I have always loved to cook. I remember the first time that I fell in love with cooking was when I was about 13 years old. My Mother made me an offer that was hard to turn down. The offer was to cook a complete meal on a Saturday or Sunday, and I would not have to do the dishes. WOW!

See me making a pie in the early days.

The little boy is my brother Clayton. He always wanted to get in the way, oops, I mean help me. You can find out about his family by going to The Donnell House.

The Stove is always on. I prefer to cook on a gas stove, but unfortunately I have to use electric. I have a Jenair, which is about 20 years old. (We have only been living in our house for 14 months, and so many things needed to be changed before the stove.)
My goal in setting up this web kitchen, is to exchange recipes and ideas from other people with the same interests. Not only do I love to cook, but I love to entertain. I will come up with a complete theme for a dinner or party. From the time the invitations are sent to the dishes being washed, I have a plan.

What do you like to cook? Let me know.


1 cup mayonaise or 1/2 cup mayo and 1/2 cup sour cream
1 Tb. milk
1 Tb. sugar
1 Tb. vinegar
1/4 tsp celery seed
1/4 tsp dry mustard or regular mustard
salt and pepper to taste

Double this recipe for large head of cabbage. Can also be used for potato salad.

Everytime I make these everybody wants the recipe. Let me know how you like my SPICY PRETZEL RODS.


Combine the following in a saucepan: 1/2 cup butter
3 Tablespoons whisky or bourbon
1 lb. brown sugar

Stir until melted. Then pour over the pretzel rods which have been placed in a single layer on a cookie pan.
This recipe is to be used with 2 packages of pretzel rods (or try the half rods).
Bake for 20 minutes at 200F. Remove from the oven and sprinkle with garlic salt and cayenne pepper.
Use varying amounts depending on how spicy your guests can tolerate.
Toss lightly to coat ( use a spatula or turner). When cool, place in a covered container.



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