Featuring Kate Moss and Trish Goff
Let's put the Realms of Magic to rest. It's bi-yearly updated images can be found anywhere on the net. If you're looking for new, fresh, regularly updated images of the two most beautiful girls that ever fell to this Planet Earth, then turn to the left, turn to the right, "Wham bam, thank you ma'am", this is the place for you! TVC-15, that wild eyed boy from a freecloud, has founded his own WAIF Gallery, updated weekly. Better hang on to yourself, for this Fashion Oddity will shake you cold. Beep, beep.
Although I have the utmost respect for Geocities...this page may display the occasional see-through blouse...but all in the name of Fashion and Beauty. So if this material (Rated PG-13) might offend you, I suggest you follow this link now. Also, all pictures are believed to be public material. If any of these photos are copyrighted, tell me. I would be happy to exchange it with another picture. Otherwise, on to WAIF...


Email: tvc15@vt.edu