interest of the family. My eldest brother raced bikes.

Q: Apart from driving, what are you good at?
A: I'm quite good at flying model aeroplanes.

Q: What race would you most like to forget?
A: The Norisring in '95, when I broke my leg on a moped in the paddock.

Q: What do you hate about your job?
A: When I'm going testing and the circuit opens at 8am.

Q: Have you ever had a job outside racing?
A: Before I moved to England, I had a job as a welder for three weeks.

Q: What's you middle name?
A: Ellegaard.

Q: How much sleep do you like to have?
A: About 12 or 13 hours each night.

Q: What's your favourite movie?
A: Pulp Fiction. I like John Travolta.

Q: Is there any food you don't like?
A: Anything that's alive! Some of the stuff you get in Japan is still alive when it's served - I don't like it when it's moving.

Q: Are you superstitious?
A: No, not really. But I always get into the car from the left, and I always drive with my gloves tucked inside my sleeves.

Q: What's your favourite circuit?
A: It's got to be Macau.