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The Mars probe named "Pathfinder" landed on the Red Planet on July 4, 1997!
Here is the first picture, and a link to more information on this historic event~
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  • My Cyberbuddy ~ Starr's Homepage
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  • Internet Interactivity (Robots and stuff...)
  • Mirsky's WORST of the Internet
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  • Washington State ski areas

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  • Extreme Skiing Page
  • National Ski Patrol
  • SkiGate ~ Insiders Notes and links
  • Ski Map Server ~ trail maps from around the world!
  • SkiWeb ~ Calif., and Nevada Alpine World magazine,~ Cyberlodge
  • Snowlink ~ chat room and clothing gallery
  • SnowNet ~ links to resorts, equipment makers, & travel agencies
  • New England Peaks of Excitement ~ Cyberlodge


  • The Grotesk Page (not for the faint!)
  • The Interactive Human Corpse


  • Online Camera Links
  • KPIX Online: Fairmont Hotel Camera
  • San Diego BayCam


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  • Finger Gateway


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