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I am CHERUB, the next few pages are designed to show off my family photos. 03/03/03

 Halperin kids at play created

  More of Rachel updated 11/20/98   Mom and Dad updated 11/20/98
  More of the Halperin family
  More of Joshua updated 4/17/99   Mom as a kid added 7/25/99
  Rachel and Joshua (bath time)
added 11/28/00
  Rachel's first recital added 7/5/01   Dad as a kid  added 12/4/00
  Josh at the Oakland Zoo added
  St. James Academy photos
updated 4/16/01
  Our Alaska cruise added 10/1/00
   Summer of 2001 added 2/19/02   Summer of 2002 added 2/20/03   Barredo Reunions added
  Halperin Reunion added 3/3/03    

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  World Alumni Net (find friends from High School and College anywhere in the world)
  The American Society of Women Accountants - National
  The American Society of Women Accountants - SF Bay Area chapter (I built this site!)

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