lime green


lime is an exceedingly sour fruit that looks like this[lime]
green = blue + yellow. it is a color that looks like this[a green block]

together, [lime] + [a green block] = a webpage called LIME GREEN

in the world of lime green, there is no existence of past, present, and future. time is not important (except for the fact that downloading time could often cost a large aomunt of money). why? because it is not transcendental. in fact, time does not even exist. it is merely a mental experience that humans have immensely depend on.

time is a limited, finite experience. the present is constantly fleeting; past and future are non-existent in the present. here, in the world of lime green, there is only eternal. so, screw time. enjoy. remember, be one with yourself...

however, there is one kind of time called playtime existed inevitably in the world of lime green. to know more about playtime, press . it is eternal.

do you know...
1. where have all the freaks gone?
2. that green is the best?
3. these people?
4. scottie pippen?

an assignment for bitch conway (aka velvet screw). thanks a lot, chiwawa!

Yo Muzzer.