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Welcome to Rusted Root's Scattered World

Last Update (*Nov 24,1996*)

Thanx for coming to our page! This page is brought to you by Computer Solutions (Chris Roszkowski and Bryan Wehlage) This is a new page on the web for Rusted Root. We have made this page because we have noticed the lack of rusted root pages on the internet while searching in the web's finest search engines. ENJOY!

The Rusted Root's Scattered World page is divided into nice sections. You can access a different section by clicking on a link in the blue left hand column of this page. We hope that this provides you with Web Browsing ease. Bryan, the main page, remember,when I Woke, trivia, and page news sections are up. All the others are up with coming soon messages!! Also I added two html files for other albums take a look!

If you are a fan of Rusted Root this is the place to be. This website will bring you indepth coverage of Rusted Root. It covers stuff and more stuff. This has more than the average mind holds on Rusted Root, unless you live in Pittsburgh. If anyone knows me (Chris) I am a lover of Pittsburgh, and I don't even live there. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. Well, so does Bryan. Anyway I want you to sit back and relax, and enjoy me and Bry's accomplishment. Click a link to continue!