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    From the first moment a glass of Spanish wine is raised to your lips a new dimension opens in your life; the eternal quest begins.  It is an adventure which takes you from the sherry of Jerez de la Frontera to the reds of  Rioja, where for centuries wine has been measured by the emotions it's aroused. It is the only constant in the sometimes turbulent history of Spain. A special occasion calls for a bottle of wine, say some. Every  waking moment is a special occasion, say the Spanish. Spanish wine does not leave you indifferent. It's purpose is not to soothe; it is to give you life, the Spanish way. Now drink to Cervantes, to Picasso, to Goya, to Hemingway. Drink to those who came before. But more importantly drink to yourself.



Algunos enlaces de interés
Some Links of Interest

SANGRE DE TORO 1995 Torres <$ 10 Strong like a bull

Fuerte como un toro

BACH 1993 Masia $10-$12 Oak taste, everyone likes this one

El que gusta a todos


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