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This site is in constant development and will include my personal experiences of having lived in Naples, Italy (Napoli, IT) for 5 years! In that time, I grew to love these wonderful people and learned how to cook some of the most delicious food on the face of the earth. It is these recipes that I would like to share with you.

Naples has played host to many rulers from different parts of the world and the lifestyle of Naples, the warmth and vibrance of its people and the unique style of it's cuisine are reflections of those various cultures.

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To go to recipes, see the links below. Each recipe is listed on it's own page to avoid the clutter of trying to put too much on one page.

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I would appreciate your input on a cookbook idea. Follow this link to find out more about La Cucina Italiana, The Cookbook!

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It will help you understand why I love Napoli so much!

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Try this recipe for some really tasty Fettuccine.

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This is a Recipe for
Braciole in Salsa di Pomodoro

The Braciole Page!

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E-mail me below and let me know if you like these recipes or if you have suggestions for additions to these pages. If you request a recipe, I will do my best to post it for you. Don't forget the guestbook below!
Ciao Amici!

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