The KitcheNETte
Hello! Welcome to Wen's Kitchenette. While this page is decidedly under construction, and will most likely be continually updated, I hope to get a lot of information on this page as soon as possible! To tide you over and to make you want to come back, let me give you some information on what is soon to come!

kitchenette - n (1903) : a small kitchen or an alcove containing cooking facilities
kitchen cabinet - n (1832) : 1 : a cupboard with drawers and shelves for use in a kitchen
2 : an informal group of advisers to one in a position of power

The KitcheNETte - n (1996) : a small alcove on the World Wide Web with many nooks and crannies full of cooking information, tips, and informal advice.

My current plan for this site is to provide a thorough data base for the new cook, the experimental cook, or even the by-the-book-cook. Hopefully as this page nears completion I will have fully covered important issues such as:

This page is still under construction, but we're getting warm...

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This is the pitifully low number of people that have ventured onto this page so far...Thanks!!!!

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