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"Summer 2007"

If you access this page, let me know by sending email to: Roy I would like to know that someone is looking at it and want to determine how often I should update it. Thanks.

Wow! It has been even longer, longer time since we have updated this page. Springtime has come and gone and Summer is here a year later. Things are great with Marg and Roy.

We have been in our Middleridge home in Virginia seventeen years now. In January 2005 my Dad moved from sunny California to Springfield, Virginia (very nearby).

Brandt is currently living in Brooklyn, New York creating web site pages, giving professional massages, and dancing for fun.

Todd has his own apartment now and spends most of his time away from home traveling for his job with RGIS Inventory Specialists as a Supervisor or at home playing WarCraft online.

Margaret and Roy have been busy as ever. Margaret continues to work for the Fairfax County, now as the TB Program Coordinator. She is very busy with church activities (choir, Stephens Ministry, etc). When not busy she watches movies with Roy, plays games on her computer, and spend lots of time playing the latest Zelda games.

Roy is an independent consultant and also works for a great small company, AugustSchell Enterprises on a contract with to DOJ to support and customize the Netscape browser.

Roy is also a moviephile with his DVD player, a big screen TV, and an enhanced home audio system for 5-1 suroundsound. He has always been "into movie studies", but now is in it deep. He is almost done with his in depth study of study of the movies of Woody Allen, i.e., reading all books about him and his films, viewing ( and owning ) them on DVD. If you have a DVD player, check out NetFlix for a great internet place to "rent" DVDs. Also for all the possible information about any movie, visit the Internet Movie Database

We continue to enjoy driving the scenic roads of Virginia and other neighboring states in one of our two '92 red Miata convertible roadsters, with the top down whenever possible ( which is MOST of the time). If you want to find our more about the Miata, check out the best Miata web site on the Internet.

Check out our new Photo Page

Come out and visit us some time in Fairfax, Virginia.

You Can Email Us at:

  • Roy
  • Margaret
  • Todd
  • Brandt

  • Stop by and visit us the next time you are in the D.C. area.
    Curvy Road

    Take Time to Travel the Scenic Roads!

    About Us

    Living In: Fairfax, Virginia
    Favorite Winery Diamond Creek (Big Cabs)
    Favorite Type of Wine Chardonnay (Big and Oaky!)
    For Fun: Scenic Drives in Our Miata
    Occupations: Netscape Browser Proponent & Public Health Nurse
    Quote: Getting there IS the Fun!

    What We've Been Drinking Recently:

  • A Variety of Wines
  • Wines from Trader Joes.
  • Wines from Virginia
  • Beers (Only Roy): Dominion

    (This list just never seems to change!)

    Where We Like to Go For Great Food:

  • La Tolteca (Fairfax Virginia)
  • Coastal Flats (Fairfax Virginia)
  • Five Guys Burgers (Centreville, Virginia)

  • Roy's Favorite Directors and Movies:

  • Stanley Kubrick - 2001 (68)
  • (Also: Killer's Kiss, Paths of Glory )
  • Kim Wenders - Wings of Desire (88)
  • (Also: Buena Vista Social Club (99) )
  • (and: End of Violence (96) )
  • Andy Wachowski - Matrix (99)
  • ( Also: Bound (96) )
  • Akira Kurosawa - Seven Samurai (54)
  • ( Also: Ran (85) )
  • A Favorite Web Site:


    Send Email to: Roy and Margaret Wagner

    Updated on: July 6th, 2007

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