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Beginner though Expert: Recipe Collection + How To. The most comprehensive source of info and links about homebrewing on the internet.

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Seaching for flights and costs? This page provides you with a free on-line link to a major airline reservation system: availability and costs for domestic and international. A clearinghouse with links to many domestic and international airlines

Sri Lanka - Isle of Serendipity

Although a remote destination for those in the Western Hemisphere, I have been fortunate enough to visit this lovely island several times in the past few years. A picture of Galle, the city with Portugese, Dutch and British colonial roots. Follow this link to get the basics - and start packing.

Pubs & Watering Holes in Asia

S.E. Asia on you itinerary? This link provides you with a selection of pubs in some of the major cities in S.E. Asia.

Want the latest news on frequent flyer programs? This page will give you the facts and news on the many programs out there, as well as program updates and special promotions on how to boost mileage.

Narita Airport to Tokyo: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Tokyo/Narita - Layover Page

Flying to/from or laying-over in Tokyo? I helped with this page as well as used it several times..... This page will provide you with some invaluable information on how to negotiate your way through Narita Airport, kill time during layover,store luggage,catch trains, find accommodations, etc.

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