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This homepage is still under construction. We have loads of new links to add, as well as some more good stuff. It will take a while, please bear with us as this takes place.

Welcome to the Scoggins family homepage. This is the first venture of this kind for our family. Please bear with us whilst we try to construct an informative and entertaining page. It is our intention to feature things that we like, both as individuals and as a family.

The Scoggins family consists of myself, Chris, my wife, Karen, and our two children, Adam who is 19, and Laura, who is 16. The section with more info (history to follow) on the Scoggins family is now a separate page.

The following is a list of subjects of interest to us.

Information and links about Beer.

This area is all about beer!

I love all sorts of beer and I hope to put lots of info here as time goes on.
For starters here is a list of my top 10 real ales at the moment. (It changes from time to time)

  1. Oakham JHB
  2. Adnams Bitter
  3. Brains Dark
  4. Caledonian Deuchars IPA
  5. Fullers ESB
  6. Holts Bitter
  7. Gales HSB
  8. Caledonian Porter (although this is rare to find these days!)
  9. Triple FFF, Pressed Rat and Warthog
  10. Harveys Best Bitter

Information and links about wine.

Coming soon - information about my best finds for less than 5 Here is your starter for ten!

The best bets for wines at the moment are from the new world. Chile is particularly good if you stick to trusted grape varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot or better still, mixes of the 2, classic Claret style.

Other good sources are California, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

For a difference, try wines from the Duero Valley in either Portugal and Spain. Age is important though, don't have anything too young. (I had some super 1995/6 ones in Spain a few years back.)

Arsenal FC Links and info.

Both myself and my son Adam are fans of Arsenal Football Club. Whilst we are aware that dedicating space to any supported team can be boring for others, it is our intention to put a few links here as well as the occasional message.
The season draws to a close and we are likly to be 2nd in the league. We do not get to go to any games now, as money has ruined the sport in the UK for ordinary people. Personally, I no longer care how the team does.

Here are the football links...

Click for a brilliant Arsenal dedicated site

Two other sites that are worth visiting are:-
Steve Gleiber's page - (there's a great area for messages about the team, etc.
The official Arsenal website.

Information and links about food, especially Chinese and Indian.

I have only managed to put up one recipe thus far which is for Garlic Prawns. (It's good though!)

Links to do with the Weather.

I have an interest in the Weather. I sometimes indulge in amateur forcasting, and I have a particular interest in bad Weather. Below you will find a number of links to some interesting sites that I have found. STOP PRESS Although the links are wiz, I will be updating this page soon.

I think you will particularly enjoy the rainfall radar site. I am sorry that I cannot provide a link to the UK Rainfall Radar. Unfortunately, the British Met Office charge for this service. So much for freedom of info. It seems bizarre to me that I can get 3 different radar pictures of the USA, for free, but I cannot find out if it is raining up the road! (if you agree, perhaps you might E-Mail the Met. Office to complain). - perhaps you did!, they now have a link!

Click for a site with good Satellite pictures and links.
Click for a cool site with rainfall radar images of the USA.
Click for a site with the latest European satellite image.

The best place for UK Weather Links on the net.
The best bad weather site there is

More links coming soon....

Information and links about our musical tastes.

We have differing musical tastes, and mine are quite varied. Having been into music for some 30 odd years, this is no surprise. My main hero has been the same for years, Joe Walsh.

This is the album cover of my favourite album and Joe's first solo, Barnstorm.

He has a home page on the Net, although its a while since it was updated.

This links to Joe's Homepage
If anybody has any more upto date news on Joe, or knows of any good links, please E-Mail me

Other information for your delight.

Coming soon, a section about our hobby of collecting china and porcelain

See me live on my webcam. View My Webcam
See me live on my webcam.

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