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The following are shot recipes taken from bars and clubs throughout Texas. The easiest way to make these shots, which is the way I recommend, is to measure out one part of each ingredient using a shot glass or juice glass depending on how many you want to make. Measure ingredients into a small pitcher or similar apparatus, then stir. Dole out the shots into plastic Dixie cups to avoid washing the abundance of dirty shot glasses that could result in this type of activity. Most of the recipes are fairly tame, however, over-zealous shot consumers should stay on the premisis and be supplied with a small, lined trashcan or bucket.


The special shot of the year is from Jason Wheeler in Austin, Texas:

FLAMING DR. PEPPER: Pour Amaretto first, then carefully top with Bacardi 151 or Everclear. Light the shot. (obviously you should be using a regular shot glass for this) Then drop it into a glass of beer. Great for your pyromaniac friends!

The second special shot of the day was donated by Jerry Boudreaux from Lafayette, LA.

Melon Ball Shots by the Gallon:

1 litre of Vodka

1 litre of Midori (or any Honeydew Licquor)

1 Quart of Pineapple Juice

Fill the remainder of the gallon with Orange Juice.

He used to sell about 3-4 gallons a night as a bartender.

Here's a shot recipe from Shawn:

Polar Bear: 1/2 ounce creme de menthe (green variety), 1/2 ounce creme de cacoa (clear variety) Shake in ice serve very cold.

Tastes Like a frozen mint chocolate.

From Sean and Ross, Hobbs, New Mexico

BULL FROG: midori, vodka, splash of sweet and sour mix


This site is under construction. Here is what you will need to make all the shots listed so far:


An easy way to have a shot party would be to either go to a liquor store to buy a few bottles for select drinks, or have guest bring in a bottle of specified type. Generics can often be substituted for expensive name brands and I have listed both above. Next line a table with some type of plastic cloth (table cloth, shower curtain, garbage bag, tarp) something disposable is great, this way you have little or no sticky mess to clean up the next day. Print out lists of your shot recipes and let guests mix their own.
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