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Macho to Muta

Macho Related to the Pequin. Light green and growing to less than a 1/4 inch. Fiery hot with sharp intense flavour. Matures to red. From Oaxaca and Yucatan regions of Mexico.

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Esasem S.p.A.

Macio F1 Hybrid Red sweet pepper. 3-4 lobes. TMV resistant.

Tommi Hietavuo

Madame Jeanette (Capsicum chinense). Originally from Surinam. Fairly small plant that dislikes cool growing sites. Will grow indoors. Fruits are shaped like small bell peppers but with Habanero like heat. Ripens to reddish-yellow but they are larger and not quite as misshapen, as Habaneros. When raw, the taste is of a hot burning, without any sweetness or fruitiness. May be related to the Surinam Red (as this pepper is also known as 'Surinam Yellow'). Very prolific.

Magic Red F1 Hybrid 85 days to red ripe. 5 inch long tapered pods. Tall plant.


Makusare This Bolivian chile resembles a Scotch Bonnet in miniature. Heat level 8. Bright yellow when ripe. Heat level is 8.

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Malagueta A rare Brazilian variety. Small peppers with wrinkly skins. Searing heat. Light to medium green ripening to red. Originally, pre 1492, the name Malagueta was given to a hot , small, lanceolate, black grain from the Bight of Benin in W Africa, (then called then the Grain Coast), which was used as a substitute for the highly expensive real grain pepper originating from the Moluccas (now in Indonesia). The Portuguese held the commercial west African route and were for many years the sole distributors. It seems that through the natural bastardisation of language, this Portuguese noun was applied to the small capsicums, that are nowadays called Malagueta and are used, almost exclusively, in the African state of Bahia (Angolan?). (Capsicum frutescens var malagueta). USDA #497984. Pod grows to 0.75 inches long by 0.25 inches wide.


Cross Country Nurseries

Malibu Purple Purple/green foliage. 0.5 inch peppers that ripen to flame red. Compact habit. Heat level 6.


Mandi Red East Indian variety.

Mandarin F1 Hybrid

Mandarin F1 Hybrid 75 days. Deep pumpkin-orange fruits are 5-6 inches long. European elongated style with smooth, firm, medium thick walls and a distinctive, sweet flavour.

Manesru Variety from India. Fruit pointed, 2 to 3 inches long by 1 inch broad; red, hot.

Manzano Originally from South America, the Manzano chile is one of the few chiles that are cultivated in Mexico that are not included in the Capsicum annuum species. It is part of the Capsicum pubescens species from the Andes region. Its name of" Manzano", meaning apple, it has others such as Chile Peron, Chile Caballo and Chile Ciruelo. It is very resistant to low temperatures and is commonly grown at high altitudes. The states of Mexico; Queretaro, Chiapas and Guerrero, in their high elevations produce it in a limited form and for local consumption. It grows in a large shrub, sometimes as a creeper and reaches about 3 meters. Its fruit is spherical and measures from 3 to 5 cm. in diameter. It turns yellow-orange when ripe. It is unusual in that it has black seeds. See Rocoto.

 Manzano Amarillo

Manzano Amarillo (Capsicum pubescens).

Manzano Rojo A blocky chile that is hot inside. The pepper starts violet-green and turns to red. (Capsicum pubescens).

Maratos F1

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Territorial Seed Co

Marbles 55 days. Marbles is a beautiful hot pepper variety that would best be described as an ornamental edible. The 12 - 14 inch tall plants produce marble-sized peppers, with many of the fruits sitting on "top" of the plants. Peppers turn a collection of colours as the season progresses, first yellow, then purple, orange, and finally maturing to a flame red. Developed by Jim Baggett, Oregon State University Professor emeritus of Horticulture.

Marconi Heirloom pepper. A sweet red and yellow pepper from Italy. The plants are large and the peppers grow up to afoot long; they are tri-lobed and 3" across at the shoulder. 70 days.

Marconi Golden Long tapered and twisted fruits on tall, sturdy plants. A sweet Italian heirloom. 70 days. (Capsicum annuum). Grows to 12 inches long.

Marconi Rosso (Red) Dark green deepening to dark red. Long tapered and twisted fruits on tall, sturdy plants. A sweet Italian heirloom. 70 days. (Capsicum annuum).

Marengo A green maturing to yellow colour elongated (Lamuyo type), 3-lobed, blocky, bell pepper.


Maribel Yellow Lamuyo type pepper.

Marko Fana A major cultivar grown in Ethiopia. Belongs to Capsicum annuum. Pepper has conical type fruit that matures to a dark red colour.


Martindale II 70 days. Developed to replace Bell Tower. Hybrid bell pepper. 12cm by 9.5cm deep red pepper with thick walls.

Martindale III Early ripening red hybrid bell pepper. 72 days to ripen. Dark red when ripe. A Stokes Seed variety.

Masuto Medium hot Japanese variety.

Macore Company Inc.

Masquerade Ornamental pepper. (Capsicum annuum).


Martinique Pepper See Scotch Bonnet.

Marvello Yellow bell pepper.

Masuto Large red Japanese pepper. Medium heat.

Maule's Red-Hot (Capsicum frutescens).

Mauritian Fire Cracker

Mavras F1 Hybrid Purple to red blocky pepper. Resistant to TMV. (Capsicum annuum F1).

Mayata Hybrid Elongated bell pepper that matures from green to red. 6 inches long with 3-4 lobes. 75 days to mature.

Mayo (Capsicum annuum var. aviculare).

Mayo Chiltepine A tiny pepper from the Sonoran thorn forest.

Mazurka Red sweet pepper.

McMahon's Texas Bird Pepper
The Garden Shop

McMahon's Texas Bird Pepper This rare seed of the Bird Pepper (Capsicum annuum var. glabriusculum) was obtained in 1812 and 1813 from Captain Samuel Brown, who was stationed in San Antonio, Texas, by Thomas Jefferson. The species is said to be a native of southwest Texas, Mexico and Central America. In its native habitat, the Bird Pepper, known as Chiltecpin (Chill-tech-peen) to pre-Columbian Amerindians and the first Spanish plant collectors, is a low shrub growing to five feet in height.

MC 4 Developed in Malaya. Plant height is 60-70 cm tall, fruit length is 7-10 cm, fruit weight is 10-15 gm, moderately hot taste. Susceptible to anthracnose and virus.

MC 5 Developed in Malaya. Plant height is 100-200 cm, fruit length is 10-15 cm, fruit weight is 10-15 gm, hot taste. Susceptible to anthracnose and virus.

MC 11 Developed in Malaya. Plant height is 85-110 cm, fruit length is 8-10 cm, fruit weight is 7-10 gm, hot taste. Susceptible to anthracnose and virus, moderately resistant to Choanephora.

MC 12 Developed in Malaya. Plant height is 60-80 cm, fruit length is 10-13 cm, fruit weight is 12-14 gm, hot taste. Susceptible to anthracnose and Choanephora.

Meco See Jalapeno.

Macore Company Inc.

Medusa Ornamental pepper. (Capsicum annuum).

Melody A green maturing to red colour elongated(Lamuyo type), bell pepper.

Memphis Hybrid A green maturing to intense red bell pepper. Thick walled, 4 lobed and averaging 4 1/2 inches tall/wide. Vigorous but compact plant.

Cross Country Nurseries

Merah (Capsicum frutescens). Very hot, grown in Malaysia and China. Grows to 1/4 inch wide by 2 1/4 inches long. Dries well. Heat level is 7.5

Merakai From India. Fruit short, 1.5 inches by 2 inches, red and hot.

Merced 4 lobed blocky sweet pepper.

Merch From India. Fruit orange, 2 by 3/8 inches; hot.


Merlin Green maturing to red blocky hybrid bell pepper with 4 lobes. 68 days to ripen. A larger version of Northstar. TMV tolerant. Grows to 11 cm by 9.5 cm. Early ripening

Merrimack Wonder (Capsicum frutescens).

Mesilla Green maturing to red Cayenne Hybrid pepper. Grows to 11 inches long by 1.5 inches wide. Resistant to TMV, PVY and TEV. Thin walled. 2000-4000 SHU.



Mexibell F1 Hybrid A blocky green bell type pepper with very little heat. 75 days. Plant grows to 25 inches. 3-4 lobed pepper.

Mexibell F1 Hybrid Improved (Capsicum annuum). 70 days to maturity, turning from green to red. Large bell shaped peppers that are hot.

Mexican Chile (60M4) Developed by The Department of Vegetable Crops, University of California. A cross between a tobacco mosaic resistant Bell pepper and a Mexican chile.

Mexican Negro Rich dark coloured, medium sized chile from Mexico.

Mexican Red Hot 20 inch tall plants with 2 inch green peppers that turn red when ripe. 82 days.

MI-2 A cayenne type from Sri Lanka. (ADVRC designation PBC 462)

Midnight Dream Sweet pepper. (Capsicum annuum).

Midway Green maturing to red, 4-lobed, 11 cm square, sweet bell pepper. TMV resistant. Hardy. Plant grows to 36 inches. 67 days.

Mild Californian Medium large sweet paprika type pepper used for drying. Red when ripe. Plant grows to 30 inches.

Miniature Bell Pepper Produces loads of miniature green bell peppers on small plants that only reach 16" tall. The fruits only measure a inch and an half across.

Cross Country Nurseries

Mirasol Mirasol's melodious name translates to "looking at the sun" This selected cultivar has 3 inch elongated pointed pods that grow in erect, upright clusters at the tops of 2 foot tall sturdy plants. Mature pods are a lovely bright red. From Mexico. Mirasol has a distinctive flavour, combining a hint of strawberry in its medium hot pungency. Also called Chile Trompa(Elephant's trunk). 80 days. Suitable for growing in containers. Heat level 8. 2,500-5,000 SHU. (Capsicum annuum).

Mirch From India. Fruit scarlet to crimson, 1.25 to 1.5 inches long, 1 inch across base, blunt; flesh sweet to mildly pungent.

Mircha From India. Fruit pointed, 1 inch long, red, very pungent; bushy plant 3ft high.

Misqucho A Bolivian pepper which produces small, round peppers that are shiny red in colour. Heat level 7.

Misqucho Colorado A Peruvian pepper. (Capsicum chinense Jacq.).

Misqucho Pequeno A Peruvian pepper. (Capsicum chinense Jacq.). Fruit 0.75 inch by 0.25 inch, tapering at both ends and red when ripe.

Mission Bell Green maturing to red bell pepper. Smooth walled.

Mitimita Local Ethiopian name for a small-fruited, bird eye chile that is probably a Capsicum frutescens variety. Highly pungent.

Cross Country Nurseries

Mitla F1 Hybrid Green maturing to red hot pepper. Thick walled. 65 days. Jalapeno type. (Capsicum annuum). 3 inches long.

Molagai From India. Fruit red, conical, hot.

Mole Mexican Heirloom, Mid-1800's. Productive thin walled brown sweet pepper, 4-5 inches long and 2 inches wide.

Mombassa See Bird.

Monalisa 4 lobed sweet pepper with thick walls. Matures to red.

Monk's Hat The English name for the Chapeu de Frade variety.

Graeme Caselton

Mora (Moras) The Mora is the smoked, dried red Jalapeno. It is considerably wrinkled and brownish-red in colour. Mora means 'blackberry'. Growing to 4 cm in length and 1.25-2 cm wide. Heat level is 5. Also known as Mora Rojo.

Mora Grande Larger version of the Mora, growing to 3 inches long.

Mora Rojo See Mora.

Moragot 70 days. 20cm long. Matures to bright red. High heat.

Morita Like the Mora Grande, the Morita is a type of dried smoked Jalapeno. Bright orange-red to red-brown, tapered and growing to 2 inches long. Medium flesh.

Morita Americano Less hot version of the jalapeno.

Morita Rayada Grande Larger version of the Morita.

Mozambique As hot as Tabasco (around 60 000 SHU). Grows as a shrub about 60cm tall. The pod is about 2.5cm long slightly and rounded in shape.

Cross Country Nurseries

Mucho Nacho Jalapeno F1 Hybrid Thicker, heavier, longer, wider and slightly hotter than standard Jalapeno. 4 inch long peppers, ripening to red when mature. Heat level is 6.

Graeme Caselton

Mulato [moo-LAH-toh].When dry the pepper is very dark brown, almost black, in colour (due to the chlorophyll remaining in the ripe fruit). It is an important chile in Mexican cooking, along with the Ancho and Pasilla chiles. The Mulato is 10-15 cm long and 5-7.5 cm wide. It is the smoky, licorice, aromatic flavour, as well as its chocolate-black colour which gives it its appeal. Heat level is 2-4.(Capsicum annuum).

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Territorial Seed Co

Mulato Isleno The Mulatos are similar in shape to Anchos but somewhat longer and flatter and plants have better disease resistance to PVY and TEV. The flattened, heart-shaped, blunt-ended fruits are glossy green, 4 to 6 inches long, 3 inches wide and hang pendant fashion from large-leafed 2 1/2 foot plants. Mulatos ripen from deep glossy green to a dark chocolate brown colour called "achocolatado." The thick fleshed chiles can be used at either stage. They are sweeter and a little more pungent than Anchos chiles. 78-82 days. Heat level is 1.

Multihot A hot, slightly thinner Hungarian Yellow.

Murango 72 days. Bell pepper.

Murch From Afghanistan. Fruit red, slightly flattened, 3/4 inches across; flesh sweet; seeds mildly hot.

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Territorial Seed Co

Mushroom 85 days. Also called Squash Pepper or Cheese Pepper. An heirloom pepper thought to be parent of some bell peppers. Hot with a fruity after taste.

Mushroom Red 5 cm red mushroom shape. Heat level is 8.

Mushroom Yellow 5 cm yellow variety of Mushroom Red. Heat level is 8.

Muta Similar in size and shape to a Serrano but are much hotter and not as wrinkled or seedy.